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The Slingstrike and Blasters that never were!
What do you think- Multi Shot Nerf Grenade Launchers?
Elite dart price - when did this happen?
Nerf for the kiddies
Bargain Hunting
Works in progress. Pics required.
Raider priming issue
New Zombiestrike Doominator
Havoc Fire Advice.
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a nerf forum for british nerfers.
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The Slingstrike and Blasters that never were!
So I went into Sainsburys last night to see the Nerf Slingstrike on the shelf for £11.99! To earn forum first bragging rights, I nabbed one to do a quick reveiw............ Nope! Not even Forum First Bragging rights could bring me to buy one!!

Everything you need to know about the slingstrike:


It is not puke orange, it is Elite Blue! Which is nice.


Everything else!

So, I got to thinking. Why did Hasbro developers choose to bring this design out over any others they ...
Elite dart price - when did this happen?
I wandered into Sainsbury to check on deals - 30 Elites are now £8.99

Wandered into The Entertainer across the way and they are £8. The manager there said they have always been that price.

Now Argos are up to £9.99. I know for a fact these were £5.99 on 3 for 2 in Nov/Dec.

What's going on?
What do you think- Multi Shot Nerf Grenade Launchers?
Ok so I was thinking, how long do you people think it would take till nerf release a grenade launcher sort of gun, like the doominator but firing the missile/rockets from the demolisher instead.

Fixed that title for you-oldnoob

Works in progress. Pics required.
It's a little fuzzy but hopefully you get the idea:

be careful when you  look again at the photo,  a stock release button may work.

Samsung telephone accessory
HTC telephone accessory
New Zombiestrike Doominator
that's pretty good, I also like revolvers.

iPad accessory
samsung galaxy note 4 cover
Elite Alpha Troopers, Retaliators and 5kg Springs
Sorry for the thread bombardment, but while I have the chance I am trying to bring my Armoury up to Spec.

The first elite blaster I bought was The Retaliator, due to the fact it could be broken down to fit in my draw at work. Shortly after, I bought an OMW Unleashed Stage 1 kit for it. So I removed the AR and installed the kit. Now I look to do similar with the elite Alpha Trooper.

After searching through the threads, things have changed a bit since I first did my Retaliator.

First off, ...
Poppa Nerfs WTT Thread
Original Post Updated.

Now looking for a Blue Retaliator Barrel and a Rapidstrike.

Raider priming issue
I picked up a raider recently from EBay with stock and drum for £18 so was fairly happy.  The problem I've got is the prime; when it works it seems to fire fine, however it very often seems to jam on the forward motion.  It's my first raider or rampage so I have no experience with taking it apart or the internals. I tried the search on here but came up short and I tried google. According to the few pages I found it might be the metal rod inside or it might be a small plastic catch that ...
Adhesives Guide

We have comprehensive battery guides and painting guides, but lack any adhesive guides.

As my Nerf budget has come back with a vengeance, I'm taking advantage of it fully and want to get to work on a tactical Roughcut (if any one has a blue one going spare, will swap for my white one or pay cash) and for my minor cosmetic mods, I use epoxy resin and putty. But this isn't a minor mod, I will be slam-firing this thing to death and the adhesive must be able to take some punishment.

A ...
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