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DSS Saturday April 29TH
WTS Huge selection of blasters
Perhaps I was a little hasty getting rid of my Stryfe
Unusual Venue for a Nerf War - an update
Loadout Videos
Special Zombies?
Vynyl dye and painting barrels
WTS - End of Month Clearout
WTB Nerf Fusefire
Bristol Blast 8 - AAR
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A NERF forum to support the community in the UK.
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Unusual Venue for a Nerf War - an update
Just a wee update, I've requested a date in August so will chase that today.

We've started building a storyline around the event which will utilise both outdoor space with the military vehicles and also inside the bunker itself. I think I'll be running a bus from Edinburgh for the 90 minute journey across the River Forth to save emissions!

Also considering bringing back the film crew I hired for my promo video.

Getting excited about this one!
Loadout Videos
Apols if necro, but due to my Go Pro failing to record Rab at last week's FDT @ TP, and only having the audio track from my phone to work with, I tried something a bit different. Rab likes it and I think it's ok so we may do more of this, maybe intersecting with stills of the actual blaster. Just an idea - and the ladies wanted in on the loadout action too so don't take this one too seriously - was good fun to do Smile
WTS - End of Month Clearout
Can you check on P&P for me on the Stryfe to Malta ?
WTS Huge selection of blasters
Does the Longstrike come with the barrel attachment ?
Vynyl dye and painting barrels
Hi there, couple of quick ones, if thats ok.

Is vynyl dye the same as vynyl paint that you get in halforfd rattle cans.

Would it work well on moving parts or the barrels on front loading blasters, if not. What should i be looking for.

Cheers in advance.
WTB Nerf Fusefire
I would like to for a swap or buy a Nerf Fusefire if anyone has one in the UK?

Please PM me and I am sure that I can find you some suitable foam flinging goodness in exchange.
DSS Saturday April 29TH
Will be attending if all goes to plan! I'll bring a similar blaster selection to last time for some loaners...
Minimized Apollo
So i love the Apollo. It's comfortable for big handed fella's like me, packs a punch straight out of the box, and inserting mags in the handle is 'bad-ass' as my kids might say....

What i don't like are the cheesy gears that managed to shear with the slightest provocation.

So i was left with a broken Apollo that needed something doing to it. As i plan on buying a Nemesis when they are released i wanted a holster-able side arm to make up a Rivals load out. So i took apart the Apollo to see ...
Perhaps I was a little hasty getting rid of my Stryfe
My first blaster was a Retaliator, and since then I've accumulated various blasters which have all been springers.

Earlier this year I purchased a Stryfe and because it seems to be one of the most popular blasters on the planet I was excited to try it out.  That excitement quickly turned to anger.  I know this might upset a lot of people.  But I hated it.  Well, I liked the way it looked and felt, but I hated everything about the way it fired.

Poor range, poor power, fl ...
Which to get, Double or Triple BSUK Miranda Mag Holder?
Hi all,

I'm thinking of buying the BSUK MKII Mag Holder:

I have a few questions which I figure might be easy to answer by someone who is less of a noob than myself:

1) I'm unsure whether to go for the double or triple.  Triple seems like the more obvious choice - I'm guessing the only disadvantage is that it's bulkier?  Is there any reason to go for the double?

2) I note it says they hold 18 and 15 dart mags.  At the ...
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