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Stryfe Modded with 180's cutting out
3D Printing
Nerf Longstrike Stock Integration Into Nerf Retaliator
Old NERF Blasters - available
15 dart banana clip (via Baidu)
WTS Nerf Longstrike custom painted sniper Call of Duty Ghost
Nerf wars around the West-Midlands?
The Jolt Pop Shot Game.
How do I get Orange Modworks to deliver my stuff?
Yes this is a real thing.
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a nerf forum for british nerfers.
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Stryfe Modded with 180's cutting out
Hi all, I've been working on my Stryfe, i've taken out all the locks and re-wired using the same gauge wiring as my Stampede, i've purchased these motors:

And it's powered by 3 Efest batteries.

SO... I reved it up and fired off about 10 shots before 1 motor just cut out, I took it apart as I could smell burning, the motor was burning hot, all solders were good but the motor just wasn't working ...
3D Printing
Hello!  I need to know who here can do 3D printing designing for free

It would also be of use if you could tell me if you have a 3D printer!

Thanks guys!
Nerf Longstrike Stock Integration Into Nerf Retaliator
Hello Everybody!

I really need help.  I've been wanting to integrate the longstrike's stock into the retaliator to make it more like a sniper rifle.  I need tips on what to cut to integrate and what I need and all that stuff.  Please help!  I'll show you guys after I'm done.
Old NERF Blasters - available
hi all,

I have a load of old blasters (literally dozens of them) that are taking up space.

We use them on a Nerf range and need to keep them new and fresh so end up replacing sooner than your average consumer.

Any thoughts on the best way to get rid? Don't just want to bin them.
Too many usable parts and could be good for anyone modding, and need even to get a small return
for their value would be good.

All are pretty used (some more than others) and to us would be considered broke ...
15 dart banana clip (via Baidu)
Rob from SBNC has posted pics of them for sale on Baidu... clear, orange normal and a clear front orange backed one....

Please say these are replacing 12s and not 18s .
The Jolt Pop Shot Game.
Ok. So again no change this week so far, but three players are currently on annual leave, and although there has been shots, there has been no connections. I cannot believe the workshop atmosphere right now. Everyone is on edge, and we all keep a Jolt in our pockets. We are a week in to what looks like will play out across the whole 5 week holiday!
WTS Nerf Longstrike custom painted sniper Call of Duty Ghost
Hi all,

Finished a Longstrike that's for sale on eBay, but open to sensible offers!


[url=http://p ...
Run and Gun options
So at last Saturday's war, for the first time in running at least one FDT event per month for the last 18 months, I actually joined in one of the scenarios.

I took part in the FFA at the end of the night and took whatever blaster I could find that my kids hadn't utilised - I ended up with a Triad  Sad

As you can imagine it was a horrible experience with the Triad but an amazing one taking part - I now see why people love this so much. But I want to get myself somethi ...
How do I get Orange Modworks to deliver my stuff?
Not sure if this question belongs here but I don't know where else to ask it.

3 or 4 months ago, OMW were offering free shipping on all orders of springs and accessories over $10 to anywhere in the world. I made very sure to check that last part.
This, of course, was a massive saving and made them significantly cheaper than any secondary dealer. I thought I might aswell pick up some stuff for modding with.

After the order confirmation, I have heard nothing from the company besides the ste ...
Yes this is a real thing.
See Boff youll be utterly fine when my marauding shambling zombs come from the SW.
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