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It's that time of year again!
GC1 After Action review
Modified Blaster Data Archive
Havokfire on/off switch covers anyone?
Modification/Paintjob pictures.
Longstrike available
Northern Irish Nerfers
Current Draw Stats for 180's
Need work related suggestions
Show off your Vintage Blasters!
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a nerf forum for british nerfers.
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Modified Blaster Data Archive
180 Stryfe data added. Note, this was shot at about 100 RPM.
Havokfire on/off switch covers anyone?
Another "maybe you've blown one up" thread... I just spotted that neither of the havokfires I have, have the little switch cover over the on/off switch, and it's a wee bit unsightly. Anyone got one spare? Or two spares? Wink
It's that time of year again!
That's right boys and girls, BritNerf just turned 4!
(Officially, cake day was last Sunday but since I was in a field at GC, no internets)

On behalf of the A&M team, thanks to all you wonderful people for making this little community what it is. Let's make this another year of groundbreaking awesome.

So, BritNerf is 4... You know what that means!

Competition Time

More info to come soon!
Modification/Paintjob pictures.
My painted nerf spectre. (my first paint job) Currently awaiting a Blasterparts spring.
Longstrike available
I guess people just like them!

Since they only come with the blaster, they're hard to come by unless you're willing to buy the whole package. People would rather pay a little over the odds for a part they find cool rather than pay for the whole blaster, which they may not want.

I think it's only a matter of time till someone starts 3D priniting quality aftermarket bits though...
Northern Irish Nerfers
Wondering if any of you were from Northern ireland cuz i havent seen any hvz or nerf wars round here


Topic Moved. It should be here and not in Modifications. Also a note on spelling grammar: please try to use correct capitalisation at the very least. Smile

Welcome to the forum.


Show off your Vintage Blasters!
Uber rare UK find

Supermaxx 1000 with some original ammo, this thing packs a punch,

Had this for over a year but just noticed I had not posted it.

NIB original bow-n-arrow

[URL= ...
What Didn't You Do Today?
I was so supposed to do some grocery shopping but got too busy with work.
Need work related suggestions
I'm looking for a management software. I can do this via google and I know lots of results will come up. But i don't trust what they say, especially the reviews online so I'm thinking that maybe I should just ask you guys. Maybe someone here has experience in this kind of software. Maybe you use a good one in your office. Can you give me good recommendations?

Our small company recently announced that they were planning upgrades and if we'd like to make a suggestion. I'm thinking that maybe we ...
Current Draw Stats for 180's
My understanding of electricity is basic at best and I don't exactly know how to read this information.
Is this test for a pair of FK 180s (only flywheels no pusher)?
How long is this current being drawn (I'm guessing that this is stall current so it should only be a few milliseconds, but is this indicated anywhere on the graph)?
Why are the voltages significantly lower than what the pack should be providing (I know that under load the voltage provided by a pack drops, but I haven't seen a pa ...
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