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WTS/WTT/WTGROTAGH* Nerf Roughcuts spares or repair

*WTGROTAGH = want to get rid of to a good home

Two and a half rough cuts.

One is missing it's dart barrel intelligent AR unit for reasons to be seen in one of my videos. I decided it could be sacrificed because it was only firing on one cylinder. Springs presumably fine.

One is just plain jammed and I don't have the time or inclination to open it up and see what's wrong with it.

The last one is also only fires on one cylinder.

I like the rough cut as a blaster. It's fun and all that, but I think the complex mechanism inside just can't stand up to the same levels of use that other blasters can, so they break sooner. I'd be curious to know the average number of shots a rough cut lasts before it gives up the ghost compared to other spingers, but that would never happen because it's just not worthwhile enough to humanity.

Anyway, make me an offer if interested. Any stupid offer will do. As long as it doesn't cost me anything to get them to you, you'll probably get them!

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