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Zombiestrike McGuyver

I've managed to craft a 'Bodged sledgefire shell' and coupled with an AR removal; I have managed to make a poor man's Super Sledgefire (credit to Make.Test.Battle for the inspiration)

Easily made with some barrel material from UKNerfwar (cheers!), 21.5mm conduit, double sided foam tape, epoxy, plasticard, a bike inner tube, electrical tape and raw plugs/plastic rod material

I want you in my group when the zombies rise.

Further work to accommodate some ammo for this single-firing bodgejob Super Sledgefire. All I need now is to epoxy in place, and take this out for a game.

Materials used:

More cut down pieces of UKNerfwar's barrel material (can't thank you enough!)
3 plastic bottle screw caps
A craft knife
A drill
A file
(Mullet for McGuyvering - not essential, but good for style points)


More bridging!

Now I have a shell 'clip' system to store the alternative shell if I need to change on the fly


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Nice touch. I take it it doesn't get in the way priming?
How does it feel it's performing?

I recently watched the MTB SuperSledge vid while I was off work with the lurgie. I managed to stop myself grabbing my other half's Sledgefire and modding the hell out of it. Makes me want to go get one now though.

How does yours perform? Have you tried it with the regular shotgun shells, or doesn't it get a good enough seal?

In answer to the questions:

Minky - I 'carefully and precisely' measured with a quick eye guide and guess work and it is actually a couple of mm clear when priming and the lowest point of the prime

Treezy- I have yet to try it out with a stock shell, but have a feeling the narrow hole for the plunger tube to force air out of may not allow shells to work effectively as I opted for narrow high pressure single dart firing over wide low pressure multi-dart (plus I have another Sledgefire for shell use). I will try and test it out see if I'm right


I have now tested the stock shell and found it does indeed fire all three darts, but have no access to a chronograph, nor have I attempted a properly measured range test, but would probably say it fires similarly in power to its stock setup, but more powerful when firing a single dart from the custom shells

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