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WTB Rebelle Bows

As above..

What have you gentlemen got?

Much obliged

B&M bargins are selling these off mega cheap. My local had 3/4 bows on the shelf 2 weeks back

Got one of the bows that fires actual arrows, any good to you?

I saw the Entertainer (?) had a good deal on rebelle stuff just recently. No B&M near me I'm afraid Ratman.

Could well be Welshnerfer. Got any pics and an idea on price?

The Rebelle Revokution bow is 10 in Smyths at the mo.  The entertainer has 3 arrow refill packs at 1

I have a load that need the string replacing. Interested?

excellent, thanks for the confirmation Franksie, if I get the one welshnerfer has than i'll get some extras in.

PM inbound Davera

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