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Come introduce yourselves!
SOLD OUT FDT - Edinburgh - Saturday 29th August
Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10...
2015 UK Nerf Jamboree, 5-6 September
N-Strike Rayven CS18 Firefly Mags
WTB - Stocks
Trading Feedback Thread
Elite blue Longshot listed on TRU
I know modulus isn't that exciting...
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a nerf forum for british nerfers.
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Come introduce yourselves!
Twibz wrote:
Well, am I glad I'm not the only adult who should know better! Wink

I'm Sam (everyone calls me Twibz) and have had the nerf itch for a while.
In my arsenal, I have 4 deploys, 3 barricades, 2 stempedes, 2 longstrikes, 2 recons, 1 longshot, 1 AT, a raider and a rayven. This started out as a few of my mates and I getting together but they all moved away and asked me to keep hold of their stuff too.

Well, now methinks it's time for moddy moddy, painty paint ...
Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10...
...worse than a stock Deploy.

Data is here.

No, seriously. It's horrendous, I can rapid fire ours to a stall within 4 shots. Take a look at the blog post, too. If we don't get around to upgrading this before Jamboree, I'm entering it in the awfuls round.
WTB - Stocks
Looking for a few stocks for some on going projects. Ideally not Stockades or Recon.
I like the look of the worker stocks but was hoping not to pay that much for them.

Cheers in advance.
Trading Feedback Thread
Traded With: Northwind
Role: Buyer
Rating: Very very good
Comments- He gave me an absolute fantastic price for a few items, told me exactly when would items would be posted, items exactly as described.
N-Strike Rayven CS18 Firefly Mags
I have recently started playing at night with Glowberrys , 3 Elite Firefly Mags and 2 Classic N-Strike Rayven Mags. Now the Elite Mags produce brighter darts than the Classic Mags. Since moving to IMRs I have several trustfires doing nothing. So my question is aimed to the engineers among you.

Do you think using trustfire cells in the Classic Mags would produce brighter LEDs without ultimately frying anything? Trustfire cells are designed for LED/Torch use anyway.
Elite blue Longshot listed on TRU
Thanks to Heavystarch and Rob SBNC, plus Marcus, here is the listing .

Image from TRU website.

Note initial reports say it's exactly the same as the other ones, so probably still munches the included Elite darts and has the awesome killing power of the old LSFG too.
The other weird thing is that Elite blue is supposed to b ...
WTB Elite front loaders.

I am looking to buy some Elite, Rebelle or ZS frontloaders. I am preparing for my sons birthday party. Its way off yet, but was trying to build a loan arsenal before then. Experience has shown CS blasters do not work for younger children as I can only help one person at a time!

Elite Spectres, Strongarms and Roughcuts are ideal. I need some Guardian Crossbows for the girls who attend.

Hammershot and Sweet Revenges are ok, but I think some may struggle to prime them.

Any help wit ...
I know modulus isn't that exciting...
But that's it starting to hit stores- Argos have the misison kits in stock and collectable in my locals, toys r us seem to be good to go too and has the blaster as well. I lose track of what else is in the 1st september launch... But just in case anyone just cannot wait  Wink

Might actually buy a stealth kit! But not a 60 stryfe.
Looking for someone to do some comissioned guns
Hey guys, I work on the NFC Ring project, we did a Nerf gun before but it visually sucked.

What makes our solution kinda cool is that you need to be wearing one of our rings to fire the Nerf gun..  Without the correct ring nothing happens when you pull the trigger..

Anyways we're looking for some artists / hackers that we can work with to create a few comissioned pieces..

I think the easiest way to do it is for us to hack the gun so it behaves how we want then we ship it on over fo ...
WTB - Sledgefire shells
Hi all,

Looking to buy sledgefire shells. Drop me a PM if you would like to sell some.

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