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The Dark Kitten

Zombie Hunters Of Manchester - 5 - April First

Another event down another up.
April the 1st. But forget all the fooling rounds...

Location: Wythenshawe Park - Same area as last time
There is a car park by the farm and I suggest we meet there and work our way to a small corner of the huge park. There has been talk of going indoors but ive been stupidly busy and haven't had time to sit down and make some calls.

Time: 1-4
There is lots to do there if people want to be early and there is food etc
If there is popular demand a short break will convine at about 2 for snacks.
I'll be there at least an hour in advance and look for the small guy with scarily long blonde hair.

The obvious abuse lot. None will be tolerated and police will be informed of any misconduct.
130fps limit and only public friendly paint jobs as we are in a public place
Swearing limited, we all do it by accident occasionally.
No alcohol the obvious.
And be respectful to the environment and public
There will be a set out boundary marked by small flags. If you leave you have left the game and will miss the round you have just left. I will assume that you are injured / want to sit this out.
No shooting in-between rounds and if someone has no eye pro the game pauses and then only continues when everyone has protection on.

Game: Buzan style HvZ and Speed HvZ games a few non HvZ games will be played also. I'm going to experiment with a few little games which will run faster to break up the longer games

How to get there:
Google it. As simple as that.
Following Style Road and then sign posts is one way.
Also there is a tram stop.

Darts are provided but we ask for a donation of 4 for the ones we loose and to slowly grow the pool. The size thus far being ~1200 as a mix of waffle tips and koosh.
Also some loner blasters are available but not to the extent of Grim up events.
Note again that mandatory eye protection when games are in play
I have Mega dart pool also (to be) so mega darts will be provided.
If you don't want to pay up with cash. Dart dontations are very welcome but please only Koosh (for continuity) and any other dart type is also welcome (missiles,megas etc)

Under 16's with an adult please a sheet will need to be signed
Over 16's with a signed sheet that can be accessed via PM
18+ Just show up.


Hopefully should see ya there!

I'm hoping to make this too! Would an 8 year old be okay to come along?
The Dark Kitten

8 year old should be fine as long as they can listen to instructions!
So breif headcount thus far is 3 britnerfers and ~15 other people from Facebook and such so thus far seems on the up.

Might need to grab some more darts!

Could you use Elites? If so I'll bring full mags. I'm developing drifts of them

I can bring about 300 waffledarts to help out with the dart count.
The Dark Kitten

We should be okay after I put in 400 waffle tip order but of course you are all free to bring and donate as long as they are britnerfers safe.
Just a reminder donations are very very welcome  Very Happy

Will a chronograph be available on the day? I'm on a 2s lipo which I'm pretty sure will be under the 130fps limit but would be nice to know the actual fps. I don't trust the cheap chrono I got off ebay.
The Dark Kitten

No sorry no chronograph is on site.
If you are worried about your Artifact mortors in the Artifact cage you could always swap you cage entirely back to stock to lower the FPS

I can bring a chrono if needed

Taemu_touhi wrote:
Will a chronograph be available on the day? I'm on a 2s lipo which I'm pretty sure will be under the 130fps limit.

Unless you are running XP180's with workers or a full hellcat 180 set up with an artifact cage and wheels there is no chance if you shooting over the limit. It's a public park with limited space and time for setting up and running chrono sessions. Go to a bigger event or send me your blaster if you want chrono testing.

There is a slim chance I might be able to make this, I'm still working on it, unfortunately need to be back in Glasgow for Sunday morning so would need to drive back after the games. Also if your dart pool needs a top up I'll happily donate to it courtesy of Monkeytron Collective as I've been stock piling darts for this purpose I'll bring a few hundred if I come and if I can't make it I'll pm you and organise the donation Smile
The Dark Kitten

Bigal it'd be amazing if you came down but I'd recommend if you have to be back up there the next day for you to sit it out but if you think you can handle it you are welcome with open arms! Dart wise do as you please there will always be another event to drop them off or post if you feel adventurous! Everyone else if you have any ideas you think would be a good idea throw it down below!

Sorry kitten looks like I'm not going to be down south till the week after now so might try and get to GUN instead but the offer of darts still stands I'll pm you or catch you in discord but I will turn up a Zhom at some point this year Very Happy

Times are messing up for me...
What date is this (dd/mm/yyyy)
And do the adults have to play?


Please read the first post in the thread properly. It has answers to all your questions. ON


[quote="TimeToReap:39121"]Times are messing up for me...
What date is this (dd/mm/yyyy)
And do the adults have to play?

I can't see date.
Won't show up for me.
Can someone tell me in another post?
And, if you could, put it in (dd/mm/yyyy) form as my phone can automatically put that in my calendar

01/04/2017 as stated on second line of original post, adults do not have to participate but do have to remain on site if accompanying an under 16 player

Sparky2504 wrote:
01/04/2017 as stated on second line of original post, adults do not have to participate but do have to remain on site if accompanying an under 16 player

2nd line for me starts with 'there is a car park'. Is there a place to get the form for under 16s?

PM Dark Kitten

Sorry matey, realised I mis judged when I'd be free. Rather Tha have the car though April it's halfway though April to halfway through May. Looking forward to catching up with you later in the year however!

Do I need to post here anymore? I'll be there.

Think we'll need wellies?  Razz

Tacticool wellies in black or squad wellies in green 😉
The Dark Kitten

Looking at the weather it looks to be dry but I expect it to be wet underfoot.
I'll be wearing boots of some description  Laughing

hey DK / dusty et al,

I had a great time at the inaugural ZHoM and am keen to make the trip up for another.

Not this time though - have a sprained ankle, so will need to engineer a mud-proof, blaster armed armed wheelchair, or I'll be lunch.

Great... My dad's car is playing up and we can't make it to Manchester now. Good luck for tomorrow then. Don't get eaten.

Hope it goes well guys - have a great day Smile
The Dark Kitten

Eesh numbers might be a but low. Ah well should be fun regardless. If we're lucky we'll get people from Facebook who went last time. Got a few fun gamemodes planned out which should break up the casual carnage.

Have fun guys!

Good work, TDK looking forward to hearing rhe AAR
The Dark Kitten

Okay despite the reports it's actually quite wet....
There is a tarmacked patch which if unused we can play on to avoid slipping. If not we might have to persevere through the wet

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