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What aftermarket darts for kids?
Slingfire with 25 Drum
Grey trigger Sonic Ice/Fire Jolts.
Trading Feedback Thread
Poppa Nerfs WTT Thread
This is why I dislike lending out my blasters
The Nerf Apocalypse! How long will you last?
Stampede Gears - Redux
Bargain Hunting
Derby HvZ
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What aftermarket darts for kids?
I fixed a broken stryfe for a colleague's kid (resolder one cable and 9-year-olds think you're a sorceror) , and she had a wee moan about the price of elites... Testify, sister! Anyway, I didn't really know what to recommend for nonperformance use- they're 9 and 11 I think, I'm happy with my kooshes but I'm not sure how great those are for kids shooting each other in the eyes... And it's not just for her kids because inevitably they'll get mixed up.

So, tl;dr- is there a cheaper, quality opti ...
Grey trigger Sonic Ice/Fire Jolts.
So, as some of you may be aware, I ran my 7 Years olds Nerf War birthday party with 'Tin Can' Alley targets and several CTF games.

Our party bags contained a couple of sweets and a Jolt, as I am fucking awesome like that. The jolts came from the TRU exclusive Sonic Ice and Fire 4 pack. It was buy 2 get 3rd free deal so I bought 3 packs giving me 12 party bags for 24. For anyone who ever bought and filled party bags with crap, this is a pretty sweet deal.

Party is over and there are a few ...
Slingfire with 25 Drum
Did the Slingfire ever get released over here with the 25 round drum? If so, where would i get my hands on one?
Trading Feedback Thread
Traded with:  UKNW
Role: Buyer
Rating: Positive
Comments: Fucking Awesome!
Poppa Nerfs WTT Thread
Original Post Updated.

Rayven battery cover and 2x Raider Stocks.

Bargain Hunting
Can't take credit for this, my beautiful wife found it.

Complete Recon
Complete Rayven
Complete Stockade
Stampede minus bipod, all other gubbins included.
Complete Lightning Storm
Complete Lumitron
A Microburst

Lotsa darts and discs!


After a bad day the love of my life brought me Nerf Bargains!!
Derby HvZ
Is any one associated, or knows any one who is associated with the above Smile
I need your Help! Bad day at work.
Everything is sh!t here today at work, i need cheering up!

So it falls to you guys to do so, I know you can.

Motivational posters and emotional crap should be left at the door. De-motivational posters and Cat pictures are allowed.

Hopefully if anyone else is having a bad day, this will help them also.

Stuff like this cheers me up
Nerf Reddit
Just joined Reddit. Seems I'm missing out on stuff going on over there, and also to show support to the Britnerf community. But.... I have no clue what I'm doing!

It appears to be a very simple forum. But what's Reddit points or Reddit gold? Everyone has a Nerf blaster after there name, minus UKNW and Foam Data who proudly wave the community flag. There is like 100 reply buttons on each page, so which do I press to reply to the OP as he appears to be the only person without one!

For an IT ...
baddest ass vulcan on britnerf
Who can build me one.

I can supply the blaster, obviously  Very Happy

Only real requirements, ROF needs to be epic, possible range increase, but I want it to last, so some sort of longevity.

Invitations, suggestions welcome?
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