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WTS Nerf Turf 10kg elite spring, OMW 7kg elite spring

Just a couple of new or nearly new springs, both for elite-type blasters.

10kg Nerfturf spring- this one.

I've used this for about 50 shots just to test it, in a mostly stock retaliator with fvjs this lifted the performance from 90.5fps to 105fps on the nose. It's a good performing part, but it obviously also has heavier action and I've found in my recon 2, when I'm trying to fire it fast my priming gets messy and I don't always make the catch. So I've decided to go back to a 7kg omw spring, which is less powerful obviously but more tolerant of half-assed operation.

But, ymmv! If you want the most power out of a stock-platform elite blaster right now i think this is it. They're 8.50 new with a 1 month delivery time, since it's practically new I can do this for 8.50 and you'll have it in 2-3 days.

Unopened 7kg omw spring. I got carried away and bought 3 of these, I really only need 1 but I'm keeping another for a spare as they're a pain to get hold of. This is what I'm going to keep using in my pump recon 2, great performance without any real drawbacks. This'd be $25 from the US today but that's silly, I paid $13 shipped so let's call it 10 posted

If these are still unwanted by tomorrow 1800GMT, I'll take them. Smile

EDIT: To clarify, I'm not paying for these until after the deadline so if someone else wants a bargain then feel free to jump in before me. The above comment isn't a reservation, it's an expression of interest.

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