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Modification/Paintjob pictures.
UK Nerf Location Database
WTS random bits
Airbrush Painting tips?
Elite Longshot review
WTB - Stocks/Demolisher Motor
F.D.S Trading- WTS Dummy Cells and 130 Motors, WTB parts
Lonely Glasgow based Nerfer
Magstrike Part Idenfitication?
Star Wars deluxe blaster
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a nerf forum for british nerfers.
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Modification/Paintjob pictures.
Latest quick job- "Smooth Operator" Tri Blade Rapidstrike. No new things apart from a skeleton trigger, but unlike other trigger mods, mine kept the top and bottom rail so it's robust and still works the microswitch smoothly.

Full imgur album here for those who want more. Watch out for firing stuff on my YouTube on Saturday about 10am GMT.
UK Nerf Location Database

I said breath dammit!


Ah, there we go. THREAD NECROMANCY. I've just taken a look at this again and Google dun-fucked-up. Badly. Is it just me or has it really gone to shit?
Elite Longshot review
McRex wrote:
I can't wait 2 years until this comes to Ireland. Borked my ZS longshot because I put like 3 springs in and forgot to pad the plunger.

They're in Smyths dude...

Kinsale Road had tons, Maylor Street has a few too.
F.D.S Trading- WTS Dummy Cells and 130 Motors, WTB parts
This thread is old. So am I
Still WTB any and all Rapidstrikes, condition largely irrelevant. Also still want N Strike faux barrel, fluted type.

Added new details of dummy cells and replacement stock motors for people who break the tags off following Coops shitty mod guides.
Airbrush Painting tips?
I recently purchased an Airbrush and a small compressor and have been experimenting with it a bit, and I must say I love it. I was just wondering if any of you super talented painters have any tips for moving forward with it as I think I might be using this a lot more in the future. Below is pic of a rebelle Pink Crush I painted for my son with the airbrush. Sanded down the shell, couple of coats of grey primer and then I used artist acrylic paint thinned with water through the airbrush (suction ...
Magstrike Part Idenfitication?
Can anyone identify the name of the part circled in yellow here?

Image source

I have no idea what to call it so I can source equivalently functioning components... for... uh... reasons. I've tried push valve, button valve and all sorts of other bits and bobs but I don't know ...
WTB - Stocks/Demolisher Motor
Did you manage to get another motor?
AR: To remove or not to remove?
Dumping a spare stampede spring in a longshot.

Am I right in thinking that current wisdom is that small gains in fps don't really outweigh losses to blaster longevity?


Moved to questions, because it's a question ON

Big Bad Bow Arrows?
Does anyone know where I can get Big Bad Bow darts?


Moved to Questions, as it's a question! ON

Boomco halo Needler
Want to buy this and mod it, are the boomco blasters difficult to mod and would it be similar springs to the Nerf blasters?
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