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WTS Modified Nerf Rayven

Modifications include -

-Lock removal
-Full electronic rewire
-Motor Replacement

This blaster now uses an IRFZ44N MOSFET for all switching. I was then able to keep using the stock switch which can be seen in the pictures. Motors are MTB Honey Badgers, with stock wheels. All other components from the Rayven are present (Jam Door, Mag well, Muzzle, etc). As the blaster was pre-owned, it has a few dings and dents from prior use. This was a 'thrift' find so to speak. All main motor and battery runs are 16awg, the signal wires are 22awg. Battery tray has been opened up at either side to accommodate the correct sized pack. Magazie is also included with working LED's. Also two packs of Glow Ekind Darts.

Would be looking for around 50 (ONO) +Shipping. (Do let me know if I'm pricing too high).

Interested. Very interested. I've wanted a Rayven for a while but I'm to lazy to build one for myself.

I'll PM you this evening.

Alright no problem.

Depending on UKNW's mail, and wether you'd be prepared to wait until 31/05 for payment, I'd like to put may name in the hat. Been after one for ages

Just to add, if anyone has anything interesting that they would be prepared to trade then that is possible!

       BRIT NERF Forum Index -> Trading
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