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Colouring of Tac Gear
A man needs a name...
The First Loss is the Hardest
Discord Chat Tonight- 9pm
Bristol Blast 28th May 2016- We are Go!
Whats Your Loadout?
Zombie Hunters of Manchester 18th June
Worker 22 banana Magazine
5th Anniversary Competition
Worker 22 Dart Mags
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a nerf forum for british nerfers.
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A man needs a name...
OK.  So the stars aligned. The angels sang out. Blind Peruvian monks chanted. The goblins that work for USPS, Singpost and Royal Mail, by some miracle, got me all of my stuff in time to create this from my stock Retaliator.

Inspired by OMN's post and advice from a previous thread:

A quick run ...
Discord Chat Tonight- 9pm
I will be hosting a chat in the Britnerf Discord channel tonight at 9pm. Message me for the invite code. It stays open so you can join/leave whenever and once joined you are good for as long as you like. You will need the discord app.
5th Anniversary Competition
Two pieces.
First is the super 1337 Secret Strike AS-1 Wrist Mount.

It uses a band of silicone to secure the stripped down blaster to your wrist, just like a watch.

It conceals nicely under long sleeves, making for a perfect surprise in Assassins or stuff like that.

Next is this Secret Shot II holster made out of duct tape and part of the packaging for the ...
Worker 22 Dart Mags
After several hours of testing, I found this:

1. Most of my springers and my Rapidstrike, fine.

2. Semi-auto flywheels seemed quite problematic. The mags jammed noticably more often than in the above, which was resolved with shaking about and tapping.

3. My Hyperfire really struggled. Simply struggled.

I do want to be corrected on this, and I'm not saying that they wont feed and always jam. They do feed. BUT they do jam more frequently than I'd like too. More so than both 25 dart ...
Whats Your Loadout?
To provoke discussion i have reopened an old thread.
We are always curious of each others gear and how they use it so here we go..
(Please have it all loaded up and on you/on a manikin)

With the dodgy pose but still..

And the Tsunam ...
Worker 22 banana Magazine
I know it's a double post, but just to alert everyone to the fact that the video's up now!

Synopsis is that they jam fairly regularly in semi auto flywheel blasters, are even more unreliable in the Hyperfire, but perform well in springers and the Rapidstrike.
Zombie Hunters of Manchester 18th June
The planning post on my behalf became a little neglected due tk school work and such forth.
Into the details.

Location: Wythenshawe Park
There is a car park by the farm and I suggest we meet there and work our way to a small corner of the huge park.

Time: 1-4
There is lots to do there if people want to be early and there is food etc

The obvious abuse lot. None will be tolerated and ploice will be informed of any misconduct.
140fps limit and only public friendly pain ...
Colouring of Tac Gear
So, being conscious that i don't want to look like i was the second guy on the balcony at the Iranian embassy, I'm thinking i should be avoiding all black tactical gear.

So, quick poll if i may - what colour is the majoity of your tactical gear?  Would the BSUK navy blue or royal blue be considered 'family friendly' for a public NerfWar?
Battle of Britain
I've just done a rough count at there's about 17 posts of yes i'd come, with a few of those being 'depending on x' criteria such as dates or location.

There's a few regulars who've not said yay or nay, who'd i'd expect to, and there's the fact that we all have family or friends or members of our local groups who might want to come

30 seems a likely number
Modification/Paintjob pictures.
This is Snappy Croc - my first RS build. Triple Rhino motors, 3S Lipo, BSUK wiring kit. The integrated Bigshot is just stock but not for long.

The Rapid Red sidearm is also sporting Rhinos and a 2S Lipo (until I can find a 3S that will fit without more shell cutting).

General Topics.
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