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London or londish events
TaoBao group order
Grim Up Nerf 8, Sat 13th Aug, 12:30 onwards, Farsley
Favourite nerf line
Longshot Pump Action Kit
More lipo questions (sorry)
Any Isle of Wight Nerfers up for a skirmish in August?
Bristol Blast 2 - Post War Thread
Davidov's Saturday Skirmish!
LiHV Questions
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a nerf forum for british nerfers.
Latest Articles
London or londish events
Chaps, three of us have just discovered all things nerf and are gagging to start playing some events. Anybody Lonndon based who wants to help organise an event or know of any events in this part ofthe world?
TaoBao group order
So, due to the release of the auto stryfe kit, and some others, I was going to order some items of taobao. I am not experienced with this site, so any help welcome, but I have a good idea how to. I am aiming for discounted postage, and, if there is enough interest, I will be using the same system as the hobbymods thread as half the money before order, half after.
Favourite nerf line
So currently we've got;

Dart tag

Ive left out the ones no longer in production and haven't included impact zone or alien menance as we've not got them here yet

EDIT ive added a few in Smile

Whats your absolute fave and why?
More lipo questions (sorry)
Is this the correct battery for use In  a demolisher?
Of course with Boffs fancy print work!
And is there anyone who could rewire it to deans for me of it infact is tue correct battery.
Many thanks.
And a huge apology for the sheer amount fo lipo questions!

Any Isle of Wight Nerfers up for a skirmish in August?
This just got real.

So, I've secured a venue in Newport IoW.

I'll be starting a new thread on here once we've got a couple of things hammered out.

We've got the venue provisionally from 1500 (with Kraigen in mind ^_^) till 1900, with scope to shift an hour or so either way.

In addition to TheIronKraigen and North257 and Shady-daze, we'll have a couple from my family and I'm waiting to hear back from a few people but I think we'll get a good few more enthusiastic Caulkhead Nerfers ...
SOLD OUT! Foam Dart Thunder - Edinburgh - Sat 27th August
So I forgot to post here before tickets went on sale a few days ago d'oh!

But it sold out in 14 hours so business as usual Smile
Longshot Pump Action Kit
This is the kit I bought

It is a little bit pricey, cost me 3 times what I paid for the blaster. However I got the version with no added rails to keep the price down. It took a little while to arrive but it did get here quicker than the eBay estimate so I wasn't disappointed with that.

There is not much in the kit, but on first inspection it all seems very ...
*********TARGET NOW SHIP TO THE UK*************
Now dont get too excited as postage and customs cost if 50 however this seams to be a flat rate
WTS MTB Hellcats and Honeybadgers
Stock update- As of today I have -
4 Honeybadgers
11 Hellcats.

If you want motors befor September 1st please get your orders in by 11th August as I am off grid after that for the rest of the month.
Who wanted the Retaliator internals?
I remember having a discussion on Discord with someone who wanted to buy Retaliator internals off me - but i can't remember who!

Please PM me if you are interested still
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