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Your Nerf Loadout

Following on from Boffís post about his belt system Vs vests, and because I canít see any obvious threads about loadouts, but donít want to turn Boffís thread into one about me and mine (I do that sometimes), I decided to start a thread discussing peopleís loadouts; with the idea that people update their original posts as they gain experience and their loadout changes.


Even though I had 40+ blasters a few months into my Nerfing adventure, Iíd not really got any tactical kit. So other than the deep knee pockets on my combat trousers, my partnerís small dump pouch on loan, and a load of duct tape to strap mags together, I was going to struggle to carry ammo for my first ever war at BB5.

So a few days before the event I went into the army surplus place in Bristol and had a rummage through to see what I could see. Not taking any mags with me was a mistake, so I was left to just estimate sizes. Still, I walked out with two green heavy canvas mag pouches (quite grubby in appearance), and a third cleaner and lighter black cordura (I think) mag pouch for a tenner! There was lot of other stuff in there, including a load of vests and vest-style modular systems, but I decided to start simple.

I can fit 3x 12 mags in each of the green pouches, and 3x 12 mags on the black one, or 2x 18 drums will go quite neatly in there. Unfortunately 18s are just too tall for all these mag pouches, especially when wearing the tactical belt on my waist rather than hips. Still, 108 rounds in mags, plus frontloaders and dump pockets seemed ample enough for my first outing.

I pinched my partnerís cheapo tactical belt theyíd got for LARP, removed pretty much all the weird little pouches and holders it came with, and strapped on the 3 mag pouches and dump pouch: 2 green ones on left side, 1 black and dump pouch on the right side (Iím right handed). I stuck a Hammershot in my right knee pocket (locked down with the button), and the left knee pocket became a dump pouch for doing dart sweeps and carrying a few loose ones in. I mainly had a Modulus as a primary with a sling, and a Roughcut as a secondary on a sling across my back.

Things I learnt on the day of my first Nerf war:

1. Either carry a Roughcut as a primary, or get a proper cross-back shotgun holster. Having two cross body slings/bandoliers to carry a Roughcut and a Modulus, plus goggles and long hair, makes swapping blasters on slings in the heat of battle nigh on impossible.

2. 108 semi-auto rounds, plus a loaded Hammershot, a loaded Roughcut, a pocket full of loose darts, and darts on one of the bandoliers is probably too much to carry around at once. It was only in the frantic first round of unlimited deathmatch and defending the core that I used more than 6 mags or either of my secondaries. For defending the core you donít really need to carry stuff on you, so I was able to lay mags out ready for quick reloading (just need to remember to mark them as mine next time to prevent losses). It may be worth bringing the couple of 18 mags I have with me on the day, so I can use them in games that involved a fixed position.

3. When using an Atlas as primary, all you need is a spare mag tube mounted on top of the blaster and a dump pouch full of balls on your belt. The mag tubes are super quick and easy to refill from the rear when theyíre top loaded on the blaster with the supplied clips. Maybe a third loaded tube in the back pocket will help get me out of any scrapes when Iím a little overwhelmed and canít reload balls fast enough. Obviously a hopper feed system will be simpler, but thatís still on the to-do listÖ.

4. Load all your mags but leave a couple at your respawn point/back in the safe room. Chances are Iím getting tagged at some point, so can drop off empties and pick up full mags at this point, rather than having to carry all my mags with me at once.

All this conjecture is likely to change after my next war at BB6 later this month. Iíll be running IMRíd up semi autos this time, as well as a more reliable Atlas (possibly with hopper feed if I ever find time), so nothing is set in stone just yet! However I definitely think that Iíll try loading all 3 mag pouches onto my left side, with a larger dump pouch on my right for dropping empty mags into: trying to slot them back into the mag pouches and picking out a loaded mag, while holding the flap open, in the middle of a firefight was not an easy task. The left knee pocket worked well enough for loose dart storage so will stay that way.

One thing I did work out that worked, and that I will continue to do, is have loaded mags positioned in pouches opening up, and empty ones were slotted back in opening down: place empty mags at the front of the pouch, pick loaded mags from the rear. This meant I could feel which mags were empty and which were good to go, without having to take my eyes off what I was firing at/where I was frantically running to.

I know this doesnít allow me to top up on the go, but it allowed for faster mag selection given that a lot of the mags I was taking out may have had 1-2 darts left in them (I prefer to know I have a full mag loaded, rather than run them until Iím firing blanks, if possible). Give I seldom went through the full 108 rounds I was carrying, there wasnít much need to top up mags.

I did try the whole last 3 darts are a different colour to the other darts so I could see at a glance if I needed to reload soon or not,  but I didnít have enough time between rounds to be selective when reloading for the next game! I also carried 1x white mag with the orange mags, positioned at the furthest point from my front. This was a reminder that if I was loading that one, I was on my last mag.

I saw a lot of people with hip/drop leg holsters for pistols. Iíve got one on my wish list, but in all honesty my Hammershot fitted just right into my knee pocket and didnít budge all day. Plus with bulky pouches on a belt, I wonder if a holster directly underneath is going to make it more difficult to draw whatever sits in it.

Iím definitely going to pay another visit to the surplus stores, because thereís a lot of kit in there, and thereís plenty of it going super cheap. Iím going to stay away from vests at the moment, but Iíll definitely pick up a random assortment of belts, various pouches, and hopefully theyíll still have the shotgun holster in there I had my eye on!

Re: Your Nerf Loadout

Treezy wrote:

1. Either carry a Roughcut as a primary, or get a proper cross-back shotgun holster.

Ah, friend makers. I don't agree that it's necessary myself. A back mounted holster is also going to be a lot slower to access than a drop-leg holster. See my later points about secondaries. A back mounted RC might have cool points but it's a nightmare to reholster after the fact.

Treezy wrote:
was able to lay mags out ready for quick reloading (just need to remember to mark them as mine next time to prevent losses).

I never leave equipment I plan to use around. Not only does it cause gear losses, having people pick up ammo that you're expecting to fall back onto and it not being there is a pain in the arse. Plus, if you're self-sufficient then you can extend your staying power away from respawn and be a lot more flexible both in terms of offence and defence.

Treezy wrote:

One thing I did work out that worked, and that I will continue to do, is have loaded mags positioned in pouches opening up, and empty ones were slotted back in opening down: place empty mags at the front of the pouch, pick loaded mags from the rear.

Note to self, do the Miranda reloading video. I find if you pull from the front, return to the rear and leave a single Miranda's flap open as your 'active' pouch it works pretty well. Run across your Mirandas as you go. The battle belt is great here because it leaves 4 magazines open to being topped off so you can then cycle them back into your active Mirandas.

Well, I talk about Mirandas but that's because it's the pouch I personally use (and recommend for obvious reason) but you can do the same with cargo trouser pockets and other pouches.

Treezy wrote:

I saw a lot of people with hip/drop leg holsters for pistols.

Drop-leg holsters are a funny one. On the one hand, they were the first proper product BSUK ever produced and we did so because at the time the HvZ meta really meant you needed a quick draw pistol. On the other hand, they're a bit redundant if you've got a fully working primary that you keep in the field. I find myself relying less and less on that side arm these days. I think a lot of players go for them partly for the cool factor but also the safety blanket of knowing you've got a spare on hand. You'd be surprised at how little the draw gets in the way. I keep a Stryfe on my thigh at GC with a full belt and vest above it and it doesn't get caught as I draw. If you're at BB6 and I've got my MkIV Ultimate with me, you might be able to have a play with it before you look again at one.

If you are looking at surplus gear then be sure to take a mag with you (as you've found out) but also remember a tape measure or a ruler of some sort. There is some dodgy on the market that doesn't measure the correct 38mm across. We've had a couple of clients complain in the past that our MOLLE mounted stuff doesn't fit their plates only to find that their columns are 25mm or 30mm wide rather than the correct 38mm.

Theres been a few threads about loadouts over the years, but the simplest is a pocket full of darts and a front loader. WolfPack last weekend proved that a bunch of kids armed with strongarms can beat even the best armed BritNerfers...


I'd consider there to be 4 levels of loadout

1 - Basic - your turn up and play/war virgin loadout - cargo pants / hoody with deep pockets, and a front loader

2 - Intermediate - Add a dump pouch (airsoft or bsuk) on your belt. This gives you storage that won't destory darts when grabbed, or can hold a few mags. If you've got the cash, add a holster for a sidearm.

3 - Advanced - The state most of us should be aiming for, and what I think the point that Boff is trying to make... Chances are if your a war veteran you've gone #flywheelmasterrace, or are using a pump retaliator with spring upgrade. This kinda of loadout uses Miranda for mag storage around your waist, with a dump pouch for topping up mags.

4 - Money To Burn - Theres only a few of us at this level, and chances are we're game organisers who have storage for whistles, keys, phones, camera, special ammo etc. Or we are full auto users. Or both.
We've invested havily in tac gear - and our loadout has enough mags to last at least the first minute of 2 second mag dumps... This is the state you get to with a full tac vest and countless mirandas, pouches, holsters etc.
This kind of investment is not for the faint of heart and DOES NOT really make us any better than a basic player, but we look much cooler!


My own loadout depends on what i'm doing, but in theory is, from the feet up:

Dickies Storm steel toecapped work trainers
Dickies Redhawk work trousers
Airsoft knee pads
Right Leg - BSUK mkIV drop leg holster
Left leg - BSUK triple Miranda drop leg mag pouch
Right Waist - Victorinox cybertool penknife
Belt - BSUK tactical belt
Tshirt - Wicking tshirt
Vest - BSUK customised Tactical Vest (no mag pockets, team markers)
Vest Left - 2 BSUK Miranda double pouches, BSUK Mega mag pouch
Vest Right - BSUK small zip pouch
Vest Back - BSUK Large Zip Pouch
Sling - Nerf Bandolier with Demolisher Missiles across front, BSUK custom Drop Leg Shotgun Holster across back
Head - Bolle Tracker 2 safety glasses

Blaster wise:

I should be carrying Bertha (heavily modded demolisher), a singled Sledgefire, and Hammershot with Andrew Atch 8 shot turret and Blasterparts metal kit
However, I have Daredevil (tri hellcat RapidPistol) for showing off, Magnus (clip modded), Guardian Crossbow (Blasterparts spring)

Boff: I should probably have qualified that for my mag pouches when I talk about front to back, I really mean right to left of the pouch (if mounted on my left). The pouches I picked up don't really allow for an easy alignment of 3 mags front to back in the pouch, but running from side to side works a treat. So the mags stick out side on from my body, rather than face on in a Miranda (hope that makes sense).

I basically work backwards from my 11 o'clock to 10 o'clock for the first pouch, 10 to 9 for the second, and 9 to 8 for the final pouch; in theory pulling out the white mag from 8 o'clock last if I've been doing it correctly. So my "front to back" is in regards to the arc that runs from the front of my stomach, to the back of my arse; or thereabouts.

While I could invest in some decent Mirandas, I'm also strapped for cash because I have so many other interests/poor discipline with cash, so surplus store kit will do for now.

Good point about taking a tape measure too though.

Yeah, the RC is only coming out once my primary is empty/dead, so I'm not worried about quick 'n' easy re-holstering. I never again want to try tugging the one sling round so my primary is behind me, while freeing up the RC sling so I can bring it forward. While running from zombies. While getting my hair caught in each sling. And then my goggles. And hood.

I am lucky enough to have a black viper plate carrier from about 10 years ago when bought it from an army surplus for a Halloween outfit.
My cunning (and relatively cheap) plan is to have BSUK make me ghetto fabulous with their Nerf eye for the straight guy by providing me with:
3 triple Mirandas the hang off the bottom of the viper rig,
Another one to hang on a molle drop leg on my left side,
A small zip pouch off my right hip (though thinking on it now may be easier for reach on my left buttock),
... hopefully all white, black trim and hopefully one with my own little insignia. †Hopefully..

When assembled I'm kinda hoping it comes together as a winter camo/storm trooper kinda look.. Because that's what is important.

I'll be running a black/white/orange Modulus on a white/black BSUK QR sling, no secondary as I have a masterkeyed roughcut (woo!).

I don't expect a single part of this to be practical. At all. Like the modulus mod I'm thinking it will be a learning experience from which I'll have a bunch quality components to move forward with... Now if I could just stop buying electrical components I'd be able to slam down the cash for the gear I need...

I agree with BGUK that Stage 3 is the place for most of us to be aiming for. I've got pretty much everything I need for a day war braced and ready on my belt in my original load out. One of the things that I should stress is that you want to keep things as close to your body and stowed tight as possible. That way there's less leverage for things to work loose or get in the way.

I really want to do load out videos now but lack the time or the location. Full sprint wide panning shots would be awesome. Can I get that upgrade to 36 hour days now?

Tech day Boff. Tech day.

You'll have models, gear and probably a bunch of cameras and people to work them.

I've found that due to the games I've played at GuN (the only place I've been so far), I need to keep things simple.

For my kind friendly games the only tactical equipment I have is a drop leg holster for a firestrike, my emergency secondary. I use a couple of IMR'd Stryfe's with 35 round drums in each. No need for additional ammo as the games are short enough that I shouldn't run out of darts, I do usually have a couple of 18's ready to go just in case but have yet to need them for these games.

For the kind unfriendly games I whip out the golden gun (with 1 point sling) and a tac-belt with a triple mag holding miranda attached, this is due to the Vector kit not allowing me to use drums. I did have a BSUK holster attached as well but found I was never using the secondary and it got in the way so that's not being used now. I think it would suit me better to have a drop leg miranda as only having a single item on the belt seems a bit strange.

Well despite only starting with the hobby 5 months ago and only having one war under my belt I caught the Nerf bug bad. I'm already eagerly awaiting delivery of my level 4 rig from BSUK.
I couldn't decide what sort of rig I wanted to run so made sure what I ordered would be versatile. The base of the rig will be the battle belt,this will then be coupled with either a condor H harness (not from BSUK) or a cuirass both of which will help spread the weight to my shoulders. From this I have 2 drop leg holsters, 2 belt mounted holsters,  6 triple mirandas, a large dump pouch and a small dump pouch.
Not sure exactly what configuration they'll be in until I can try it all on, I know I've probably gone way over the top but if my years of being a scout taught me anything it's "Always be prepared".
Blaster wise I'll mainly be running a modulus  (either running rhinos or hellcats depending on who I'm against) with 5x5s in the holsters.

My kit:
† 'easy' brand combats with containing 3x 18 round mags shoved into the leg pockets

† To this I had my home made RHS leg holster which I made from a single cargo strap and a fair † †
† amount of sowing and a sock for retention!
† - Containing full metal blaster parts hammershot

† This is ok for slow jogging and has enough ammo for the E-11D, not so for a hungry rapidstrike.
† Two point sling with:
† †- IMR Rapidstrike mkII (close range /suppression gun) Or Blaster parts modded E11D (sniper / †
† †long range suppression).
† †- Roughcut (back holster TBC) normally I just drop after first use / or use it for fun HVZ rounds.

After dropping stuff too often, moving slow (and having my pants slowly head south Smile) as well as †finding myself reloading mid round :/. I now have been scouring ebay and got some stupidly cheap tactical stuff. So to add:

† - 58 Pattern webbing belt with double PLCE webbing pouches
† † †- Room for spare sidearm / darts and other kit / camo netting / mars bar / drink / stuff kids
† † † †shove in there.

†- British army DPM woodland combat webbing with 5 pouches and yoke. 2 of the huge pouches † †
† †take 2x 18 round mags easy. It also has a built in dump pouch in the front. This is extremely
† †comfortable and I can't wait to try it out at BB6!
† † †- †Containing 7x 18 round mags.

† - Blastersmiths Miranda belt pouch (in the post for BB6?)
† † † - Containing 2x 18 round mags (with room to dump gun mag)

† †- Blastersmiths LHS leg holster (in the post for BB6?)
† † † - Containing second hammershot

Kids just run around with a single blaster, my son loves his stryfe but he rarely uses it and keeps losing his spare 12 round mag which is normally in his Nerf vest with a jolt. Not trusting them with any more!

With a full 2 wars under my belt I thought I'd weigh in here  haha

Firstly to cover your roughcut comment I made a silly vid for the 5th year anniversary where I have devcon'd some magnets to my RC and to a matching under shirt back strap thing so I can have it floating on my back


It works great in war scenarios if you've got some time I'd recommend trying yourself.

The rest of my gear is also cobbled together nonsense that is function over form

Tac belt form Sports direct (surprisingly good quality)
Homemade duct tape and cardboard mag holders ( attached to the belt, I have 3 but as each holds 2 mags I have only ever needed 1)
A drop leg holster for my cut-down night finder from Amazon £5
A quick release bandolier from BSUK for my EAT #SpringerSquad

I'd say it's a minimised level 3 loadout. I think most people turn up tacticooled to the eye balls but as you start to run around you realise you don't actually need too much gear, I have ended up ditching the leg rig early on both times.

Here's the goofy vid[/img]

I have done 2 Brit Nerf wars and have run 6 wars with the youth group I lead at.

I have used a few loadouts, but most are very similar. Normally an EAT primary (sometimes a rayven) on a 1 point sling and 2 Hammershots. My cargo pants are my main bit of tac gear - drop leg pockets for the pistols, and one 18 in each back pocket. I have recently added a homemade 3x18 mag pouch (Miranda inspired) to my belt on the left side. For outdoor wars I wear a Hoodie - the front pockets serves as a dump pouch. For games that allow Melee i carry a Zombie strike blade on my back through a loop of webbing that i wear kinda like a rucksack. If i feel i need more fire power i can carry my stockade in my hoodie pocket, or switch my EAT to a reverse left side one point sling (essentially a cross draw position) and add my raven on a right side one point sling.

I have played against Brad's Magnetic rough cut, I can attest to how fast he can switch to it and back to his EAT - its a fantastic bit of kit.

Ok, this might be long...

I will start with my most often used general purpose rig. Here it is set up for BB/Gun/WP type short games, without survival kit like pasty and flask. Under it is my standard battle armour that usually comes out for wars unless it's very hot. It's a modded set of cheapo motor X armour that I have had since 2012.
It's holding 8x18 in mirandas, 4x12 in the battlebelt.

The core of this set up is a BSUK battlebelt in genuine Crye Precision Multicam with Condor H harness, and an LZDP to match. Blaster is my Krinkov, in CQB set up without the stock, on a fixed over shoulder sling threaded into the harness. I usually have something full auto, in this case with burst fire as well.
Here is a back view to illustrate dump pouch position. It's there for ammo pick up and panic mag disposal as I am not as fast as Mike at cycling my mags to and from the pouch.

If you look on the right side you can see the two extra loops added to the H Harness to retain my sling better.

Next we have my Mk1 Lightweight rig (aka the Deadpool) featuring a trio of modded revolvers. Shown here with a primary, in this case my Pump Jampage, and triple miranda on the belt.

This rig was entirely custom made (thanks Spud!) and was designed for use in sports halls and in public where some people get triggered by black/camo. It's core is a 50mm webbing belt, doubled at the points of load, with 4 clips to attach the shoulder rig. It has two molle belt panels attached, as this was pre belt adaptors and is designed to be as flexible as possible.
The shoulder rig features chest and back straps by me, two Mk4 "Ironsides" vertical holsters, which can take most pistols, with the option of a horizontal holster on the right side and a double mag holder on the left. This rig gets lots of use when I have to play and marshall my game at home. It's fast to set up and I can hold off lots of zombies whilst not having to reload much.
It also allows daft things like Sith robes to be worn for my "Reaper" costume, as seen at BB5.

Last but not least, my oldest rig. This is the predecessor of all the larger BSUK rigs, the MK4 Chest Rig, at one time their largest and shiniest offering. This was my first serious buy from them way back in 2012.
Seen here with a pair of hex stacks and featherweight dump pouch, as you can't quickly switch in and out of the old open pouches.

The back plate, which has always been a little "square" shaped for me, houses the much debated but seldom seen/used back mounted shotgun. I have this for the amusement value. This rig was often used for PR for my games as well as for CoD baiting. You can see there's no coverage at the back, handy for rucksack use at day games. The shotgun is then holstered in the backpack. This enables pasty and flask carriage to be off the belt if needed.
There is a belt under the rig, enabling dropleg kit to be added or belt pouches.

This rig is commonly paired with something full auto. 12x18's is just about enough on hand, with 6 more in/on the backpack!

Like any serious addict I am always looking for my next gear fix, doubtless Boff will part this fool from some more money at Tech Day.

Point of fact: that fabric is Genuine Crye Precision Multicam, not MTP on your battle belt. Unless you weren't telling people that so they won't nick it and use it as security for a house? Razz It's also worth noting that it's 500D Cordura which plays very different to 1000D as a magazine pouch. I'm looking forward to getting my hands back on it at Tech Day to do the comparison.

We can source more MC but the price is double what it used to be on account of the fact we now have to pull it from the US. The upside is that I've got access to plenty of other fabrics available now if people ask nicely...

I also just noticed your original tactical rig on there. That's a blast from the past. Yikes! Looking at that design again, I can see a case for converting it to a H-harness for the battle belt. Hmm...

Back plate carriage on the Mk4 design is a bonus vs H harness, its trust the shoulders than need a tweak. Will show you at tech day. It's looks old now thoug! Amazing how games have pushers development the last 3 years.

Minion Edition-

Medium rig- based on clone vest off Amazon, pouches are scavenged from me, including a couple of early Boff sewn prototypes. †It usually runs a double stack (half his quad) a triple Miranda and LZDP on the back. Extra carriage sometimes includes my back mounted shotgun holster and additional mirandas, depending on what surplus gear is available.

Main blaster is Cassian Andor, 2 rhinos, constant voltage step down for the on board sound etc. Minion seems to have "adopted" this one. Secondary is usually an elderly strongarm.

Now onto a rig I made, mostly from household junk. A rucksack provided the H Harness, a mattres delivery provided the 50mm webbing, then there's a bsuk dump pouch,quad stack and Mk2 holster.
The other notable feature is the underarm Sidestrike holster, modified from a BSUK firestrike one which had stopped staying on the belt from use!
This is a front view.

Here's the back, showing the harness. I got the strap angle wrong, which I need to correct but never got round to as he was always wearing it. This set up was the first one I made for him and has been a mainstay of his rig since he was 9. Note the SZDP, which is usually stuffed with darts off the floor for reloading.Mk2 holster fits the 5x5 which was some years off when it was made!

Will put up the war armour later.

Two wars down and I'm beginning to think less is more!

I ran with just 2 of the black mag pouches this time, but have figured I can fit 4 mags in each (5 at a push), as opposed to just 3 mags in the green canvas ones. Plus one in the blaster gives me a total of 9 x 12 round mags carried nice and easily. I'm really liking the fact that I can lock the tops down with a plastic buckle fastening to keep everything secure when running around.

One thing I'd like to play with his having an 18 round mag mounted on the side tac-rail on my Rayven, so I've always got a quick access large capacity mag to hand, that I can refill on the go. It might make the blaster a little unwieldy though, so will have to do some R&D testing.

I'm definitely gunna have to invest in a decent sized dump pouch at some point soon. I did pick up a respirator bag from the surplus store to use as a dump pouch, but with all the internal pockets and large flappy top, it was too unwieldy to use. Cargo pockets will do fine for loose darts, but I definitely want an open mouthed dump pouch mounted at my 4 o'clock so I can just drop empty mags straight into it in a firefight.

Single point slings eh? What a revelation! Having the Rayven mounted on one of these was an absolute pleasure, and it was really easy to just swing it behind me to do dart sweeps. Much nicer than a large two point sling crossing the body.

In 2 days of wars I've yet to use a secondary, so I think I'll be ditching the Hammershot from my knee pocket for now.

After my tactical combat dive at full pace (I tripped and fell) onto flagstones I'm on the lookout for some hardshell pads to go over the combats. My knees aren't that good at the best of times, and I'm struggling today after the weekend. Kids, look after your poor knees when you're younger, ok?

Of course, if and when I finally get the Atlas working reliably and with a hopper conversion, I probably won't be needing to run any tactical gear at all, because I'm going to become an unstoppable ball-flinging monstrosity!

The evolution continues....

Kids, look after your poor knees when you're younger, ok?

This is why I wear £35 knee pads to literally every game I go to. I've spent a lot of time around LARPers aged 30+ and the most common thing I hear is knee joint complaints. They're expensive but they're worth it. Anything else is a false economy in my experience. I've spent a lot more than £35 on cheaper pads that have fallen apart from use. The most common problem being the hard shells coming away from the fabric due to the rivet not holding and tearing through the fabric and foam. The Ultraflex pads are super comfy and I barely know I'm kneeling most of the time.

9 mags is more than enough normally. I ran that at the weekend and I think I dipped into my reserve pouch (i.e. mags 7 through 9) maybe once during a particularly heavy defence of the spawn point during CT. Otherwise, I was only topping up the first 6 mags at the end of games without the need for scavenging.

I don't recommend on blaster storage as a rule but I'll let you find that out during R&D. Smile

All of the above.
I have knee pads for inside only, volleyball ones that offer support and padding, which were less than boffs and are still alive after 3 years. They will protect you from the pavement but I find running less and shooting more to be best for saving yourself from injury.
The hard shell ones are superb for outdoors and urban combat though. Again buy cheap and throw away or spend once for ones that last.
On blaster storage is cumbersome, blocks sighting effectively, lowers blaster mobility, makes slinging awkward and often breaks. Again if there was any tactical advantage from it I would use it. If aces is an issue then that's usually down to pouch choice and position, both of which are easily tweaked. Much as I was skeptical about the Miranda when it came out I have to say it's the best Nerf mag pouch I have found and pricing is still very competitive vs something foreign made that isn't as good. Trust me if they sucked I would have told Mike by now.

I've been using knee pads for most of the last year of wars, while i've not spent as much as Boff, a half decent pair is something i'd consider essential.

My loadout:


Treezy wrote:
Two wars down and I'm beginning to think less is more!

I totally agree. It suits my style of play to be less weighed down, and whilst I have used pouches (duct-tape, of course!) carrying 6 and then 8 18mags, I'm enjoying experimenting with large capacity front-loaders (might post in the mod thing at some point) and using different duct-taped together mags in my top-loadable Rayven.

On the kneepads thing, I also agree with that. I found some gel kneepads in a charity shop (the kind they were selling in Aldi...) and they've been great.

Will post mine before Wolfpack as I'm waiting on a few bits

Gotta say that I'm loving this thread. It's really nice to hear and see what other people run, and how it translates into their play style. It's also going to be nice to see how both my own set up evolves from event to event, as well as what other people change and why.

It did just occur to me that the reason I went for expensive knee pads is that GC is much, much tougher an environment than a typical Nerf war. In terms of hours use, I'm probably using my pads 2 or 3 times longer than you guys so I'm finding the upper ceiling pretty quickly. Smile I can't recommend the Ultraflex pads enough, however...


The beginnings of my black super-heavy rig. There's a guest double Miranda on the left of this photo as a place holder for a triple that's gone walk about. Shown here on a dummy with my greens for contrast.

Essentially this rig isn't far from my load out on Saturday except I've lifted the magazines from my pouch and braced them around my centre line. My water bottle remains at the back on my belt below the small zip dump pouch on that side.

I've retained my side-arm as a nod to tradition - it is useful to have a spare blaster in the event the venerable fails but that's a rare occasion these days. I'll be sure to set it vertically properly before the next outing so as to not put another bruise at the back of my left knee. Very Happy

Now the key problem I have here and it's showing in how poorly this system sits on the dummy is the downward pull of all those magazines. A Nerf 18 mag is 150g empty so with 12 of them I'm looking at a 1.5kg of mass above my belt that potentially slosh about. Given the speed at which I move, that becomes a problem. I need to add the cuirass over the top in order to be able to spread that weight over my shoulders and pull things back into my core. A H-Harness would also solve the problem but since I need to make a V2 prototype for the company, I might as well incorporate it here.

After that, it's a case of radio and camera battery mounting. With all that in place, I'll be ready for Bristol Blast 7. I might add a set of woodlouse spaulders in black for effect. I can put the company shield and my name on them with witty one liner. Maybe.

H Harness FTW, why do you think we all got Condor ones? We didn't have time to wait fir you to design one!

My rig has been built up over a period of time whilst going to GuN.
Basically tweak here or there then try it out at the next event then maybe tweak again and so on.
Currently comprising of a Viper battle belt (Molle) with two triple 18's molle mag holders from blastersmiths and just recently a molle dump pouch again Viper.
Primary slung using a single point quick release sling from EBay.
These to be exact...

And my secondary is in a drop leg Hammershot holster from Apex Tactical Solutions.....
Then supplemented with a set of knee pads and good sturdy walking boots for maximum grip when running around outside.

I've sat and updated this this evening with the cuirass over the top for securing the battle belt in place. I ballsed up sewing the battle belt and the two won't interlock properly so I need to fix that.

Very rough proxy photos of how everything sits:

Front view

I've popped my GC helmet topside for now until I can dig out my old black FAST helmet. Front and centre is the helmet camera bracket. It'll have my new Firefly S6 in there for BB7 once I've figured out how to externally power it without drilling a hole in the case. Most strikingly, I've added a set of woodlouse armour spaulders so I can have funky embroidery on my shoulders for the lolz. There's a Nerf adapted slogan under my name on there and I'll give chocolate to the first person who can in-person tell me where it's from.

Elsewhere, you can see my radio headset on the right and the PTT on the left behind the pouch. With the way the buildings are at the, radio comms between elements of various teams is something I want to start playing with. It links down my back to my radio. Ammo is 3 Miranda triples and 1 double standing in for my AWOL 4th Miranda. Missing from this photo is my Viper belt which carries my water supply and drop-leg pistol holster.

Speaking of which, I sorted that particular bruise inducing problem. You need to make sure the internal strap settles the stock block about 5mm above the top of the holster to stop it from knocking into your knee joint all day. This should run pretty cleanly now.

And the reverse. You can see my Baofeng radio on my spine linked to the various cables running down my back. The left hand radio is the link between my helmet camera and the external battery, running into one of my dump pouches. I might look into a dedicated pouch for it at some point but for now it's OK. The other cable is the PTT and other cables for my radio. I finally found my old BUZAN patch and sewed some Velcro to that, too. It has pride of place on my other dump pouch.

I need to fix that interlock bug so all this sits properly. I wanted a rig that stood out and made a statement. I'm a super-heavy player and I bring enough firepower to back that up. Plus, with the radio, I can go full boss mode... Very Happy

Links because the images are just waaaayyyy too big.

This loadout has been developed with a game of 1-60 minutes in mind. For both HvZ and PvP play.


    A Stryfe running Black Piglets and a full rewire. ( ) The extended mag release has been cut down to avoid accidental magazine drops while sprinting. All the excess barrel has been removed. Lots of internal sanding and smoothing etc. There is a Artifact Red Cage on the way for it.

    DoubleStrike with a ~15mm spring buffer, very rarely drawn or used. Really handy size.

The Belt Kit:

The belt itself is a general Mil-Surp webbing belt about 60mm wide. It is supported by a set of MazoFactory Low-Profile suspenders(To allow use under a chest rig or plate carrier)

Upon the belt is held(Working L>R):

    MazoFactory DoubleStrike Hip Holster, Thumb break removed as it is redundant due to satisfactory primary retention.

    5.11 General Purpose pouch(More on the contents in a sec)

    A space that regularly holds a dump pouch(Mostly for sweeping, was inbetween dump pouches at the time of photo, now using a Tasmanian Tiger pouch. As it is large enough to accommodate the Worker 12 round Pmags horizontally.)

    2x MazoFactory HSM1-R2 Single magazine pouches, Shock cord removed, redundant. They have been bodged into hybrid droplegs. Since these photos they have been arranged to a side by side configuration.

Contents of General Purpose pouch, Most are self explanatory. The bottom right item is a large rag.

As a whole:

The rig itself is a SORD SCS Chest rig Front+Back. All the items on the upper section are fairly self explanatory except the small white and silver item on the left. That is a Goose-neck USB LED light. Really, really handy for unjamming darts stuck in barrels.

The major magazine payload of the loadout is held on the chest rig. These being housed within 3 MazoFactory Singles stacked upon a MazoFactory Triple mag pouch.

Additionally there is a pair of Grenade Pouches housing Pocket Vortexs. Within most of our rule sets being hit with one of these forces a respawn at base. Regularly you can be healed on the spot by a medic. They also destroy shields.

Finally a image of the items packed up for movement to a war:

I kinda have a basic loadout now, cruddy picture incoming!

2s Squiggles Stryfe, spacer'd Hammershot and a loud Jolt for the pew pew side of things.

2 point QR sling, Triple Miranda and Small Dump Pouch on a eBay tac belt.

Currently actually adjusting the molle straps and fit of everything, didn't have the time to before DSS3 and suffered for it. Now found a sling length that suits me and working on fitting the Miranda so it is more stable.

Definitely too minimal however, will need a holster and at least one more triple Miranda in the near future.

I'm still, after many wars, using my four victory and shotgunned messenger, with darts jammed into pockets.

And that's by choice as I have a large Nerf collection including magazine holders, webbing, dump pouches etc. I would probably run around with my EAT and as many as 2 spare 18 mags from time to time if it hadn't been pinched at a GC event.... but wouldn't bother with any of my flywheel stuff or all my mags.

Less is more.

Stryfe: 2S Lipo with Blackpig motors in a red artifact cage and worker flywheels.
Hammershot: OMW kit (which really needs to be changed)
4x 15dart pmags
1x 22dart mag

1 point bandolier sling
Condor battle belt with: 4 fast mags, dump poach and phone poach
RedTeamArmoury hammershot holster

The stryfe has yet to any action as my group's fps limit is pretty low, at like 100fps. Hopefully will get used soon.

My load out is intermediate. I currently run an apex thigh mounted 4 mag holder and dump pouch that are hung from my daily wear belt (comp-tac kydex-reinforced 1.5" belt). I use the dump pouch both to store loose darts in an well as deposit used mags.

*Running shoes
*Prescription wrap-around sunglasses
*Firefly themed t-shirt

My ammo carry allotment is 4x 18rnd mags (but realistically 17 as the stryfe jams if one packs in the full 18) and a 25rnd drum (which is what starts in the blaster).

My primary is my tri-blade stryfe or up-sprung (7kg spring) rampage (which I go with depends on game type. Some games are declared "springers only"). Either one of will hang from a single point sling between games.

I'd like to add a bsuk battle belt & 4x 3mag Mirandas to the gear and get enough worker 22 mags to fill them. Even trying to conserve ammo, being able to suppress on the move is way too useful and while I don't mag dump unless chasing the flag stealer, I still go to through my 4 mags and one drum way too fast for my comfort. I'd much prefer to be carrying 12 full 22rnd mags and a 25rnd drum in the blaster.

There she blows!

Just finished rewiring the Nemesis so heres what I'm going to be running:

- Rival Nemesis
- 11.1v 3S 5200mAh Graphene Lipo
- Paintball Battlepack
- Dye Lock Lid pots
- Atch 8 Shot Hammershot

I'm yet to work out some pants that I like for nerfing, looking towards some with built in knee pads.

Eye protection always seems to be an issue as I can never find anything right... Currently using some polarised shaded safety glasses which seem to work okay

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