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WTS wrist blasters !! Spiderman dart tag


The clear out continues, got this boxed spiderman 3 dart tag set.
2 wrist blasters with dart storage things on the wrist strap. These are air powered pump up blaster that can single fire 3 shots from one charge or all 3 at once shotgun style.

Thetes a full set, which includes 2 vests, 2 sets of Nerf eye pro, the pair of wrist blasters and 12 tager darts.

Dont listen to me heres Walcoms vid on them

I'm quite happy to split the set as I love these blasters so much I think they deserve to get used, pretty easy to mod as well.

So I'll do the full set for £25  including postage or what probably intrests you more is a single blaster for a tenner, postage included.


I will Gladly take this please PM me your paypal and i will pay as soon as i an Smile

Sorry mate, not had a chance to get to my phone to update it until now looks like theyre gone.

Thread locked to avoid more dissapointment! ON

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