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WTS 1619 FVJ Darts (Purple)

Hi guys

I have 1619 FVJ darts in purple I need to shift

All are new in packet bar 9, which have been opened and one removed (hence 1619 darts)

I'm asking for 20 and can deliver free to GuN events, postage will be an extra 3

This is substantially cheaper than usual, but for a reason; the glue attaching the tips seems to be quite weak.
This should* be fine in most blasters but my Artifact kit retal (130fps) is blowing the tips off so they are of no use to me.

*I cannot guarrentee they will work 100%, the few I have tested in stock blasters have no issues

Thanks very much

Got a picture mate?

Darts, darts, darts!

Might be interested... for reasons. Would you be willing to post?

Sorry, I forgot to post that someones already taking these at the next GuN!

Nae bother my man.

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