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FS- el cheapo Chronographo X3200
WTS - BlasterParts Metal HS kit
Any Nerf events in North East of England
Trading Feedback Thread
Nerf Vigilon - what's your experience?
Free - OMW Recon kit and Atch Attachments slam fire kit
360 video
Accustrike arrived
[WIP] Batteries and Motors Combinations
Nerf Elite Accustrike Alphahawk (Alphasquawk!)
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a nerf forum for british nerfers.
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FS- el cheapo Chronographo X3200
For sale, my little airsoft chronograph, an Xcortech 3200. 25 posted (usually 55 new but it has a hinge broken off the battery door (it stays closed fine, it just falls off when you change batteries) and an Nstrike barrel adaptor glued to it. Makes no difference in use but obviously isn't in new condition...)

[URL=][img:2d3b2ebf92][/img:2d3b2ebf9 ...
WTS - BlasterParts Metal HS kit
One complete HS kit.
Its full metal and very shiny! It has a FEW scratches but all of which are internal.
A wee bit of sanding will be needed for the kit but regardless if you are are one for fanning and shiny looks this is for you.
Will take 7 posted.
Trading Feedback Thread
Traded with: Welsh Mullet
Role: Buyer
Rating Positive
Item: Dart tag Quick 16
Comments: Smooth and easy to get things done, in fine working order
Any Nerf events in North East of England
Hello all,

Are there any Nerf groups playing regular(ish) games in the Middlesbrough / Sunderland / Gateshead / Newcastle area?

I can see that GuN runs regular events to the South in the Leeds area and that events are running to the North in Edinburgh.

Are there many of us playing Nerf in this area of the North East?
Free - OMW Recon kit and Atch Attachments slam fire kit
Hey guys

I've got an Orange Mod Works recon kit of some kind along with a slamfire kit to go with it made by Atch Attachments

I've no need for these parts any more so they're free to a good home, I'll be attending GuN 12 this weekend so if anyone wants me to bring them it saves postage!

Unfortunatley the bolt sled has a split in it on one of the arms but still works, pretty easy to glue too.

[img:9163441a8b] ...
360 video
Following on from BGUK's thread about footage a couple of weeks back I came across this video,

Not the best Nerf video I've seen but I can see potential in it. Best viewed on a mobile device, this could be so much fun, I can picture it slap bang in the middle of a skatepark war, it would make some great footage Very Happy
[WIP] Batteries and Motors Combinations
This is a work in progress article on how to pair up batteries and motors. It's designed to explain the theory behind motors and battery choice pairings. I started writing it as a stand alone thing but then realised that having a series of articles on wiring, motor choice and battery selection would be a good idea. This is the third in the series, I'll get onto the others as soon as I'm able. I'm looking for feedback, blind spots and other input. I want this to be a community effort to get infor ...
Nerf Vigilon - what's your experience?
So on Saturday I went to pick up a Havok Fire, along with "a box of Nerf bits and some kids toys" for the princely sum of 10. In the box was a complete Recon MK1, a Barricade, a Stockade, some other kids toys, and a Vigilon.

I have to confess, I'm in love with this blaster. I've picked up some other disc blasters as part of previous job lots, and have never been that impressed with them. However, the Vigilon just looks amazing, and feels really nice in my hand. Plus that pop down d ...
[WIP] Building a Better Bullpup Part 1: The HushPuppy
Minky wrote:
Trust me, you're broadcasting loud over the inspiration airwaves.

Sorry if I came across as thin-skinned Wink Bullpup's rock - go hard!

Hopefully I'm getting the hang of the Forum posting rules. Apolgies Boff!

Right-o... Decision time:

The ultra-minimised Demolipup PDW will be a project for another day. Going to concentrate first on customising this one as a new 'primary' for me. This means the major focus initially will be balanc ...
GuN11 After Action Report
Well it's took a while due to a couple of things, 1) I forgot and 2) I've been busy, but I've finally got my footage together for GuN11.

Now I've had some issue with the footage as I made a bit of a error, my camera is a single button, press once to start recording and press again to stop. Somewhere early on I got my on/off sequence mixed up and I was turning the camera off at the start of a round and then turning it on and recording the dart sweep, not ideal when trying to capture interestin ...
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