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Alien Isolation
Nerf war Nottingham
Taking apart a Retal HELP!
Midlands War: Show of Interest Thread.
Nerf tac vest. or ammo pouch and holster
The BritNerf 3rd Anniversary Photo Competition
Come introduce yourselves!
Trading Feedback Thread
40 off the Rhino Fire already
Works in progress. Pics required.
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a nerf forum for british nerfers.
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Alien Isolation
Anyone else here got it?

Really faithful to the original film, so far anyway.

Playing in the dark, Mic and camera settings on, surround sound on, fucking bricking it,  Embarassed

Just been crawling through some tunnels with those iris type doors opening and closing just like the film, I'm expecting to turn a corner and get nommed.
Nerf war Nottingham
If I. Honest I'm struggling to think of somewhere that would be suitable for a local Nerf war. Where have previous wars been held? I was thinking either an outdoor area or park, or some kind of old industrial site or office/factory, but there's none that immediately spring to mind!
Taking apart a Retal HELP!
The society spare Retal that I brought is being a bit of a pain and not priming right - looked up the magwell and it needs a good old clean from years of klddy muck.

Problem - I cant seem to remove the larger sized bolt from next to the magwell - tried small and large Crosshead screwdrivers but its being mean and saying 'Nope not coming out'
Nerf tac vest. or ammo pouch and holster
Which do i buy? im not sure which would be worth the money.
Trading Feedback Thread
Traded with: OldNoob
Role: Buyer
Rating: Positive
I have traded with OldNoob on two occasions now, both have been very pleasant. the items were posted very quickly. He was very helpful in his communications and contributed a great deal in the design of a modified stock project (which i am yet to complete, due to not having all the required parts). I would be extremely willing to trade again, and would recommend others to do so as well.
Come introduce yourselves!
Heyo, didn't realize you guys had an 'initiation' process. My first posts on the forum were two modification guides, sorry for breaking protocol.

In case you can't read my username on the left I'm Duke Wintermaul.

I derive my name from one of the random 15 tooltip strings from the 2003 Warcraft3 Undead Death Knight Hero. If you understood what I just said kudos. If you happen to still play Warcraft3 hit me up, I'm always looking for good players to ladder with.

Professionally I'm a p ...
Works in progress. Pics required.

Got a few pictures for this one, so all you get is an album link.

The blaster itself is almost complete, all I need to do is couple the tank and make some shells.

No paint on this project, it's a commission and I'm not getting paid to get it gussied up.
New Boomco
Oh dear - this really isnt a step in the right direction from Mattel
Elite Sledgefire????

Elite sledgefire????
more leaks - rebelle now+ crossbolt.

I hate these. Hasbro what the fuck? The deploy is now a handbag that it looks like Paris Hilton would put a tiny dog in!

Boff- I apologise if you have a full Spud rage caused by this.

Oh and the flipfury is a ZS blaster Sad
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