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Grim Up Nerf 16 - April
FDT @ Zone 74 - 7 - Sat 20th May - East Kilbride
The Future of BritNerf
FDT @ TP 28 - Sat 22nd April - Edinburgh
What is your most unusual jam?
WTB: Stampedes & Longshots
Brushless Rayven Update & Chrono numbers
Antex 660A Soldering Iron
WTS Retaliator w/ Orange Mod works kit
Your Nerf Loadout
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a nerf forum for british nerfers.
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FDT @ Zone 74 - 7 - Sat 20th May - East Kilbride
Our 7th regular war at East Kilbride - last time round we sold out in advance and even squeezed in a few walk ups. Tickets are on sale now.

Full details here:
FDT @ TP 28 - Sat 22nd April - Edinburgh
Our usual monthly war at Transgression Park - last month sold out 62 tix in 8 minutes so I'm hoping for a repeat of that this Wednesday. Tix on sale Wed 29 March at 21:00.

Full details at the ticket link here:
What is your most unusual jam?
So, after RNK3 i ended up with a retaliator that wouldn't catch. So of course, i took it apart. Somehow a dart had ended up under the plungertube and catch. No idea how it ended there. So no i just want to hear what is your weirdest or unusual jam? [/img]
WTB: Stampedes & Longshots
What it says on the tin.

I'm after 1 or 2 Stampedes plus 2 stampede battery covers if anyone has some going begging.
Also after 2-3 Longshots, no Front Gun.

PM me with your offers please.
WTS Retaliator w/ Orange Mod works kit
All sold and thank you.
Your Nerf Loadout
My load out is intermediate. I currently run an apex thigh mounted 4 mag holder and dump pouch that are hung from my daily wear belt (comp-tac kydex-reinforced 1.5" belt). I use the dump pouch both to store loose darts in an well as deposit used mags.

*Running shoes
*Prescription wrap-around sunglasses
*Firefly themed t-shirt

My ammo carry allotment is 4x 18rnd mags (but realistically 17 as the stryfe jams if one packs in the full 18) and a 25rnd drum (which is what sta ...
Grim Up Nerf 16 - April
Spring has sprung! Let's see if it can rev too...

More of the superb games you've come to expect at Grim Up Nerf, with the first session suitable for everyone, including families, and a second session of tactical and tacticool 13+ gaming.

We're at the same Farlsey venue, but with some new venue rules, which will be explained first. Grass and flowerbeds are now officially mined, so don't go one them unless you want an instadeath! Basically, we want to avoid harming innocent daffodils and ma ...
Brushless Rayven Update & Chrono numbers
SirBrass wrote:
Could be that the flat tip is revealing an alignment issue that the elites & kooshes had no issue getting around. .

Yes, I think this could be what's happening.  I'll be checking alignment during the next tinkering session Smile


Changed the flywheels today for this serrated design fore and aft:

With Xtips there's an improvement, but they still won't play n ...
Antex 660A Soldering Iron
I'm looking for a decent new professional grade soldering iron station ahead of the new GC season. Our old temperature controlled one from Maplin is on its way out. It's set to 400C on the screen but my thermometer is only getting a reading at ~280C and it's getting tricky to do 16AWG bundles. I suspect the heating element's on its way out because I've changed the tip and I've still got the same issue.

[url=]I'm looking at the 660A[/url ...
WTB Longshot springs, stefan mags => Shipping to Iceland?
I've got the Turf longshot and retaliator springs
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