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The Dark Kitten

ZHoM 4th Feb - 4 - Wythenshawe park

Right here we go again!

Location: Wythenshawe Park - Same area as last time
There is a car park by the farm and I suggest we meet there and work our way to a small corner of the huge park.

Time: 1-4
There is lots to do there if people want to be early and there is food etc
If there is popular demand a short break will convine at about 2 for snacks.
I'll be there at least an hour in advance and look for the small guy with scarily long blonde hair.

The obvious abuse lot. None will be tolerated and police will be informed of any misconduct.
130fps limit and only public friendly paint jobs as we are in a public place
Swearing limited, we all do it by accident occasionally.
No alcohol the obvious.
And be respectful to the environment and public
There will be a set out boundary marked by small flags. If you leave you have left the game and will miss the round you have just left. I will assume that you are injured / want to sit this out.
No shooting in-between rounds and if someone has no eye pro the game pauses and then only continues when everyone has protection on

Game: Buzan style HvZ and Speed HvZ games a few non HvZ games will be played also

How to get there:
Google it. As simple as that.
Following Style Road and then sign posts is one way.
Also there is a tram stop.

Darts are provided but we ask for a donation of 4 for the ones we loose.
Also some loner blasters are available but not to the extent of Grim up events.
Note again that mandatory eye protection when games are in play
I have Mega dart pool also (to be) so mega darts will be provided.
If you don't want to pay up with cash. Dart dontations are very welcome but please only Koosh (for continuity) and any other dart type is also welcome (missiles,megas etc)

Under 16's with an adult please a sheet will need to be signed
Over 16's with a signed sheet that can be accessed via PM
18+ Just show up.


Shame cant make this one. Think I mentioned to you on Discord I'm down in Madchestor a fair bit as I've friends and family there so hopefully we will be able to time one of the visits for a ZHoM day. Will the next one be penciled in for April then?
The Dark Kitten

Yep the next should be April.
Don't forget I'm still trying to find out what works so Zhom may be next month if this one isn't popular

Really excited to come to this, it'll be my first decent war in years. Just have a few small questions if you could help.

1. Is Vortex good? Still haven't decided what exactly I am bringing, but I have a Praxis I am quite partial to. Would be bringing discs for it due to the lack of a pool.

2. Can I bring some backup unopened Elite packs in the event of My longshot not liking Koosh's? I've noticed it getting Jam happy with abused darts. If the Longshot likes the Koosh's, then they will stay sealed. (I am happy to pay towards the dart pool even if I don't touch them)

3. What constitutes a public friendly paint-job. This is quite pertinent to me as I am about to paint up my Longshot. I obviously plan on keeping the orange tip unpainted, and don't want to just spray it black. But at the same time want to do a striped camouflage. In the past I've seen bright mentioned when relating to safe paint jobs, but that is vague and unhelpful. If it is any help, I am using Mist and Bamboo, with some black peeking through.

This post will guide you through the law on paint jobs in public spaces. Smile

Shweeeeet! I'll be there

I'm in for this one but will be late
The Dark Kitten

dilanski - Vortex is fine no problems with that. Bring your elites by all means but allow me to check them out first just to be certain.

Franksie - how late? JustaJolt late? We will be in our normal location so you cam just turn up..

Same late as last time minus the fallen tree reroute I hope!
The Dark Kitten

Okay weve built up a good amount of players.
I have Dusty going as well as a note.
There are a few game modes I want to test which will mix stuff up a bit!
Can I recommend bringing MEGA blasters and "special" ammo style blasters for a few of these rounds

Centurion or Cycloneshock?
The Dark Kitten

Either or.
If you want to win bring the cyclone shock.
For shits and giggles I recommend the centurshare,although you might shred all my darts...

UPDATE : Just about to order 60 Mega darts which will bring the total to 73 megas. So I doubt you will need to bring any

UPDATE : Ordered. If you don't have a mega blaster just shout and I'll try to sort something out. In the end the mode won't nesseserily need mega blasters but will certainly help!

Just pointing out that this is still on. The thread died again.
The Dark Kitten

Thread dies a lot sadly, If you have something to add please do. Whether it be a question, suggestion or just something topic related.

RegardlessI picks up the darts today amd also abiut 8 nor players so the game will definatly be more interesting.
A bit of patience will be required and as they are 12ish please shoot them if they get within biting distance!

Morning all. Just wanted to give a heads up that I am bringing my brother (16), and wanted to check if I am OK to function as his adult. Sorry to be so last minute with this. Might also be a bit late depending on the tram times.

Other than that, hopefully see you all on the battlefield.

If you are over 18 that's fine.
The Dark Kitten

If thr 16 year old can prove their age / you are over 18 then all is good!
Numbers , numbers , numbers
I have 6(?) Mates comming then one random we from Facebook. Britnerf has given us 4 .
Im hoping people have seen my advertising on facebook and have decided to show up.

UPDATE - on the tram now. Shouldn't be no more than 20min hopefully.
If you ad on the tram now. Look at the front of it with the guy with 3 huge bags and long hair

Today I rediscovered how much I hate public transport . Will be 30-60 minutes late. EDIT: Boarded a bus. It's awful. ETA 30 minutes

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