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Grim Up Nerf 10, Sat Oct 8th, 12:30-5, Farsley Leeds
Hyperfire Lipo mod.
Cycloneshock upgrade
Melee in Nerf
WTB Cheap nonworking/shells
Foam Dart Thunder TP 20 - Edinburgh! Halloween Special!
Introducing the BritNerf Vault!
So I bought a couple of new batteries...
Omfg I think I actuall have a problem
WTS - Got a few Blasters for sale
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a nerf forum for british nerfers.
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Cycloneshock upgrade
is that with the ebay inserts or have you re-barrelled it yourself?

my sole reason for buying a cyclone shock is probably for this mod!
Introducing the BritNerf Vault!
It is my pleasure to unveil BritNerf's newest feature: the Vault! The BritNerf Vault is a centralized repository of guides, information, and data tables that represents our best contributions to the NIC. Carefully curated by the BritNerf admin/moderator staff and collected in a single, easily accessible forum, it will function as the go-to location for our most useful and frequently visited informational posts.

Any questions can be directed towards me and the other members of the admin/modera ...
Hyperfire Lipo mod.
Try a brass or petg dart guide through the flywheel cage. That should fix the issues. Also, concave flywheels should help, too.
Foam Dart Thunder TP 20 - Edinburgh! Halloween Special!
We'll be celebrating our twentieth Transgression Park skate park event with a Halloween Fancy Dress Special on Saturday 29th October.

Tickets will be on sale Wednesday 5th October at 9pm.

The last one sold out in 7 minutes and we ran a second event which also sold out, so if anyone would like to come along they better have their fingers at the ready next Wednesday night!

Here's the ticket link:

WTB Cheap nonworking/shells
I'm after non functional or shells of blasters for a cheap price as I'm very interested in using Nerf guns as effective props.
Bristol Blast 3 - Post Event Thread
I've started the video editing process. 3 videos done so far... 2 more to follow at some point this week.

It's an interesting comparison to the previous venue and I'm surprised by how much I missed the close quarters action in the Chapel corridors. It definitely changes the game dynamic.
WTS - Got a few Blasters for sale
I have a few blasters to clear out

1 Mega Centurion with mag and a few knock off mega darts 10
1 Alpha Trooper CS18 -AR + Locks removed (std spring) -10
1 Raider not working for parts- 5(ono)
1 Deploy -10
1 Nitron vortex, no mags untested -10 (ono)

I'm Open to offers just need these gone as I'm never going to do anything with them.

I also have a couple unused Stryfes sporting MTB Rhinos, rewired etc.

Pm if intrested
Finally got a Blaster in the Misses Hands
Picked up a 4 victory recently and casually left it lying around in the kitchen, once the kids were in bed she picked it up and squarely aimed at my crotch...

Luckily shes got bad aim so the boys stayed in tact. I let her have a bit of fun then went to the shed and got the NF and EAT and let her shoot me with them as well and in the end she was enjoying it (mostly trying to hurt me)
I then dropped one shot on her bum just to let her know how much it hurts haha
Progress we'll get a war goin ...
Omfg I think I actuall have a problem
My Nerf addiction is completely healthy- the most expensive Nerf blasters are still less expensive than the car or bike parts I'd be buying and ruining normally. Basically Nerf is my methadone  Laughing
FDT double header!
Yep I am pretty shattered after running 2 events back to back Friday and Saturday.

Volleybomb was definitely a highlight from a ref's pov. Looking forward to Zone 74 this coming weekend.

We had a pro film crew along on Saturday night so in a while we'll have a great promo to show you. And I'm recording music for it with my band so looking forward to that too!

Thanks to everyone who came along this weekend Smile
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Grim Up Nerf 3, Sat 12th Mar, 1-4pm, Tong, Bradford
Bristol Blast 28th May 2016- We are Go!

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