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Wyldwood Weekend War, June 26th - 28th

EVENT NAME: Wyldwood Weekend War
DATE: June - Friday 26th to Sunday 28th
LOCATION: Coneygreaves, Cheadle, Staffordshire.
HOST: 4533josh
FORMAT: Humans vs Humans vs Zombies, Immersive
COST: 25 per player (increased to account for unseen costs) with 50 players being the maximum I can accept.

It is my great pleasure to bring you this HvZ game this Summer, as an event open to all.
Fight with your allies against a great enemy, while also combating the Zombie uprising!
Team vs Team combat over the course of an entire weekend!
30 acre varied woodland terrain!

Under 18s: This form ( needs to be completed and returned to me when booking. Please email it to me at
Absolutely no Under-16s unaccompanied by a legal guardian.

Blasters: 130 FPS blaster limit, no Stefans/FVJ's/Voberry's, no long (over 50cm) blowguns/PVC barrels.

The players will be split into two teams by random lottery, at a 50:50 ratio - the drawing of a red or blue card. They shall then put on a red/blue armband as dispensed by the game team, and meet at their designated refs. Team Red shall play the part of an entrenched force, with a known, and better base, whereas Team Blue has a base that is at first unknown to the Red team, albeit with little to no defenses. It is the objective of both teams to destroy the opposing team's base, in a manner that will be explained at the time. If this occurs before the end of the weekend, the starting positions will be swapped. For the purposes of fairness, those shot by an enemy player are "wounded" for 5 minutes, and you are unable to use blasters during that period (socks are allowed).
Melee is allowed, but only with Weapons checked LARP safe daggers, not exceeding 18 inches in length.
Humans hit by their own team suffer nothing.

HvZ: The Zombies, designated by a headband (for the purposes of confusion, wearing a headband as a Human is not allowed) are seeking to tag the Humans with a FULL PALM TOUCH, in order to "turn" them. Upon being shot by a human, they are "dead" and therefore out of of play for 10 minutes. This may be reduced by special zombies, which will be explained as and when they are introduced. MELEE CANNOT STUN ZOMBIES. This is for safety reasons involving overexuberant tags. On that note, Players are encouraged to be very mindful of their speed while rushing for a tag - it is very easy to fall and injure yourself/others, as well as tagging someone far too hard.
Stunned Zombies must take it upon themselves to move out of the way of play. This shall be enforced by the refs, and any attempt to use a stunned zombie as cover, visual or physical, will not be tolerated.
Note: It is entirely possible to stun Zombies with rolled up socks as well, in fact being the preferred method for some.

Original Zombies: OZ's are indistinguishable from Humans, wearing an armband like the rest of the Humans. They have a stun timer of 15 minutes. Upon getting 3 tags, an OZ must register who they have tagged with a Referee, before returning into play as a stunned Zombie (out of play for 10 minutes). The Human teams will be informed when an OZ is put in play.

Missions: At random points in the day, a Ref may appear to your team and present you with a time-limited mission, such as retrieving an object to facilitate an easier day for your team. Once the information that can be provided to your team has been provided, the Ref shall tag along with whatever group the team decides to send, so as to ref any resulting encounters/assist with any questions.

Friday afternoon - pure PvP until evening, at which point OZ is introduced on both sides.
Saturday - HvZ, PvP continues as normal
Sunday - As seen above, culminating in an escape mission.

PAYMENT: Payment, in full, will be required upon booking. Please PayPal 18 to with your names in the notes.

Note that I am still in the process of booking this site in full, and a 50% deposit is required to finalise the booking. If I am unable to secure the site, you are entitled to a full refund. The money will simply be sitting in this PayPal account until I pay the site anyway.

Catering: Note that this event will be self-catered, and there is no accommodation onsite.

This event will take place from late afternoon on the Friday, to midday on the Sunday.
Facebook group:

More information to follow.

It is encouraged to book as soon as possible, as places are limited.

This is a fully sanctioned Britnerf event, slap bang in the middle of the country. Anyone who is even remotely connected to this forum or the wider UK Nerf related scene should make this event a must. I am a not sure at this stage as its my sons birthday on the Friday. If I can sort that, I will come.
What is the rule for minions?

For those of you who might not know where this is, it's near Stoke on Trent, here is a map,

I am firmly a maybe. Between health and the clusterfuck that is the GC/LARP season in general, I'll need to have think about whether I'll be up to this. Smile

We could put you in kev's mobility chair tank? I have a spare granny scooter in my shed too....

Sorry, one of the worst weekends of the year for me, already have tickets to a Back To The Future screening with orchestra on the Saturday, and taking the youngest to see ACDC on the Sunday.

Well done organising it Josh and I wish you all the best - look forward to the post event reports Smile

I'm looking at logistics and gear at my end. Can we get a little more information about what you have planned? It's a little scant at the moment and given the situation, it's going to take a bit more than a couple of vague paragraphs to get me off the fence. This is the week before GC3 so it'd be a fine time to field test my kit but also GC3 means we'll be pulling 18 hour days around this event ahead of GC.

tl;dr Sell it to me, baby! Very Happy

Am a maybe as I have end of uni things to tend to..... Have an exhibition in Bristol to be prepping for that weekend.

I'm up for this. More info would be handy but otherwise I'm in.

I'll definitely make an effort to get to this though I can't confirm as of yet as I'm still uncertain about postgraduate bits and pieces.

OP updated.
ON, minion is perfectly allowed as long as he has a signed, modified version of your parental consent form for BAGW2 -

That's good, is there a campsite at the site? If not, where is the crew staying!

LARP safe shield rules? I'm a bastard like that. Also, what's to stop the humans doing the sensible thing and just banding together when the zombies appear?

In terms of camping and such, what are the time-in periods? I'm slowly putting together a plan and you might not like it. Razz

ON, it is indeed a campsite arrangement. There is one onsite.
Edit: I'd like to add that onsite there are toilets and showers.

Boff: I'm going to provisionally say yes to shields, it's something I've considered but not really thought about all that much. Edit: Ok, the resolution on shields - you cannot use anything bigger than a pistol, ie a hammershot, Strongarm, etc. due to the fact that you are effectively moving cover. The shield, following HvZ rules, is also a taggable surface. I don't want players to have such an overwhelming advantage over other players such as being a shield-using Rapidstrike wielder. Who knows though, you might be able to "upgrade" your shield so you can use it in tandem with a bigger weapon... Wink

There's nothing to actually stop the humans doing that, but my current mission plan will discourage it, along with the zombies resultantly being buffed a bit so as to make it a fair playing field. As it is, 10-15 zombies against a 30+ player team will find it hard.

Play time will be 10am-12am, with time in on Friday being at 5 right now, and time out on Sunday being at approx 1-3pm, depending on numbers for final mission and how long it takes.

I'd recommend moving time in to the LARP standard of 7pm after rules briefings and such. That gives people who've come straight from work time to arrive and the like. Smile

Fair enough on the shield ruling. I shall bear it in mind. OldNoob, we need to talk.

Boff wrote:
I'd recommend moving time in to the LARP standard of 7pm after rules briefings and such. That gives people who've come straight from work time to arrive and the like. Smile

Very true. I'll think about it a bit.
Reason for the earlier start was trying to catch as much daylight as possible :p

4533josh wrote:
Reason for the earlier start was trying to catch as much daylight as possible :p

This is the middle of June, why are you worrying about daylight? Razz Also, PvP in the dark is the best kind of PvP. Unless it's 40:1 and you're a monster and the player base has torches.

Fair enough :p Time in will be at 7 then.
One thing I should mention is that with regards to the Under 18's consent form, the start time listed is 1200 - I will edit this ASAP, but if ON or any others need to change this, it would be appreciated.

Josh, I would consider having a flat no unaccompanied under 16's rule, as with consent form you are accepting responsibility for them.
Under 16's can still play, they will just have to get an adult to come with them (better as more players is good anyway!)

Damn, didn't even think about that. I'll put it in all relevant posts.

I'm going to need payment and booking by Thursday the 2nd April from as many people as possible. If you are still sitting on the fence, I can assure you of an exciting event!


posts edited to avoid double post-ON


I am still hoping to get to this but need confirmation from my work I can get time off. I will get in touch as soon as I know cause the wife and I are still up for it.

It is with great regret that I will have to cancel this event, due to a lack of signups.

Sad to here that. Even more frustrating I came on to the forum as my boss just confirmed the time off.

Really sorry about that, believe me I would have loved to host this.

These things can't be helped. There's always the next one. ^_^

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