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The Dark Kitten

Zombie Hunters Of Manchester - Update

A welcome start to the new year brings with it a quick update of what will be happening with ZHoM over the course of this year.
So first things first, Dates.
I will continue running it on the first Saturday of the month as was stated for the last event but instead of me attempting to run it monthly I will move towards a Bi-monthly  (once per 2 month) basis thus allowing me to study and fling foam.
Next Rules and Safeguarding.
To an extent with me being under 18 I found a very small number to "piss around" and question my running. All of which is fine but after the event via PM or as a suggestion, therefore I wish to tighten up rules and make sure everything runs that bit smoother. On the safeguarding front there will now be a sign in sheet with age, any illnesses/disabilities prefered name and pronoun, and a gaurdians signature (if you fit into that category), also emergency contact numbers. Annother sheet will exist but for my eyes only. This will hold certain categories and names will be added under these as I wish. These of which will be positives and a few negatives giving me the chance to evaluate the situation and see who deserves the end of year "Sportman of the year" type award. This will hold certain prizes which are yet to be announced but will be of the hydrographic variety.
What about the location?
Location, location, location....well isn't it fun looking for venues. With this positive outlook I am still on the hunt for an indoor venue of the likes of GuN and BB but more likely on a smaller scale as numbers are smaller.
When is the next event?
Next will be the first week in February at 1 until 4 for now at the same park but I do hope th st changes.
I have added a few things since discord which are worth skimming back over by the way.

Many thanks!

Starfalcon Tactical

Hello again!
Recent events have lead to me being now able to attend events within a reasonable distance of Manchester. And i am more than eager to attend one of these Nerf wars as when I suggested it, DarkKitten took the liberty of making it a reality. I am unfortunately by Britnerf's standards a "Minor" nerfer (aka under 18). Is there an FPS or age cap on these wars?
In terms of venues I have found that sport halls/fields can be hired out for a reasonable price. other places can be venues in the airsoft community but when i have tried to egt in touch the e-mails seem to have been ignored.

130 fps is the cap outdoors that we recommend and ZHoM follows that guidance.  The current venue is a public park so brightly coloured blasters are mandatory.  TDK also notifies plod in advance
The Dark Kitten

Exactly what Franksie said.
Venue is still in planning and deliberation mainly with venues themselves.
Can you link the ones you have found? I'll try myself as moving away fro public spaces currently is the plan.
If you are below 16 you'll need parents on site. As a comment the park is large, rather pretty and is equpit with a cafe meaning they can make a trip out of it and still you fling foam 16-18 means you'll need your carers to sign a consent for and then you are good to show up.
We are locaded dead south of Manchester a short journey from the centre. If you need transport help ask away I I'm very good for transport inside of Manchester..
Starfalcon Tactical

The venues I have found are just airoft arenas as I have said and if you just tap into google "manchester airsoft arenas" then it will bring up all the ones I e-mailed. there as about 3 that i sent ones to.
Transport is not a problem, the metrolink can get you around cheaply and quickly.
The Dark Kitten

I'll have a quick google for them then.
I also get the metro down from Peel Hall. I've only had good things to say about it.
Remember I can let you play if you are u16 and have no careers on site.

Don't forget that you don't have to use Airsoft sites, they tend to have a large price tag for renting then, and ZHoM doesn't get enough players to justify the price. I recommend halls and churches for venues because they are cheaper and don't contain forests or large amount of bushes and trees for darts to dissapear in to.
The Dark Kitten

I was only using it as a point to start off.
If the price is fair and the size small it could be logged for later on if we get an increased player count.

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