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WTS/T Clearout to raise funds for Mod

I have been collecting blasters for over 1/2 a year now, and my collection has grown quite quickly.
However I need to get funds for a future mod (More on that later). Also I will need to get some things for this mod.

2x Corpse of a rapid red, took out some parts but most still there: 3 each ono

Corpse of a spectre: took out stock attach. point and barrell attachment point, but all internals still there: 3 ono

Corpse of a nite finder, painted shell, some internals gone: 1 ono

Nite Finder 2 ono

Corpse of a stampede, which may be ressurected: Painted Shell with slight modifications, all
internals present, may be put back together but I cbb. 6 ono

2x Strongarms - Standard mods (Teflon Tape, AR removal, Silicone Grease) 4 ono

Slingfire - Brand new in box 15 ono

Rebelle single shot bow, not sure of name, worn 2 ono

Barrell Break - Blue elite. Another case of all the components being there but 1. I cant be arsed top put it back together and 2. as the great TF2 Medic Said: "Its dirty in There"

Triad - 3. Someone left this in the sun and the trigger has faded.

Also: Ultrafire 14500 4 pack - 2 packs available - 9 each. Or both packs with charger 21

all prices exclude shipping, I can deliver to GuN but will need money before GuN
also, maybe there are other blasters I forgot to put on, will be edited.

For this mod I will need multiple 18 dart clear mags, some of the above will be available to trade for some of these blasters
However I want to trade these for the clear mags
3x 18 dart stampede mags
2x 25 dart hyperfire drums
+ attachments, too many to add, so please ask
Will pay for both way postage for these, or recieve at GuN

PM for offers, if you think my prices are too dear, and write any questions below, thanks

Edit: Added Two Blasters
Edit: Do I even Grammar?
Edit: Added Proton
Edit: Sold Proton/Nitron - Added Roughcut, changed stampede price
The Dark Kitten

PM sent about the Nitron.
Could i pick up at GuN/Zhom?

SOLD! Pick up at GuN.
Current list of objects being picked up at GuN:
Barricade - NorthenWarriorn
Nitron - TheDarkKitten
Proton - TheDarkKitten
Roughcut - Justajolt


Added some blasters


Added the ultrafires


Dustybin wrote:
Ultrafires?! ON will burn this thread for that.

My fate is sealed then. If ON should start roasting this thread, I am ready.


Quadruple post!

As per "Excessive Bumping" in the Trading Forum Rules please merge posts to avoid having multiple single-line posts from one user. Not sure what happened to Dustybin's post between your last two posts but this still applies.

As a general reminder, please keep the thread on topic i.e. for trading. Debating exactly how crap Ultrafires are should be kept to a separate thread.


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