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WTB Nerf stryfe stock motors, cage and flywheels

If you have any spare of these please pm me I can trade and buy
Happy nerfing Very Happy

I have some rapid red parts I hope to get rid of. It's, in all essence a revellers stryfe reshell. PM me if your interested.

The RR's flywheel cage mountings are in slightly different places (and the cage itself is flipped over compared to the Stryfe). A lot of the parts have minor differences like that but a fair few should be interchangeable - flywheels and motors definitely are.

I have stock Stryfe motors and wheels. Wheels are 5 pair matched, motors 3 pair posted.

I can offer you a cage, flywheels and motors from a rapidred, rebelle stryfe reshell, for a fiver

       BRIT NERF Forum Index -> Trading
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