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MP SNAP 2.0 writeup

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MP SNAP 2.0 writeup
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A better version of the MP SNAP that I made awhile back. It doesnt take very many materials, or alot of time to make.

Theres alot of room for customization.


Write mode commencing

Materials needed
1.5" PVC
1.25" PVC
1" PVC
3/4" PVC
1/2" PVC
Adhesive of choice (I usd Gorilla Glue)
Metal L Bracket or something else that could be a trigger
O-ring (not sure which #) it should fit around 1" PVC snugly
1/2" PVC endcap
1/2" PVC T-joint
Various screws
spring of choice (make sure it fits around 1/2" PVc, I used an ACE# 49 *not pictured)

Can be achieved by a dremel, a drill, and a hacksaw

Begin with 16.5 inches of 1/5" PVC
and cut a 1.1x6" rectangle aproximatley 5.75 inches away from the front of the blaster

Then drill a hole 2.8 inches on the bottom of the 1.5"PVC on the backside, also make an indentation 2" away from the back

Here comes the plunger/piston assembly

the main part is 8.65" of 1" PVC, put the o-ring towards the front as pictured and I just glued it on (It stayed even when dry firing with no lube)

next cut a .5x.75 hole 1.25" away from the back

now fit 5.5' of 1/2' PVC into to .5" of 3/4" PVC and ut it so that the 3/4' is flush with the end of the 1/2" PVC and fits in flush with the 1" PVC also drill a holw for your choice screw and counterbore it so the screw is flush with the plunger, I just attacked with the drill bit piece of my dremel

Now dremel down the area before the slot so it makes a ramp
Onto the handle

I used 3/4" PVC for the part that you hold, it uses your basic clothespin trigger setup I used a section of 1.5" PVC for the top piece
heres some detail shots

Attach your handle to the back ofthe 1.5" PVC like so

Now we need a bushing at the back of the blaster, you could buy a 1.5" to .5" PVC bushing but I didnt feel like doing that so I used 1.25" with 1' inside, with 3/4"Pvc inside of each other

Make sure its not longer than .75"

Dremel out  about .5" of the back of the 1.5"PVC so it will let the 1.25" fit inside snugly (mine wouldnt fit)

Place the homemade bushing in the back (a little stuck out)and drill a hole for the choice size screw on both sides

Make sure that the screws for the bushing dont extend past where the 3/4" PVC is, otherwise it will block the plunger spring guide

Get your T-joint and cut the bottom off

Place it 1.85" away from the back of the plunger which should be inserted into the 1.5" PVC
and drill two hole on both sides of the t-joint

Make sure that the screws that you use for the t-joint have screw heads that extrude to the same thickness of the 1.5' PVC that way the priming handle wont go to far forward or backwards

Put a 1/2" PVC handle on there

heres a homemade bushing I made for the front end of the 1.5" PVC, its 1"PNC wrapped in electrical tape with an O-ring. This will allow me to fit n 1/2' PVC couplers, wyes, and other attachments

Theres a brand new MP SNAP for ya.
Here are the ranges with an ACE #49 spring
So an average of 95'

Lets settle this like two gentlemen, armed with giant sticks
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Very nice! This is an excellent write-up and an excellent addition to our site! I like how clean you made it.

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