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Bristol Blast 12 - August 26th
BlasterTECH MO
The Tactical Triad
WTB centurion mag
WTS Miranda, bits and bobs
WTS Belt Mountable Large Dump Pouch (Black)
Blaster clear out
Rewire diagrams
Stampede Keeps Popping a MOSFET
Worker MO2 part deux
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A NERF forum to support the community in the UK.
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WTB centurion mag
Rare as hens teeth but worth an ask. Does anyone have a centurion mag they no longer need?
WTS Belt Mountable Large Dump Pouch (Black)
As the title says.  I'm wanting to sell my BSUK Large Dump Pouch.  It's no longer suited to my style of game play, but was awesome for well over a year and still in great condition, good for those with lighter load outs or new into Nerf.

Velcro straps let you mount it on a belt, as this is the version sold just before MOLLE attachments became trendy.  I've used it to lug 2 x 35 dart drums around the field, or the 6 mags that I have (it holds more), or a bazillion darts*.

Is ...
Blaster clear out
So, realised I have a bit too much stuff and need to get rid of some of it. Have the following, all stock unless noted. No magazines or accessories included, again, unless noted. Prices don;t include postage, I'm based in London and will be at the next DSS if its any help.

Magnum superdrum - arm brace and front barrel removed to make it smaller, no impact on function. 15
Blue Roughcut 8
Pyragon (torsion spring moved to increase performance) 12
Praxis (torsion spring moved to increase ...
The Tactical Triad
Sooo... after a throw away comment from L11 at BoB, I've been working on my Triad.  I was desperate to tag someone with it, just because.  Fairly certain I did too, from the slow mo in my North vs South video.

First thing I did was hammer some brass into the barrels after ripping the dart posts out, thankfully leaving the smart AR intact.  This already has the BSUK 5kg spring in it, so was a bit beefier than stock, but now it hit's like a tank.
[img:4edb1ea3e6]http://i.imgur.c ...
Rewire diagrams
I get asked for these over on Discord a lot so I figured I'd post them here for the whole community.  I found other rewire diagrams too complicated so with some Visio-fu I created my own:

Dead Centre Rapidstrike MOSFET:

MOSFET Stryfe/Modulus/Demo (SA blasters) :

Cassian Andor/Jyn Erso preserving light and sound:
Stampede Keeps Popping a MOSFET
Hey peeps. I have a Stampede and it keeps turning MOSFETs into smoke. Funny thing is, it worked for a good couple of months previously.

It's a commission piece and it's been on my bench for the last couple of weeks. Now it's starting to do my head in. There's nothing obviously 'iffy going on, the soldering all seems sound so I'm pretty sure it's not that. It's running a BSUK kit so there's no trailing wires to cause issues.

The only thing I can think of is the battery. I usually like to ru ...
Worker MO2 part deux
Has the MO arrived in the UK yet?
BlasterTECH MO
Gauging interest for a Blastertech order, I want their new switch plate kits, they also have a load of other goodies, if you are interested please put down what you want and how many then I can get a price off Dean.
I won't action the order until everyone who wants in is in, then I will take payment for everything EXCEPT UK shipping and the VAT/Duty.

Link to BlasterTECH website.
Bristol Blast 11 - July 29th
For those traveling down from the northern side of Bristol / M32 to Downend please be aware:

Major maintenance work to the southern Bromley Heath Viaduct on the A4174 ring road, between the Bromley Heath roundabout and the Hambrook traffic lights

When: Starting on 22-23 July 2017

How long for: For A FRIKKIN YEAR!

Please be aware guys this looks like hell: ...
Bargain Hunting
Bought two brand new Rebelle Revolution bows from Home bargains for only 7 each still in packaging
But missing the arrows, as some scrout had stole them, with any eye to get replacements, cue two months later, I spied an auction on ebay.
Four brand new packs of Rebelle arrows (12) and two more arrows a door hanging storage thing all for 9.50 oh and another bow which was missing the bow string.

My Daughters love em

[mod ...
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