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WTB Rapidstrike Part and STILL NEED Flywheel Sets- Urgent
WTB: Stock to fit Elite Alpha Trooper
WTB Rapidstrike Pusher /gears
WTS - Worker stock, 2 worker mags
Rivals UK Release Next Week?
Modification/Paintjob pictures.
WTS NIB vintage blasters, Immortal Longshot and other rares
Foam Dart Thunder - Edinburgh - Sat 5th December
Prefabed cycloneshock inserts
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a nerf forum for british nerfers.
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WTB Rapidstrike Part and STILL NEED Flywheel Sets- Urgent
I still need more flywheels! If people want to exchange a set of Stockade fly's for slightly wonky RS ones I am happy to pay some cash and send you a replacement fly set. They work fine at stock RPM's, it's only in modded applications that trouble starts.

"Friends, Romans, countrymen, send me your flywheels; I come to mod Rapidstrikes, but Hasbro spites me."

Also dummy cells still available, see my other trading thread.

Update- I need this RS part, will pay £2 shipped for o ...
WTB Rapidstrike Pusher /gears
Hi im looking to buy a rapid strike pusher arm or the gears inside it, as 1 of the teeth has broken. I either need the pusher unit or the gears which go into the pusher unit   The gear that's broken is the one which connects to the biggest gear. Thanks


Title corrected for clarity, see trading forum rules, I also suggest a picture of the part. ON

WTB: Stock to fit Elite Alpha Trooper
I'm after a stock to fit an Elite Alpha Trooper - ideally a worker one, but open to other options and would like to get it before Christmas if possible.

Anyone got anything?
WTS - Worker stock, 2 worker mags
Looking to sell:

1 x White worker stock (brand new, never used)
2 x Worker banana mags (half clear, used once at GC)

Looking for £23 + postage, I would prefer to sell all as one batch.
WTS NIB vintage blasters, Immortal Longshot and other rares
So after briefly appearing for a few times and subsequently fading back into the mists, I am happy to say I won't be quitting nerf, but that's a story for another time
Now on to the main topic
I have 3 NIB vintage blasters which I have picked up from my travels. Please note that, while new, the boxes have still suffered considerable wear including, but thankfully limited to, scratches, creases and slightly frayed edges
So up for sale are:
A red Air-Tech 2000

[img:9908767d29]http://i.imgur ...
Foam Dart Thunder - Edinburgh - Sat 5th December
Quick ticket update - 49 of 50 tickets sold. So probably around 54 players in total!
Rivals UK Release Next Week?
Now that I have your attention, I'm not dead, just really busy at the moment. Hopefully I'll be able to be more social in the coming weeks.

So, news from an unofficial source is that Rivals will be hitting UK shelves next week. I haven't really had my ear to the ground over the last few months so I don't have any more info than that, nor do I have any official news.

Who's keen?
Prefabed cycloneshock inserts
Spotted this on eBay last night

Item no : 201447386795 (my mobile app ebay-fu is weak this evening, apologies for the lack of a link)

Anyone see it? Tried them? Quite tempted...
White Stripe XD Elite Rapidstrike
It seems both Argos and Amazon are now shipping the new "White Stripe" XD Rapidstrike, so I thought a review was in order.  In case anyone is unsure it's this one- image from Hasbro.

Overview- You get the same things in the box, a single 18, darts and your new XD RS. NO SIGNIFICANT CHANGES to the internals.

Performance- Not test ...
OMN bits for sale
2 raider 35 dart drums. One is standard left hand side orientation. The other has been modified to allow it to be inserted with the drum on the right. Much more comfortable to use for rh nerfers. £10 each?

Sonic ice Retaliator barrel. Reasonable wear and tear. £5

Postage to be negotiated but will be as cheap as possible.

Collection welcome from Leeds/surrounding area.

Pm if interested. Photos can be provided on request.
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