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Britnerf Stand @ BSUK Tech Day
BSUK Tech Day: 19th March 17 1000-1600GMT
Trading Feedback Thread
Star Wars Rogue One Death Trooper Deluxe.
Project Spark: PIIIKAAACHUUUUU! (1600M)
[Info-Grab] Modding- What Got You Into It?
B&M Fraudulus "build your own blaster" Modulus
WTS: selection of blasters and bits WTD: Centurion mag
BB5 After Action Report
My RapidStrike Shoots Fishy
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a nerf forum for british nerfers.
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Britnerf Stand @ BSUK Tech Day
I am looking for a few things to put on the stand at tech day and for member of the forum to staff it.

1- Blasters- I want stuff made by forum members to show on the stand. I will be bringing a few old things with me, I want your content! It doesn't matter how it looks, as long as it meets the standard for one of our games and was made via the forum BY YOU.

2- If you are putting something forward, please make a label with your username and what it is, e.g
Modified Rapidstrike
Ru ...
Trading Feedback Thread
Traded with: Old Man Nerf
Role: Buyer
Rating: Positive
Comments: Good communication, fast shipping and all around pleasant experience
BSUK Tech Day: 19th March 17 1000-1600GMT
Booked, looking forward to it Very Happy
[Info-Grab] Modding- What Got You Into It?
Ok... where do I start.  I'd always wanted to get into Nerf, but no one else seemed interested.  I bought my first blaster last year after buying my sister and her boyfriend a pair of Strongarms as a Christmas present.  I suddenly realised there was a hole in my life that I didn't know was there (hope that makes sense).  It was great fun, and I'm quite angry about the years of fun and modding I've been missing out on.  It was the fun element that got me into Nerf, and th ...
Project Spark: PIIIKAAACHUUUUU! (1600M)
So.. I realise that 'Project Ambition' is not yet complete however one of the main points of that was to give me the skills to safely make a blaster for my daughter and although it still has a fair amount to go, I am happy that I know what I need to know to make the lil one a badass blaster. With the exception of pointing her towards a flywheel(masterrace) blaster she had complete control over the concept.
So the 1600M (still following my TVR naming strategy) will be a Fearless Fire with a ...
WTS: selection of blasters and bits WTD: Centurion mag
Wanted - a Centurion magazine. Happy to swap/part exchange with stuff for sale.
B&M Fraudulus "build your own blaster" Modulus
FInally got one of these today. Worth noting it was listed at 20 but actually rings through the till at 10.

(Not my picture! Pinched from MurasakiiAme on Reddit, who quite likely is on here too)

TL;DR- I love this. Fully Nerf compatible, well made, good accessories,cheap as chips


This is simply a ripped off Modulus where they've fixed most of the issues. It's a standard flywheeler setup, 4AAs. It probably ...
Any Wars in Shropshire?
Want to know if there any Nerf wars happening any time soon in Shropshire or if there are people who regularly set something up in that area.

Come introduce yourselves!
Hello, I'm Dilanski

Used to be Nerf mad back in 2011, well as Nerf mad as a 16 year old could be. But now I am older, if not any wiser. I'm wanting to get back into the hobby, and start going to events and the like. Based in Stoke/Winsford, so some lurking suggests the ZHOM games might be a start for me.

Other than that I'm working on a Longshot, simply because it is what I was using back in 2011, and I still love that blaster to bits.
Star Wars Rogue One Death Trooper Deluxe.

So I picked this up in toys R us with 20% off so decided to give it a go.

Out the box it feels nice and comfy in the hand with a nice textured grip and nice feeling pump grip. Comes with a stock, standard N Strike attachment but it is fixed so no adjusting but its not too short and works well with the blaster. Also a nice looking small scope, same one as t ...
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