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NerfUser16's AUGUST WTS. (AT4K)
Strongarm vs hammershot
Noob Brass Barrel Question.
slingfire slip clutch
Bargain Hunting
FV3805 Restoration
Come introduce yourselves!
Nerf things that make no sense
Greencloaks 4 - Hype thread!
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a nerf forum for british nerfers.
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Noob Brass Barrel Question.
After plumbing in my new dishwasher, I have a rather large portion of copper piping left that is the perfect fit for a nerf dart.

Now here's my question.

As far as metals go, brass and copper are different things. Is copper suitable for barrelling and if so, does it have any disadvantages against the more popular brass?
slingfire slip clutch
I have wanted to upgrade my slingfire for a while. However I worry that the lever will not withstand the extra weight. Should I be worried about that?
Come introduce yourselves!
Hi all,

looks like my tale is very similar to most peoples. Lost count of the number of blasters I have bought this year.

Looking forward to hopefully meeting a few people around in the South West of England.

If anyone knows of any cheap places to get parts and accessories (other than ebay/amazon) then let me know!

FV3805 Restoration
Just found out about this. If you have any interest in restoring an FV3805 prototype artillery or skills in engineering/ project maintenance It will also be on kickstarter soon. (sorry if this seems like an advert but I thought people would be interested)
Greencloaks 4 - Hype thread!
It is that time again, one week until we all face the One Bakkar once more...

This time I am going to focus on streamlining my kit, being loaded up with everything under the sun was awesome... However it really impeded movement and combat. More water and more loose darts will be order of the day along with swapping 35 drums for 18 sticks.

That being said, always important to keep IC roleplaying high so might have to factor in some weight for tacticoolness.

What is everyone else planning ...
Anything around Cardiff?
I was involved in running something in Aberystwyth in Uni, so it's a possibility, though I was kinda hoping there already was one as i've got a full time job now, doesn't leave much time for managing a nerf group! I'll see if I can contact either of the universities here.
So, I am not into the Rival stuff personally but since I can get it locally then I figured I would offer to pick it up for any of you brit nerfers.
Bargain Hunting
Just bought 14 packs of elite's for 99p each,would have cleared the shelf of the 8 remaining packs but the wife wouldn't  sub me anymore pocket  money.....
Strongarm vs hammershot
which one is your favorite
NerfUser16's AUGUST WTS. (AT4K)
Bump to this thread as I've re-edited the original post. (I believe this is relevant)
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