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WTSwap brand new EAT

While trying to find hidey-holes to stash Christmas presents  I discovered a brand new, in the box, Elite Alpha Trooper that I'd squirrelled away and forgotten I had. That's cool, I can find a project for that. Ten minutes later I found another one.

So, I have a spare EAT, brand new, in the box. I don't want to sell it, but I'd be up for swapping it if anyone wants one.

I'd quite like a Longshot. I don't need/want the front-gun, but the main gun and scope would be good if anyone has one and thinks that would be a fair swap.

Alternatively, make me an offer.

I've got a modded long shot that I never use if that's any use to you?

Bolt sled reinforced/ar removed/10kg spring.

No front gun or scope I'm afraid.

Would you be interested in a straight swap for an EAT?

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