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WTB Modded Rayven

Anyone out there got one/is willing to make me one? I don't know enough about the parts etc, so I'll take your recommendations, but I think I'd like it to have ?130's?, and run off a lipo - I will need some directing as to what lipo to buy, and chargers and all that good stuff.

Any recommendations for who I should turn to for help with this stuff?

I can mod a rayven I have 130's a rayven,worker flywheels and xt60 connectors. I also have voltmeters for integration. You will need a battery door expander.


I have a Rayven on the work bench that I am working on at the moment with a view to sell.
It will have 130 Rhino, Worker Wheels, Full Rewire, xt60 Connector, Battery Tray Expander and a paint job.

Let me know if you are interested.

I think UKfoam may still have a Rayven on 180s if that's any good for you?

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