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Zone 74

Anyone else heading to east Kilbride this saturday for FDT?

Looking forward to the new battlefield.

Have fun tonight!

Blaster bag loaded.


Superb! Hope it went well ^_^

Love the frontloading loadout!

What do the characters on the side of the Lawbringer say?

They say R A B, my name.
Blasters need to be marked up as they all get put down in a central area between rounds.

So another great night, this time at a new venue. Slightly smaller than transgression park but a different landscape and very good for a spot of nerfing.

So games tonight were, Lockdown to start, domination, HvZ and Free4all to finish.

First round of lockdown was pretty close and timed out with no winners. Second round our team won and acheieved the lockdown!

Domination, after a hard fought battle we won. We did dominate most of the game but took an age to get the win.
Second round we got smashed and were done in about 2 minutes.

HvZ was pretty bonkers and great fun in this space, this time the zombies took the high ground to start which made things interesting.
Special twist on the second round worked well.

Free4all was a great way to finish.

Another great night from the FDT and some new players from the west coast.

Oh i should've added the kit for this was the rebarrelled rotofury and cycloneshotgun. The rotofury certainly has an intimidation factor but may be actually less practical than the lawbringer which i left in the car as a spare, we shall see.
The shotgun is devastating, if only it was more than 6 shots.

Then switched to the cut down guardian for hvz where mobility is more of an issue.

Daughter used the rebarrelled cycloneshock again and cant see past it, its big power in a smallish package and still easy to prime.

Was quite  a warm venue once we got going, so light weight  technical sports top with cargo pants for sliding about and a few cool drinks in the bag were greatly appreciated.

Good to see a few adults taking part, shooting foam darts at kids is fun but getting there dads is better.

I thought they were Japanese , but that just shows how much I now to sleep! Glad it was amazing!

Congratulations to FDT for what looks like yet another good event

Cheers for the feedback Rab - I thought it went really well Smile

27 players and I reckon this park could take max 40 - it's so nice to see FDT work in a new venue with different terrain. The feedback from management was excellent as well so I think we're on for more events here.

I'm always impressed by Rab and BigAl when they rock up with their modded Nerfage. Since I never get to join in (apart from when HvZ is taking too long and I'll help out the Zs) it's good to see the Dad's get right into the action.

As usual I've taken plenty video footage, but still working on the TP13 video. And next Saturday we're back at TP for our 14th event with them. Not enough days in the week right now!
daniel k

Ahh FDT, why can't you be in Kent!! Looks like so much fun!

If we get a few more of the parents to come off the side lines I'll have some legitimate targets for doing this longshot mod. 😈

A few were asking on the way out last night so thats promising.

There'll  be 3 big kids with me next week.  💀

Yes was a great night and seemed to work well in the new venue. I was on Ref duty so not playing but did have my rebarreled cycloneshock on my belt for getting the odd players attention when the whistle did not work  Smile and grabbed my Lawbringer for the Free For All round to take a few pot shots at people I felt needed it. Would definitely benefit from a few more players but i'm sure if future events happen the players will come as everyone loved it and the word will spread.

My bro-in-law plays in a UK American football team, and next season they'll be playing east kilbride, so there's a good chance i'll be able to make it up there for an event!

The EK Pirates I do believe, one of my friends used to play for them many, many years ago and I would go watch them a lot. Hopefully the Zone 74 events take off and you can make it up then  Smile

I'd actually been down in Manchester that morning,
its not too bad a drive up that M6 if you had another reason to justify it as well.

Minor trouble... I don't drive...

Permanently banned for medical reasons, plus I never learnt. Has its downsides, like when the recovery truck finally got the car working tonight i'd have been able to drive back rather than having to sit in a tow truck at 56mph for 3 hours

But even the coach from Leeds to glasgow for example isn't too bad for me. 6 hours including an hours break. I need to double check edinburgh coach times

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