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[request] rapidstrike stock motors
Grim Up Nerf 2, Sat 13th Feb, 1-4pm, Tong, Bradford
Show off your collections... IN LIST FORMAT
WTB Retaliator parts
What would you like.
User names.
Tips for organising a Nerf event
WTS: Kriss Vector F10555 parts and Dartblaster bits
Hi, i'm new....
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a nerf forum for british nerfers.
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Show off your collections... IN LIST FORMAT
Necroing? Idk.

Alpha trooper
Elite Alpha trooper
nite finder
jolt x2
hail fire
some transformer one thats a plane
stryfe x5
medium vortex one
hammershot x2
roughcut x2
Dart Tag sharpshot/fire (idk what ending)

Prob some more i forgot.
WTB Retaliator parts
If you have any spare Retaliator internals, externals or barrels for sale please get in touch. Interested in plunger tubes especially.

As I've stated before I know nothing about electronics. So my question is, I would like to put some LEDs into a Rayven for effect. I want the LEDs to come on only when I power the gun up.

I am powering Rhino 130 motors from a Zippy 1500mAh 35c lipo pack and what I like to know is, can I connect the LED circuit to the trigger/flywheel switch? And if so do I need a resistor and what size?

I have included the spec for the LEDs below

Diameter 5 mm
Colour Blue
Forw ...
Tips for organising a Nerf event
I know there is already a sticky regarding 'rules' for hosting a Nerf war which we have referenced in our planning of Grim up Nerf but I thought it would be useful to share some hints and tips of things we have done and are still doing to hopefully make the events a success.

With our recent start these are still fresh in memory and are evolving so we can build on this as we go. Hopefully it'll inspire other people or groups to have a go at setting something up.

Tip 1) find some other enthu ...
WTS: Kriss Vector F10555 parts and Dartblaster bits

I've got a few bits I would like to sell as I've decided to go down a different route with my stryfe project and these are no longer needed.

1. F10555 Kriss Vector Stock

Great 3D printed stock with adjustable shoulder pad.
25 inc shipping

2. F10555 Kriss Vector Magazine Cover
[img:1d44024745]http://www.gordyhand.c ...
WTB RS Part, Flywheels, Swap- RS Stock Exchange
Just a reminder I still need the RS part shown, flywheel sets and have tons of stock 130 motors to sell.
Stock RS full set 6 posted 1st class
Stock Stryfe Pair 5 posted 1st class
[request] rapidstrike stock motors
So, you've modded your Rapidstrike and stuck in 180 Rhinos or something else, and now have a dinky, whiny under performing motor or two running spare.  Me, I am just putting together my first RS mod and managed to drop my rewired flywheel cage, pulling out that little solder tab on one of the motors.  

What I'd like to do is get ahold of your unwanted, discarded stock motors so I can finish phase 1 of my mod, before I go out to get beefier motors. Maybe a few sets so I don't have to ...
Hammershot Shells
I am just about to embark on a paint job for my hammershot. Whilst inspecting the empty shell to decide there to tape off I noticed it appears each side of the blaster is made up of two parts.

Has anyone successfully separated these two? If so how did you do it?

I am having great trouble and have almost snapped it in half.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Non Nerf-brand/ China counterfeit
Fake Roughcut at twelve o'clock
Hi, i'm new....
How did you get the skulls so neat? I have played around with a few different ways but nothing really works.

Great work by the way.

*Just noticed I am now a junior member. At what point do you stop being new an then become junior?*
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