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WTS Large stock of Hydro Dip Film

I am selling all my stock of dip films, includes Marpat camo, blue fire and skulls, plain large Kryptek, Predator, US and UK flags, some chequers, basically enough dip for around 30-40 shells.
Nearly the film is rolled, in sealed card tubes with silica gel, with only some small pieces in sheet.
Imagine the surplus from every dip job I have ever done, except Dracs Nosferatu and that's what's for sale.
Ideal to get anyone started on dip. Does not include activator.

I am looking for 43 shipped for the lot, which includes the 12.90 something for Parcel Force tracked delivery.

Would pickup at BoB be a possibility?

Yes, but I can't get it into less than 3 1m by 10cm tubes. Also any kind of moisture like dew or extremes of temperature is very bad for dip film. It's not easy stuff to carry round the british countryside.
Ideally I want to sell it before then and not have it take up valuable car space.

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