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Your Nerf Loadout
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Your Nerf Loadout
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Game Organiser

Joined: 02 Jan 2015
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Treezy wrote:
Two wars down and I'm beginning to think less is more!

I totally agree. It suits my style of play to be less weighed down, and whilst I have used pouches (duct-tape, of course!) carrying 6 and then 8 18mags, I'm enjoying experimenting with large capacity front-loaders (might post in the mod thing at some point) and using different duct-taped together mags in my top-loadable Rayven.

On the kneepads thing, I also agree with that. I found some gel kneepads in a charity shop (the kind they were selling in Aldi...) and they've been great.

Youtube buffoonery to brighten your day. #hasbrowishtheythoughtofthat
Also, check out Grim Up Nerf's channel!
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Nerf Hippy

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Will post mine before Wolfpack as I'm waiting on a few bits
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Gotta say that I'm loving this thread. It's really nice to hear and see what other people run, and how it translates into their play style. It's also going to be nice to see how both my own set up evolves from event to event, as well as what other people change and why.

So yeah, I like the Mega Centurion. A lot. Like, an unhealthy amount.
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The Dealer

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It did just occur to me that the reason I went for expensive knee pads is that GC is much, much tougher an environment than a typical Nerf war. In terms of hours use, I'm probably using my pads 2 or 3 times longer than you guys so I'm finding the upper ceiling pretty quickly. Smile I can't recommend the Ultraflex pads enough, however...


The beginnings of my black super-heavy rig. There's a guest double Miranda on the left of this photo as a place holder for a triple that's gone walk about. Shown here on a dummy with my greens for contrast.

Essentially this rig isn't far from my load out on Saturday except I've lifted the magazines from my pouch and braced them around my centre line. My water bottle remains at the back on my belt below the small zip dump pouch on that side.

I've retained my side-arm as a nod to tradition - it is useful to have a spare blaster in the event the venerable fails but that's a rare occasion these days. I'll be sure to set it vertically properly before the next outing so as to not put another bruise at the back of my left knee. Very Happy

Now the key problem I have here and it's showing in how poorly this system sits on the dummy is the downward pull of all those magazines. A Nerf 18 mag is 150g empty so with 12 of them I'm looking at a 1.5kg of mass above my belt that potentially slosh about. Given the speed at which I move, that becomes a problem. I need to add the cuirass over the top in order to be able to spread that weight over my shoulders and pull things back into my core. A H-Harness would also solve the problem but since I need to make a V2 prototype for the company, I might as well incorporate it here.

After that, it's a case of radio and camera battery mounting. With all that in place, I'll be ready for Bristol Blast 7. I might add a set of woodlouse spaulders in black for effect. I can put the company shield and my name on them with witty one liner. Maybe.

Boff: Managing Director, Blastersmiths UK & BUZAN Founder (formerly)
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Foam Data Collector

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H Harness FTW, why do you think we all got Condor ones? We didn't have time to wait fir you to design one!

Big_Poppa_Nerf wrote:

Boff whats the damage? I have spent over 3 times my Nerf budget this month already. Part of me is trying to be a responsible parent/husband/house owner. The other half is just says 'Ahhhh, Screw it!'.
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My rig has been built up over a period of time whilst going to GuN.
Basically tweak here or there then try it out at the next event then maybe tweak again and so on.
Currently comprising of a Viper battle belt (Molle) with two triple 18's molle mag holders from blastersmiths and just recently a molle dump pouch again Viper.
Primary slung using a single point quick release sling from EBay.
These to be exact...

And my secondary is in a drop leg Hammershot holster from Apex Tactical Solutions.....
Then supplemented with a set of knee pads and good sturdy walking boots for maximum grip when running around outside.
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The Dealer

Joined: 08 Dec 2012
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I've sat and updated this this evening with the cuirass over the top for securing the battle belt in place. I ballsed up sewing the battle belt and the two won't interlock properly so I need to fix that.

Very rough proxy photos of how everything sits:

Front view

I've popped my GC helmet topside for now until I can dig out my old black FAST helmet. Front and centre is the helmet camera bracket. It'll have my new Firefly S6 in there for BB7 once I've figured out how to externally power it without drilling a hole in the case. Most strikingly, I've added a set of woodlouse armour spaulders so I can have funky embroidery on my shoulders for the lolz. There's a Nerf adapted slogan under my name on there and I'll give chocolate to the first person who can in-person tell me where it's from.

Elsewhere, you can see my radio headset on the right and the PTT on the left behind the pouch. With the way the buildings are at the, radio comms between elements of various teams is something I want to start playing with. It links down my back to my radio. Ammo is 3 Miranda triples and 1 double standing in for my AWOL 4th Miranda. Missing from this photo is my Viper belt which carries my water supply and drop-leg pistol holster.

Speaking of which, I sorted that particular bruise inducing problem. You need to make sure the internal strap settles the stock block about 5mm above the top of the holster to stop it from knocking into your knee joint all day. This should run pretty cleanly now.

And the reverse. You can see my Baofeng radio on my spine linked to the various cables running down my back. The left hand radio is the link between my helmet camera and the external battery, running into one of my dump pouches. I might look into a dedicated pouch for it at some point but for now it's OK. The other cable is the PTT and other cables for my radio. I finally found my old BUZAN patch and sewed some Velcro to that, too. It has pride of place on my other dump pouch.

I need to fix that interlock bug so all this sits properly. I wanted a rig that stood out and made a statement. I'm a super-heavy player and I bring enough firepower to back that up. Plus, with the radio, I can go full boss mode... Very Happy

Boff: Managing Director, Blastersmiths UK & BUZAN Founder (formerly)
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Links because the images are just waaaayyyy too big.

This loadout has been developed with a game of 1-60 minutes in mind. For both HvZ and PvP play.


    A Stryfe running Black Piglets and a full rewire. ( ) The extended mag release has been cut down to avoid accidental magazine drops while sprinting. All the excess barrel has been removed. Lots of internal sanding and smoothing etc. There is a Artifact Red Cage on the way for it.

    DoubleStrike with a ~15mm spring buffer, very rarely drawn or used. Really handy size.

The Belt Kit:

The belt itself is a general Mil-Surp webbing belt about 60mm wide. It is supported by a set of MazoFactory Low-Profile suspenders(To allow use under a chest rig or plate carrier)

Upon the belt is held(Working L>R):

    MazoFactory DoubleStrike Hip Holster, Thumb break removed as it is redundant due to satisfactory primary retention.

    5.11 General Purpose pouch(More on the contents in a sec)

    A space that regularly holds a dump pouch(Mostly for sweeping, was inbetween dump pouches at the time of photo, now using a Tasmanian Tiger pouch. As it is large enough to accommodate the Worker 12 round Pmags horizontally.)

    2x MazoFactory HSM1-R2 Single magazine pouches, Shock cord removed, redundant. They have been bodged into hybrid droplegs. Since these photos they have been arranged to a side by side configuration.

Contents of General Purpose pouch, Most are self explanatory. The bottom right item is a large rag.

As a whole:

The rig itself is a SORD SCS Chest rig Front+Back. All the items on the upper section are fairly self explanatory except the small white and silver item on the left. That is a Goose-neck USB LED light. Really, really handy for unjamming darts stuck in barrels.

The major magazine payload of the loadout is held on the chest rig. These being housed within 3 MazoFactory Singles stacked upon a MazoFactory Triple mag pouch.

Additionally there is a pair of Grenade Pouches housing Pocket Vortexs. Within most of our rule sets being hit with one of these forces a respawn at base. Regularly you can be healed on the spot by a medic. They also destroy shields.

Finally a image of the items packed up for movement to a war:

Im here on a quest from the convict colony.
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Game Organiser

Joined: 28 Dec 2016
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Location: Kent

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I kinda have a basic loadout now, cruddy picture incoming!

2s Squiggles Stryfe, spacer'd Hammershot and a loud Jolt for the pew pew side of things.

2 point QR sling, Triple Miranda and Small Dump Pouch on a eBay tac belt.

Currently actually adjusting the molle straps and fit of everything, didn't have the time to before DSS3 and suffered for it. Now found a sling length that suits me and working on fitting the Miranda so it is more stable.

Definitely too minimal however, will need a holster and at least one more triple Miranda in the near future.
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Veteran Member

Joined: 06 Jan 2016
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I'm still, after many wars, using my four victory and shotgunned messenger, with darts jammed into pockets.

And that's by choice as I have a large Nerf collection including magazine holders, webbing, dump pouches etc. I would probably run around with my EAT and as many as 2 spare 18 mags from time to time if it hadn't been pinched at a GC event.... but wouldn't bother with any of my flywheel stuff or all my mags.

Less is more.

Da Comrade, is true.
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Junior Member

Joined: 19 Mar 2015
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Stryfe: 2S Lipo with Blackpig motors in a red artifact cage and worker flywheels.
Hammershot: OMW kit (which really needs to be changed)
4x 15dart pmags
1x 22dart mag

1 point bandolier sling
Condor battle belt with: 4 fast mags, dump poach and phone poach
RedTeamArmoury hammershot holster

The stryfe has yet to any action as my group's fps limit is pretty low, at like 100fps. Hopefully will get used soon.
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Junior Member

Joined: 06 Mar 2017
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Location: California, USA

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My load out is intermediate. I currently run an apex thigh mounted 4 mag holder and dump pouch that are hung from my daily wear belt (comp-tac kydex-reinforced 1.5" belt). I use the dump pouch both to store loose darts in an well as deposit used mags.

*Running shoes
*Prescription wrap-around sunglasses
*Firefly themed t-shirt

My ammo carry allotment is 4x 18rnd mags (but realistically 17 as the stryfe jams if one packs in the full 18) and a 25rnd drum (which is what starts in the blaster).

My primary is my tri-blade stryfe or up-sprung (7kg spring) rampage (which I go with depends on game type. Some games are declared "springers only"). Either one of will hang from a single point sling between games.

I'd like to add a bsuk battle belt & 4x 3mag Mirandas to the gear and get enough worker 22 mags to fill them. Even trying to conserve ammo, being able to suppress on the move is way too useful and while I don't mag dump unless chasing the flag stealer, I still go to through my 4 mags and one drum way too fast for my comfort. I'd much prefer to be carrying 12 full 22rnd mags and a 25rnd drum in the blaster.
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Joined: 04 Nov 2015
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There she blows!

Just finished rewiring the Nemesis so heres what I'm going to be running:

- Rival Nemesis
- 11.1v 3S 5200mAh Graphene Lipo
- Paintball Battlepack
- Dye Lock Lid pots
- Atch 8 Shot Hammershot

I'm yet to work out some pants that I like for nerfing, looking towards some with built in knee pads.

Eye protection always seems to be an issue as I can never find anything right... Currently using some polarised shaded safety glasses which seem to work okay

Foamy bawls
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