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The Nerf shot challenge (for charity)
Old NERF Blasters - available
Bitofalls WTS thread
30 Strongarms - New Arena
New way to power a stampede?
Modification/Paintjob pictures.
New Nerf Arena
Foam Dart Thunder - Edinburgh - 30th August
Come introduce yourselves!
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a nerf forum for british nerfers.
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Bitofalls WTS thread
Do you sill have the Swarmfire for sale?

30 Strongarms - New Arena
I am after 30 Strongarms and 30 packs of darts to set up a new Nerf Warzone. It will probably be worth me getting a couple of other different blasters too if someone wants to 'upgrade'.


AT4K for sale, 100% stock, only one I know of in the UK unless Oukie has one now.

PM me your offers. Shipping cost will be about 10
The Nerf shot challenge (for charity)
(Created by chris cartaya )
Heres how it works ;
You get nominated or voulenteer to have someone or you shoot you with a blaster on film. If you do not take part you have to donatevto a chosen charity.
Basically the same as the Ice bucket challenge but more fun.

blaster must be under 230 fps but strong or high ROF
Use standard nerf darts only.
No air powered blasters.
You either have to shoot yourself in the arm with a single shot (over 130 fps)
Or empty a 12clip on a high Rof ...
Foam Dart Thunder - Edinburgh - 30th August
Bit late for this post but I've only just realised I didn't make a post for this event.

The good news is I have sold 37 of the 40 tickets I have put on sale. I have 1 definite "walk up" so looks like it's going to be a sell out. V happy with this as it's only the 3rd event I'd produced open to everyone aged 8 and over.

I'll be recording on GoPro/iPhone again for my usual video - need to find some new angles this time Smile

Details for anyone interested:

https://www.wegotticket ...
Come introduce yourselves!
Hi, I'm Pete.
My first experience of Nerf blasters was a jolt that my son received for his 5th birthday in may.
We were both hooked, but soon realised one Nerf gun isn't enough!
The 'ultimate' blaster as far as me and my son goes, is one that is simple to operate, easy to hold and prime by small hands and must be durable!
the answer for us seems to be the firestrike/pink crush or the rebelle version of the jolt (sold as pairs) although we do own a large portion of the current elite range,and ...
Show off your Vintage Blasters!
Thread update,


Complete with both original clips, and super rare scope/barrel attachment.


[URL=][img:b753710e27] ...
Old NERF Blasters - available
Hi Guys,

Apologies for the delay - summer holidays been a bit busy Smile

but trying to get pictures up,

but first sort through has, (not had a chance to touch our vortex, n-strike elite or mega ranges.)

75 DT Sharpshots
1 DT Speedswarm
2 Speedload 6s
1 Maverick

various degrees of broken, but we just can't/don't use them anymore.
will try to get pictures up.

any thoughts on value to anyone?[/img]
New way to power a stampede?
So i randomly thought of a new method to replace gears and possibly increase spring load on a stampede using:
An RC 10kg winch
Some sort of killswitch circuit
2/3s Li-po

Basicly i thought of glueing the winch hook to the stampede plunger tube, and attaching the main winch unit somewhere above or below the dart tooth and adding a small  plate on  the lpunger and rig up to the killswitch to stop the winch pulling when it is right forward and quickly start releasing the winch ...
Ni-mh charger
I have a Nimh charger that came with a 9.6 700Mah battery, its a basic one but i was wondering would it charge a 9.6 1800mah? It doesnt give any details on the plug it just says "9.6v charger" And i wasnt sure if it would charge a larger mah but just take longer. Sorry its not strictly nerf relatied but its for my Stampede Smile .

My 700mah is a 8 cell and has no other information if this helps.

Would it charge this? ...
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