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WTS: 4B, RS, EAT, Rotofury, 35 Drum

Hiya, I've picked up a couple of Nerf bundles lately for a decent price with one or two things I've wanted in them, now I'm looking to move on the rest. Make me an offer for combined lots - I'll likely give them preference to save myself trips to the parcelshop Razz Right now I have:

---15 each----

- Buzzbee Big Blast (Gen 2, lever trigger) x3 Sold
Price for the first one sold. I don't really want to sell all three of them because it turns out they're great fun, but I'll sell the second two at the right price. I've tested the air seals on all of them by pumping them up before leaving them in storage for a month, and they all fired after without additional pumps. One's already gone meaning I missed the opportunity to bill them as "16B"...

- Rapidstrike
White stripe, orange stock. I'd also be very open to the idea of building a rapidpistol out of it if anyone would be interested in that - I don't really want one for myself but I'd love to build one.

- Rotofury
Big and red. Great fun, but my society uses almost exclusively micro darts so it's not really practical at our games. I have a handful of Mega darts but they're quite tired, so you'd probably best just get new ones.

---10 each---

- Elite Alpha Trooper Sold
Blue. In tidy shape, at least compared to the ones I'm tasked with looking after for my society.

- 35 round drum Sold pending payment

All prices are excluding postage - I'll try to keep it as low as possible and I'll combine it where I can. Most likely will be MyHermes at 3.99 per package. Unfortunately I'm not signed up to BoB as I had my head in my studies when the registration was happening, so unless you're local to me it'll have to be posted.


I also have a couple of other things not shown which I'm not intending to move on but I'm happy to consider offers for - Xshot Tek 3s, an experimentally modded Heartbreaker (full draw compresses the spring), a Guardian, a Raider, and a Mav, to name a few. Most of these are things I intend to mod but haven't got around to, or things which I'm not really expecting there to be interest in.

If they don't sell here I'll be putting them up on Ebay. If you think the prices aren't fair I'm open to haggling, I've tried to balance them as best I can against what seems the norm for each right now.

Hope there's something you want!

Could I have a big blast please?

I've now got messages about all three 4Bs, I'll get back to people once I've figured out what I want to do with them seeing as I'd quite like to keep one for myself...

Okay, thankyou

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