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daniel k


EDIT: No longer looking. Please do not comment on this thread.

Got a drain blaster today, and they rock, but I need to rebarrel/absolver it. It seemed like a small chance, but has anybody got any of these that fit Nerf darts that they are willing to part ways with?

UKNerfWar, you still got any PETG floating around?

daniel_k, please use proper spelling and grammar (including capitalisation) when posting, thank you.

BA-HA!  (Imagine Spit take)  Loving your UK Nerf quote from the Rotary Tools thread Daniel! ... I have no pipe. (See that's adding info to the thread. On topic, all the time!)

Two quotes in one sig? That must make me kinda special.

I have a metric ton of PETG floating around. Trouble is, anything longer than 40cm is horrendously costly to post. If you're happy with that length, I can cram a load in a poster tube for you.

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