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You guys may appreciate this more than the wife did.......

So, a few days ago I found several old lightsabers in the loft. They were over 10 years old and thus conformed to different safety standards. These things were retractable and made of good thick plastic. They were the kids equivalent of a modern police cosh!

Believing they just needed to be played with, I let my youngest 2 loose with them.

They have become very attached to them. My 5 1/2 year old girl choose a purple one (Windu Blade/Obi Wan Hilt) and my 6 year boy choose a blue one (Obi Wan Blade/Anakin Hilt). They have clips on the hilt and when not being used to bludgeon one another, they are clipped to trousers/shorts/pajamas/frozen costumes etc.

Anyway, the entire family went shopping today (yesterday as it is now 12:30ish) and the little ones had their lightsabers clipped to their belts as had become the norm. It wasn't long before my kids became bored and the lightsabers came out in the middle of the store followed by crying and moaning, "Mummy, he hit my hand!", "She hit me first!", "Owww...!".

Looking around, we were getting a few stares from other, calmer shoppers. I ushered the kids on but left them to it. Despite the injuries, they were having fun. My Wife on the other hand, was getting a tad stressed. This continued for 45 minutes and the amount of stares we were getting as the kids got louder and more over excited started to get to my wife. She looked at me in despair and I told her "Don't worry, I got this."

Almost as if on queue, the kids started complaining as "it's not fair if you grab my lightsaber!". We were at a large junction of aisles in the supermarket and were drawing an awful lot of attention, I had no choice but to make my move.

My raised voice had attracted more shoppers and staff and I was very aware i was being stared at now.
Well, I'd done it now. Everyone was looking on at my poor parenting skills and lack of control of my kids. It was time to bring this thing to an end.
With that, I pulled another lightsaber that I had struggled to, yet successfully concealed under my baggy hoodie out, and with the most chuffed look any man has ever had on his face, I swung my arm out flinging the sabre to it's full length! I turned my head toward my wife and winked. In what was probably the greatest moment in my life, I said "I told you I got this." and proceeded to chase my little ones around the store. For another 30 minutes or so this went on. We got cheers from Uni students and a few film buffs. The staff laughed and encouraged the kids to run in various directions, all while my wife and eldest daughter finished the shopping in peace.

My wife believes I had that planned all morning.

No Dear, I had that planned since I found the things in the loft..........

That is absolutely awesome.

Superb, oh and we've got those old light sabres, actually mostly my wife's she's a huge star wars buff, I own a full Darth vader outfit including the springloaded darth vader full size Vader light sabre.  

Need a sabre dual today now Laughing

I'm so glad the health and safety police, never booted you out the store.

You are a parenting legend. If my wife ever lets me back into the house I will strive to follow your example!
Oukie- the thought of you telling the kids off as Darth Vader is making me chuckle "I AM ASHAMED TO BE YOUR FATHER..." Or " YOU HAVE UNDERESTIMATED THE POWER OF THE DAD SIDE..."

Oukie, are the spring loaded ones any good? Or will they be destroyed by the older thicker ones?

To be honest, once I joined in, I directed them away from people and 'taught' them how to sabre dual properly. I also kept the noise down, so the store would have had no reason to be annoyed with us.

I did stop them from going too out of control early on, but they needed to be a certain amount of annoying for the whole thing to work!

The the spring loaded one is easily ten years old as well, the plastic is exactly the same as the original one's, just easier to conceal,

In all honesty I can confirm it bloody hurts getting your fingers rattled by a five year old with yoda' s sabre

@ Oldnoob my eldest daughter took a picture oft dressed up as Lord Vader only a couple of days ago, watch this space for pictures.

The word "hero" gets banded around a lot these days, but.....

I broke my darth mail light saber Sad Life's unfair

Northwind wrote:
I broke my darth mail light saber Sad Life's unfair

The light up one, right? Those things were way too fragile compared to the rest of the range.
Loved having it as a kid but it didn't last because it simply wasn't made for use.

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