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WTS Sledgefire shells

Ok, so I managed to get hold of a load of sledgefire shells a little while ago and it turns out Im not using that blaster all that much so I thought I'd move them on.

These are 100% official hasbro shells and I got absolutely brutalised on the import taxes on these so I'm selling them at 7 for a pack of 3 as I'm in need of some demolisher missiles for another project so this will cover them.
Ive 7 packs of these (3 in a pack)

Ive also got three of the lasergnomes SLUG fire singled shells , I'll do them for 7 quid each as well. Postage will be via myhermes so should be around 2.85 , I reckon you'll get as much as you need in one package.

SLUG fires all gone. Sold out.
6 x hasbro shells (3 pack) left


I'll take a pack please, pm me the payment details and i'll send you a delivery address

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