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OK, which one of you is it
Zombie Hunters of Manchester
Grim Up Nerf 5, Sat 14th May, Tong, 1-4pm
A few questions regarding melee weapons
9 shot strongarm
Third hand
Anyone here going to that Steam Punk event in Barnsley...
Girly blasters
Weapon racks
Post upgrade issues and worker flywheels.
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a nerf forum for british nerfers.
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OK, which one of you is it
Just spotted this on ebay. Not the blaster but the background, sweet jesus of nerfureth

Grim Up Nerf 5, Sat 14th May, Tong, 1-4pm
I'll be bringing the goldfinder and its green glowing brother this time then. I'd like to see what speed the little beasties manage.

As for the website, Blindgeek's profile section mentions modded and the ammo rules say that FVJs are not allowed. I suggest changing these to "modified" and an actual description of the dart type as the website isn't necessarily going to be viewed exclusively by forumgoers who know our terms.
Zombie Hunters of Manchester
Still wanting to do this! Keep me posted ^_^
Anyone here going to that Steam Punk event in Barnsley...
Did you go, if so how was it?
Weapon racks
Pegs are such a simple awesome idea ... when I get my new house this is getting done
9 shot strongarm
Just spotted this when grabbing the link for the cycloneshock cylinder.;_trksid=p2056116.c100408.m2460

Looks like its still a work in progress but starts that pistol debate all o ...
Post upgrade issues and worker flywheels.
Yep, that fixed it... Holy shit balls! Thought I was about to break the washing machine door.
A few questions regarding melee weapons
Hey folks, a few things:

firstly, are melee weapons frowned apon in this country? I have ot ask as i'd like to get like a foam katana for getting up close and personal, but i won't if it's just going to cause trouble.

Secondly, where do i buy good melee stuff?

Thanks, Kraig Smile
Girly blasters
For painting I find the Rebelle blasters so much nicer to work with. Nice smooth shells and shapes and you can get a really good finish on them and make them look awesome very easily.
Foam Dart Thunder TP13
Yes Rabs shotgun Cyclone shock looked awesome in action and getting a decent range as well. My son was also using a rebarreled Rotofury but was complaining about a lot of misfires and loads of darts just falling short but I've not had a good look at it yet just chucked the worker barrels in not cracked it open yet to tweak it so hopefully will resolve that. Yes I agree the lawbringer is my favorite FDT blaster I love mine, can't wait to paint it up and maybe add a cutdown lawbringer pistol or tw ...
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