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BAGW 2- Britnerf Annual General War- 6th September
Some new ZS accessories (Via Reddit)
Foam Dart Thunder - Edinburgh - 26th July
Argos updated catalogue.
I Need Materials
3D Printing
Old NERF Blasters - available
Stryfe Modded with 180's cutting out
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a nerf forum for british nerfers.
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Ironic I know, since I was the one who was selling it all but I suddenly find myself in need of it at short notice.

I ideally need about 30cm of it. Can anyone help me out?
Some new ZS accessories (Via Reddit)
So we have some new melee and a something else.

A lump of wood amusingly called the 2x4 - https://fbcdn-sphotos-a-a.akamaih...3007699_4516622844520069369_n.jpg

A wrench Axe -

and finally - A HAMMERSHOT HOLSTER which looks utterly hideous and more than likely made from cheap crappy PVC  likely wont like Lefties!
Foam Dart Thunder - Edinburgh - 26th July
After running a birthday party in the afternoon (why do I allow party bookings the same day as Wars? Oh yeah.....profit!) we managed to bring in 31 players, 4 more than last month. Key though was that almost half were new players we hadn't seen before.

Feedback was fantastic so I'm very happy with how these are progressing. Video should be live within the week utilising my new time lapse Ikea/Go Pro hack Smile

I've already booked my August (30th) and Sept (20th ) events Smile
Random questions:
The CAM is shown on smyths as having slam fire.
If that's the case, it would be a plunger, and not a flywheel system, yes?

Also, in the demolisher's case, looking at the rear of the blaster, is it a full auto, like the rapid strike or a semi, like the stryfe?
I Need Materials
Hello guys!

First off, you guys are the most helpful forum I've ever encountered!

These are the following materials I need to complete my mod and be the best: (I live in canada)

-epoxy putty (I can't find cheap or free XD epoxy putty anywhere.)
- testors enamel paint (I want free paint for now, but I will pay for it if I can't get it free XD)
- a mod on how to make the stampede's bipod work like the centurions.

That's all!  I know i used "FREE" alot, but I certainly ...
BAGW 2- Britnerf Annual General War- 6th September
We are now decided, it's on. Here is all the information
Date: Saturday 6th September

Here forFacebook event

Times- Social meet from 10am, PLAYER BRIEFING 10.45, Games start at 11am sharp.

[si ...
BAGW 2 Planning Thread
If anyone needs an Awful I will be able to dig something very bad out as a spare Very Happy (it even has Googly Eyes)
Argos updated catalogue.
Nothing that interesting

Doublestrike is instock for anyone interested.

Theres a Rebelle recolour of the Elite Door Storer thing - Puzzling as I didnt think any of that garbage was coming.

No sign of any of the white recolours - maybe they arent out until October time?
Stryfe Modded with 180's cutting out
Hi all, I've been working on my Stryfe, i've taken out all the locks and re-wired using the same gauge wiring as my Stampede, i've purchased these motors:

And it's powered by 3 Efest batteries.

SO... I reved it up and fired off about 10 shots before 1 motor just cut out, I took it apart as I could smell burning, the motor was burning hot, all solders were good but the motor just wasn't working ...
3D Printing
Hello!  I need to know who here can do 3D printing designing for free

It would also be of use if you could tell me if you have a 3D printer!

Thanks guys!
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