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WTT; Rapidstrike pusher.

Hello. I would like to trade a stampede gearbox for a rapidstrike dart pusher. This gearbox is fully functional, I pesonally only ran it for <4 minutes only for testing, has the two parts of the 3rd gear epoxied together, as i have read this increases its lifespan, and is silicone greased.
PM me for offers.

Edit: By dart pusher I meant entire housing, complete with arm, with motor either included or not, I intend to mod it anyway.
Also available for this trade is a few blaster so from my collection. I have a few blasters, attachments and parts from blasters that would be suitable for this trade, if a stampede gearbox is not your thing.

I'll also include info about what I hope to do:
I intend to take out the entirety of the stampede internals, (Not the barrel etc but all the firing parts) and replace it with the pusher and flywheels, with a set of modded, more powerful afterburners down the barrel.

Just to clarify... do you mean the pusher housing, including the motor, gears and dart pusher arm? I got from that post that you are after just the Dart Pusher Arm, so you may want to make an edit if you mean the full gearbox with motor and arm.

Unfortunately I don't have one to trade, but thought it might help if you clarified what you're after.

If you just need the pusher arm I can sell you a worker one

Franksie wrote:
If you just need the pusher arm I can sell you a worker one

No, sorry Franksie. By dart pusher I mean the full housing, as I edited above

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