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FDT 16 war report

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FDT 16 war report
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Well another great night through at transgression park with the Foam Dart Thunder team, and although I get a kick out of reffing this time I wasn't required so it was Game On ! 😆

With it being the school hols up here there was a bit of a change round in player demographics, I'd guess around a third of the players were at the skatepark for the first time,which is cool getting more new players.
The rest being the hardcore regulars😎

First up was Lockdown, my favourite game and although there was no clear winner the game went on for a good while with loads of too and fro action.

Next up was the return of Engineer, with a questionable win for the non bibs ( i was in the bibs team😉) then a second round with no winners. This is a hard game, but the rule tweaks are keeping it fun.
I ended up with the riot sheild for a good bit of this game, it didn't help i still got tagged loads.

HvZ was next, after a hilarious false start as the humans completely lost it when the zombies went into position 😂 having the humans start off in the low grounnd surrounded by the zombies is working well on this one. Managed an epic tag with the wrist mounted spidey blaster thing, to stun out one zombie, the lad was totaly amazed by it.

And last up, Free 4 all, which is always a fun way to spend the last few minutes.

Blaster choice this week;
Got my lawbringer back as Id been loaning it out a bit recently,
The cycloneshock spam cannon saw service in the first game too.

Then i swapped it out for the OMW Flipfury on that back sling I'd rigged up. Absolutely no issues with the orange mod works kit so far. In fact im pretty impressed, the flipfury makes another good skatepark blaster.

The wrist blaster was great fun, not hugely practical, but that wasn't the point.

My daughter passed up her modded cycloneshock in favour of a stock messenger she'd just got 😯
In fairness it works really well, pretty punchy straight out the box, quick and easy reloads and absolutely great for running about with.

Her mates were using;
Guardian crossbow
And the 4 victory

Near enough 60 players again last night, an increased dart pool with lots of lovely gen 3 yellow koosh darts.

Thanks again to all the players and organising team, cant wait to head way out west to the other venue at Zone 74 next month, rumour has it that Mr FDT himself may be making a foray onto the field of battle as player rather than with the role of head ref for protection, I wonder if anyone will tell all the kids theres a bounty on him 😈

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Yeah was another fun night and a slightly different crowd with new players and quite a few wee ones as well. I was on full ref duty last night and was on the other side of park when the engineer win was called so nothing to do with me Very Happy but it looked ok from where I was. Lock-down was very back and forth as huge sections of each team seemed to hand about at there own base and not venture out into the battle much so make a win difficult. At the side I was watching it was down to lots of the new players being cautious, I did try and encourage them to get in amongst the battle but they just sat in the corner firing off random shots at anyone who came near. The non bibs did mount quite an offensive to try and take them out but they were to tightly packed and could just Hi five each other straight back into play and carry on. The false start to HVZ was hilarious, Mr FDT was briefing the zombies and I was trying to keep all the humans in the start zone and when zombies ran off to get in position the crowd of 53 humans completely spooked and all just ran off screaming 😱 Very Happy took a few mins to round them all up and start again.
As I was on ref duty I didn't get to try out my double cut-down lawbringer but I'm going to bring it along to Grim Up Nerf next week and debut it in play to see how it goes, as usual I was packing my signature judge Dredd Lawgiver Retaliator and managed a couple of cheeky hits during the free for all but this time in my new Blastersmiths drop leg holster, love it. My son was playing and favoured the buzzbee ultra tek sentinel, he was running it with a double 18 flip clip and his cut down beefed up nitefinder as back up, this seems to be his new favourite combo and I must say from what I saw the sentinel performed pretty well in stock form and the flip clip works not too bad in the skatepark as you can top up the bottom clip on the fly as you play.

Looking forward to Grim Up Nerf next week and meeting everyone, two wars in two weeks, not bad going Smile

I'm here to fling foam and chew gum and I'm all out of gum.


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Cheers guys, yes we had a few challenges last night! We'll change the respawn point for Engineer and next time I tell the Zombies to get into starting positions I'll ask them to walk so as not to spook the humans into some state of mass panic. I did get a great video from above of the humans scattering like rats when the start hooter blasted Smile

BigAl will be stepping up to run the next event at Zone 74 so yes I will for the first time in 3.5 years be entering the fray for the whole evening. I'll probably go with my stock RS and will need to think about a secondary. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to taking part in my first ever war!

There will be no bounty - most of the kids at this new skate park won't know me anyway Wink
Got a feeling I might be on the opposite team from Rab tho.....


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