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Nerf War Bedfordshire
AEG Mechanism Question
Things that people would like to see in future blasters.
Tactical Beverage/Snack Storage
Bargain Hunting
Lightnin' Blitz for sale
[MO] Koosh Darts
cheap darts
Uphill war june 14th 2014 Rules to tag changed
What could you do with this?
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a nerf forum for british nerfers.
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Nerf War Bedfordshire
Ok just an update we now have a date it is going to be on the Sunday 25th May, start at 10..00 am, is going to be at rowney warren wood bedfordshire, lovely woodland, lot of cover etc, there is burger van there and a shop down the road. Have added to location to map.
AEG Mechanism Question
Once again I blame Marcus and Britnerfmogul for something...
So here is my question. Given that I have access to a tonne of Airsoft stuff would it be feasible to combine a quality metal gearbox from an AEG replica with the case and bolt of a stampede, factoring in a stoopid power spring and a sealed breech of some kind, maybe a CPVC one. I ask as redundancy looms after this summer and I fancy something ridiculous for over Xmas to do.
It's that or build a quad Rapidstrike turret...
Things that people would like to see in future blasters.

Topic Split

Things were getting silly, once again Mogul and his obsession with bananas sent the thread off topic.

For the derailed discussion about tactical snacking, click here.


Lightnin' Blitz for sale
for sale!

Bought it for modding but have since lost interest and moved onto other projects, so it makes sense to pass it into the hands of someone who will actually do something with it! Completely untouched.

No darts unfortunately, and the pump action is a bit hit and miss.

Sensible offers to rps21 at le dot ac dot uk or PM me here.

Located in Wolverhampton and Leicester if anyone wants to pick up, otherwise should ...
Bargain Hunting
Oh Yeah- 2 Rapidstrikes off eBay, £22 posted. One missing battery tray and mag, making it perfect for a 180 beast. Expect to see some more RS mods from me next month then!
[MO] Koosh Darts
Right, I've got a quote of 10p/dart for blue Koosh darts supplied to me (personally me, not BSUK me). I'm happy to sell them on as a UK reseller if people are interested. No MOQ but postage would start at £3.20 for Royal Mail First Class.

Anyone going to bite? If I get firm interest for more than 500, I'll go ahead and order a metric crap tonne (i.e. 1000+). Dispatch would be late next week (woo! business shipping contacts!).
What could you do with this?
In my one year of owning a 3D printer, Iíve done tons of items that helped me a lot in many ways like replacement parts for a broken stuffs, gifts for holidays & birthdays, toys, miniatures and so on. You can actually create anything you want with 3D printer as long as you have enough resources of the materials. Right now Iím experimenting on a new filament material I ordered from, a Taulman Bridge Filament 1.75 Nylon. Iím wondering if I can ma ...
nearly new 6 Dart clip WTS
i have a 6 dart clip that came with my stryfe two weeks old only used it twice indoors . will accept offers †(include postage in offer )
The FPS Bragging thread!
Franticblue's Octoshot just got the highest springer shots so far, with a 145FPS average, with 2 173's and a 175. Thats pretty awesome IMO, no wonder Mrs Frantic was not too happy when his kids shot her with it! Full figures are Here
Tactical Beverage/Snack Storage
its simple , get one of the belt ammo boxes and fit it on the side...could work.
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