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WTS - Got a few Blasters for sale

I have a few blasters to clear out

1 Mega Centurion with mag and a few knock off mega darts 10
1 Alpha Trooper CS18 -AR + Locks removed (std spring) -10
1 Raider not working for parts- 5(ono)
1 Deploy -10
1 Nitron vortex, no mags untested -10 (ono)

I'm Open to offers just need these gone as I'm never going to do anything with them.

I also have a couple unused Stryfes sporting MTB Rhinos, rewired etc.

Pm if intrested

is the deploy a joke, if not i will take it as i want one as i want to look into homemade internals

No joke, u think I'm letting it go to cheap Wink

how much for some stryfe flywheels and the rhinos?

I'm interested in the alpha trooper! How are you expecting to be payed and deliver the blaster?

I'd like the barrel out of the raider if possible?

       BRIT NERF Forum Index -> Trading
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