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Welsh Mullet

WTS Buzzbee Destiny, Cyclonic, Reaper

Starting next Wednesday, I'm going to be selling the above blasters, trading under the name Foam Ordnance!

I'm listing the blasters here along with stock numbers for the first batch, and I'm offering a discount over the standard RRP to britnerfers who arrange a sale with me through this site.

Postage is via MyHermes, so will depend on if your order fits in a small or medium box.

Without further ado, here we go!
16 x Destiny - 20
4 x Cyclonic - 20
0 x Reaper - SOLD OUT

EDIT: Updating stock
EDIT2: reducing prices to clear out ready for that new stuff!
EDIT3: Reapers are sold out. Did not expect them to be the best seller!

Ill take a reaper at BoB
UK Foam

I'll take a destiny

I'd like a Reaper please. But I don't get paid till next Friday, is that alright?
Welsh Mullet

@sewwes12 - You might get one from order 2, remind me a bit closer to BoB and I'll make sure there's one around for you

@n_g - I'm fine with holding a reaper for you till then, we can arrange post via pm

@UK foam - I'll drop you a pm

Welsh Mullet have you received either of my PM's requesting an address to pay into?
Welsh Mullet

Prices reduced to try and clear stock so I can get in some rail blaster and Nerf nemesisisis

Can I have a Destiny?
I'll also be interested in a rail blaster when they become available


<everyone on britnerf>
I'll have a rail blaster please
</everyone on britnerf>

Any thoughts about bring in the Max (mega) blasters? I'm not sure they're EU tested... But I wants em
Welsh Mullet

Can't get them through the UK supplier, would have to ship from US possibly? I've not followed it much after not being able to get them through the official channel, as much as I would like to

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