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Blaster Combo Hammershot and Furyfire aka HammerFire?
Foam Dart Thunder - future home :)
Happy Halloween!
Nerf Rough Cut problem.
Nerf Rhino Fire Teardown
Spot the Nerf
How did you find us?
The BritNerf 3rd Anniversary Photo Competition
Sharpfire at Bankcroft
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a nerf forum for british nerfers.
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Happy Halloween!
Have a good one everybody from.....

Twisted Evil  Very Happy  Twisted Evil
Nerf Rough Cut problem.
Hello, I just bought a rough cut today but found that when I primed the blaster It would often not catch properly for the second shot. A.K.A whenever I primed It backwards there would be a hard jolt of cogs moving and It would shoot the priming handle back to the forward position (without me touching it), and at the same time fire the first shot without me pulling the trigger. I was just wandering if anyone had the same problem and/or knows how to fix it? Very Happy
thanks, lachlan.
Foam Dart Thunder - future home :)
The skatepark I use is moving to new premises, double the size - plans have been released - opens in January. Can't wait to move here and come up with some ideas for new scenarios:
How did you find us?
Blasterlabs link to the Slingfire review on UK Nerf sent me to the blog and then Lord Draconicals Nerfie video made realize there was a forum associated with the blog
Nerf Rhino Fire Teardown
I'm doing this as I type this post and will be working on it for most of the day as I work out how it works (alongside CarrierII). If you've any questions or want any specific photos in relation to the blaster, let me know and I'll get what I can immediately.

Special thanks to 4553josh for donating 'Bessie', his Nerf Rhino Fire for this project. Very Happy
Blaster Combo Hammershot and Furyfire aka HammerFire?
My first post on here. This is a project I was working on a while ago. Not sure if it has been done before. Incase you haven't gathered it is the handle and priming of a Hammershot and the barrel of a Furyfire. The barrel rotates as you prime and shoot. Ranges aren't as good as the Hammershot but are definitely better than the Furyfire (doesn't takes much. You could throw a dart farther). Also used some parts from; new hammer and a upgraded spring.

I did re-barrel another fury ...
The BritNerf 3rd Anniversary Photo Competition
The BN-RS arrived Friday thanks to the efforts of OldNoob. Sadly due to time over the weekend I have been unable to be prepare a video, and due to the fact I am a big kid and I didn't want to wait, I opened it and played with it and i do not feel guilty about not saving it for the video!!

My initial response on opening the box cannot be described in words........

After changing my underwear after my initial response, I took another look. It was shiny. Very shiny. The sound was amazing and ...
Sharpfire at Bankcroft

Right . That wasn't what I expected .


If you're going to post lots of threads, can we at least make them informative without having to click links? Maybe go through and do the Google translate work for us at least? Just something to stop stop General Nerf becoming a link dump.


ZS flipfury at bankcroft ( Via SBNC)

Really. 25 for that is a joke. Design looks lazy and people were doing this with Mavericks.

This line had so much promise with the Hammershot and sledgefire . Now its relegated to stupid pistols and mods from 4 years ago.

Edit - the glory of Google translate fails....

"Included in the package are next to the Blaster itself 12 Zombie Strike Darts, enough to fill the blaster once and stop two bank robb ...
Foam Dart Thunder - gameplay review
Video of this event has now been added to the FDT Vimeo channel - all feedback welcome Smile
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