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Discord Chat MONDAY 27th Feb 9pm- With Special Guest
FDT 25 @ Transgression park
WolfPack 3 - Sat 25th March 4-8pm, Yeadon, Leeds
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My First Hack Job
Brass breach EAT advice
WTB Rival Zeus
Bristol Mod Party Help
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a nerf forum for british nerfers.
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So last night marked the 4th anniversary of my first ever FDT event, a 40 ticket sell out using an indoor soft play centre in Edinburgh.

FDT has come a long way since my sons and I, who were 6 and 10 at the time, deciding we needed to find somewhere bigger than our house to Nerf in.

I've made some great friends through Nerf in the last 4 years, we're about to launch skate park Nerf events in our 3rd location with  plans for more in 2017, and the feedback from all our events is still n ...
WolfPack 3 - Sat 25th March 4-8pm, Yeadon, Leeds
WolfPack Leeds
Wolfpack is a new revolution in indoor Nerf arena combat in Leeds, with a changing battlefield each month, and ranked team combat, played out via fast and furious 10 vs 10 'speedball' games.

March's Theme
After a crazy second event (91 players), we're trying something different for March, with two 2 hour sessions, and an online booking system.

We've secured a year long reg ... Updates
Great page mate, but yeah a few typos and also Quest at Merryhill has now closed.
My First Hack Job
Decided it's about time I got to doing my first full mod of my Stryfe, as it has been sitting in pieces for a month or so and as much as I love pump springers, can't argue with flywheel RoF.

I come from a wargaming background so I'm used to hacking things to bits, painting and being broke and disappointed with everything I touch. Nerf is a bit different of course, with the scale difference and that I have to play around with electricity but at least I will get to shoot people with the blaster ...
Brass breach EAT advice
Another option i have considered was just adding a wider faux barrel to reduce fps lost to friction.
The retaliator with a 5kg spring manages over 100 fps while 5kg EATs rampages and slingfires are only firing 80-85 fps average - I don't think this 20 odd fps loss can be just down to the faux barrels, are there other factors at play here?
WTB Rival Zeus
After a motor failure I'm looking for a Zeus to gut for the motor block.  Anyone not feeling the Rival line want to offload one to me?
FDT 25 @ Transgression park
So it was the 4 year FDT anniversary last night WOW!

Before the main action of the night it was the return of Modshop, with Big Al and myself helping out the modders, this time in addition to our single shot pistols we added in hammer action blasters. The kids were all first class again and we've had a few come back to develop their loadout.
I particularly like the Lawbringer/ Nitefinder combo and its been great to see some of them continue with their modding at home as well.

Ok, on to t ...
Hi Troops,

Whats every ones nerfing plans this weekend?

Ive got the Modshop and then will be reffing for TP 25, cant wait to see our Modshoppers in action.

So, what are you up to, house war, blaster shopping, war or modding project ?
Trading Feedback Thread
Traded with: Sparky2504
Role: Buyer
Rating: Positive
Comments: Very smooth, efficient transaction that got me all the fire power under the sun. Was very responsive and turn around was great on invoicing and payment.
Davidov's Saturday Skirmish 3! March 11th
A bump to bring this back to peoples attention now we are getting closer to the date and also a request for game suggestions should anyone planning on coming have a game type they want a chance to get going.
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