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Foam Dart Thunder - first adults only event!
My First Modded Bluetooth controlled, painted, etc Stryfe!
new - looking for my first primary.
shoulder stock foe EAT
today is one year since one of the funniest things ever.
What shall we do with the broken Hornet earlay in the mornin
Stock Stryfe Motor Capabilities
Foam Dart Thunder - Edinburgh - Sat April 4th
FK-180-3534 Motors
Wyldwood Weekend War, June 26th - 28th
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a nerf forum for british nerfers.
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My First Modded Bluetooth controlled, painted, etc Stryfe!

Just joined after searching for some inspiration.

Thought I'd share my first modded Stryfe

It has a simple matt black paint job, with dry brushed weathering. I've added a barrel and stock from a recon and picked up the red dot from ebay.

I've added an Arduino Nano that is controlled via bluetooth by an Android app I wrote.

The barrel has been fitted with a red laser diode and chasing blue leds. The red dot was gutted and an Led torch put in its place.

All of these are contro ...
shoulder stock foe EAT
After a shoulder stock for my EAT I like the look of the raider ones but its not an only option what have people got?

Regards bracket.[/b]
What shall we do with the broken Hornet earlay in the mornin
I have acquired a Hornet and it doesn't work. Air leeks whilst you try to increase bladder pressure.

Any suggestions of fun things to do with a busted Hornet?

It's Maroon coloured, if it makes a difference!
today is one year since one of the funniest things ever.
Today is the first anniversary of UKNWs mission to try and infiltrate the undead at Briswar....
Foam Dart Thunder - Edinburgh - Sat April 4th
I've decided to duplicate the Xmas advent calendar idea, this time for Easter, so for every ticket sold we'll donate an Easter Egg to my local foodbank. 12 tickets sold so far...
Stock Stryfe Motor Capabilities
This is probably not new information, but I had not yet seen someone measure the amperage of stock motors:

On the same channel he measures the current for a Rayven and a Rapidstrike at varying voltages. He also demonstrates the Stryfe at varying voltages and with RM2 motors (Wow those pull a lot of current, still wouldn't put them in a blaster because of reliability issues).

So my main question is: would efest IMR 14500 cells max out the capabil ...
Wyldwood Weekend War, June 26th - 28th
Damn, didn't even think about that. I'll put it in all relevant posts.

I'm going to need payment and booking by Thursday the 2nd April from as many people as possible. If you are still sitting on the fence, I can assure you of an exciting event!


posts edited to avoid double post-ON

Modification/Paintjob pictures.
That is bad ass! Firing video of the nade launcher?
Devcon and 3D printed parts.
Im looking to build a Tac rail mounted Demo launcher.

I was going to Devcon some of BSUKs secure rail attachment pieces to the launcher, but then started thinking. Is ok to use plastic welder on 3D printed parts?

In my mind, logic says 3D printed stuff is softer more playable plastic, therefore may react badly to certain adhesives.

Anyone had any issues?

Also, it has come to my attention that several people are giving there Demos a launcherectemy, if anyone has a spare launcher or tw ...
Anyone wrapped a blaster before, seen some rather nice vynyl wrapping material that would I think stay within the uk rules for outdoor play yet allow a rather distinctive look, certainly far easier than masking and painting.

My concern would be the sharp edges and interference with removable parts.
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