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Detailed Rival Images on Baidu
18650 Battery Holder
Did I miss something? Blasters not released in UK.
Come introduce yourselves!
Green Cloaks Event 3: Into the Rad - HYPE THREAD!
2015 UK Nerf Jamboree, as named by Boff
Pusher Motor help required
Doominator Review
WTB air tank for longstrike mod
West Country Terrorist Alert- more Lerts, less terror.
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a nerf forum for british nerfers.
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18650 Battery Holder
My plan is to use Samsung INR 18650 25R Batteries (thanks to Torukmakto for pointing these cells out in his post) in a [url= ...
Did I miss something? Blasters not released in UK.
So, the Modulus, Doominator and Rotofury are all available to pre-order from all my local toy shops.

So what happened to the Double Down and Sharpfire?

I was a tad pissed off we never got the Sonic Ice Hailfire as it looked so much better than the original, but i had a few mod ideas for both the Sharpfire and Double Down and we're not gonna see them either! Dang!
Detailed Rival Images on Baidu
Look at the flywheel design and all the up close pictures here.

Thanks to Reddit user SpaceNinja74 for the heads up.  A couple if things to note before the frothing starts.

1- This is not slated for a UK release right now.
2- Ammo still looks floaty
3- Nice looking build quality
4- 6 C cell stick pack means Airsoft style Lipo will be needed.
5- No sign of what motors are in it.
2015 UK Nerf Jamboree, as named by Boff
In not-exactly-deep Wiltshire, there is a field.
My family own said field.
We're gonna play with toy guns in it.
Dates are not yet decided, I need to have a sit down and talk with my family about the specifics, but the key info is as follows:

Provisionally, 1-2 August

Saturday afternoon - Sunday afternoon

Number cap - 30. This has been fought for, but the reason for a limit is that we have worked out this is the absolute maximum we can support.

Most importantly, the l ...
Green Cloaks Event 3: Into the Rad - HYPE THREAD!
Anyone else psyched?!

What are you all going to do differently both strategy and kit wise given the potential heatwave...
Pusher Motor help required
dazdaraz wrote:
Bonjour peeps

I'm trying to create something but i need help with moving a dart into a flywheel set up
other than taking apart a rapidstrike and using the pusher system from that,
could anyone point me in the right direction, probably need about 2 to 2.5 inches of travel for the set up i am thinking of and doesnt have to be auto, so even a simple design like that of a stockade, just with more length of movement (i have a stockade that I've cut most of and ...
Doominator Review
So, i've added a few more blasters to my collection recently: my son got me a jolt for fathers day, I finally picked up a sledgefire, which was as much fun as I was hoping, and today, my smyths order of the Doominator arrived...

We all know about this monster, a pump action revolver, that takes the madness of the flipfury and doubles it, for 4 sets of 6 revolver barrels, 24 shots in total. It has slam fire, a repositionable front handle on the pump action, one tactical rail, and several sling ...
WTB air tank for longstrike mod
Something with a trigger valve, like a BBBAB tank would be ideal, but i can work with anything
West Country Terrorist Alert- more Lerts, less terror.
So whilst other parts of the world suffered real and deadly acts of terror by evil fanatics, most of Exeter ground to a standstill with "suspicious packages near schools and a Mosque .

What was it, was it those vile extremists of the Pasty Liberation Organisation or the militant wing of the Young Farmers? No. It was [url=] some tit dragging a suitcase full of old computers o ...
WANTED-vortex(for personal use,will never be resold)
I'm looking for vortex clips and discs
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