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WTS various

Hi guys/girls. I've got a few bits up for sale

First up are 2 x rapidstrike's. One orange stripe the other white. 15 each plus postage

Next is blue stryfe 15 plus postage

Next worker stefans 2x boxes of 50 5 each?

Next I have 3 Xplorer stefan mags 7 each plus postage.

Next rayven mags x2 6 each


Just as an update if anybody has issues with pricing or thinks my prices are "not good" don't pm me please say so on here.

Also please don't massively under offer i may not have been active for a while but i do keep tabs on Nerf prices

I have checked my prices and they are very reasonable.
The Dark Kitten

Would you do 2x Stefan mags for 12?
The Blue Demon

I'm interested in the rapid strikes. Is there any reasons they're so cheap? Are they at all damaged?

Don't tell me they are to cheap I will have to increase the price ( I won't)
Nothing wrong with them just don't like full auto blasters
The Blue Demon

Ah ok. I was just wondering.

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