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WTS selection of blasters

Found myself with a few too many blasters already and need to have a bit of a clear out.
The following is for the blaster only no mags or darts included.
2x pyragon 10 each
1x proton 5
1x lumitron 5
1x diatron 5
2x retaliator (one body only and one with attachments) SOLD
1x sonic ice Longstrike (including front barrel) offers
1x stampede SOLD
1x titan and hornet (green hulk version) SOLD
5x Rapidstrikes  SOLD

Open to offers and happy to do a bundle deal for multiples

I assume the RSs come without mags?

I'll happily take the RSs, the Stampede and both Retals. Smile

Yeah no mags with any of the blasters.

That's fine. I have enough mags here anyway. Smile I'll respond to your PM to arrange payment and what not.

I'd like the titan and hornet but I've no idea what's a fair price (or if I can afford a fair price!). Anyone got any advice?

(am I right to assume the longstrike is the green sonic one? I don't think there's a sonic ice blue LS)

Yeah it's the green sonic longstrike

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