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K'nex K Force K-5 "Phantom" Blaster (image heavy)

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K'nex K Force K-5 "Phantom" Blaster (image heavy)
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Post K'nex K Force K-5 "Phantom" Blaster (image heavy)  Reply with quote
Hey guys, I bought another blaster to review.
But why do a Nerf one hundreds of others will get their hands on when I can bring you this:

The K Force K-5 Phantom, which at first glance appears to be K'nex' answer to the Jolt. And a pricey one at that, considering it cost me 10 pounds.
But before we judge it too much, let's take a look at the blaster:

Ok, just kidding. Here's what you really get for your money:

That's a bag of bits,

Their “Quick Fit Grip”

2 wacky looking K'nex darts that I'll be testing at the next Grim up Nerf

And the “Blaster Chamber” you saw above.
But what I said before wasn't all joking. The Blaster Chamber is the only functional part of the blaster.

It chambers the darts. It contains the spring. The K'nex compatible priming rod is built in, allowing for almost 2 inches of prime. And it even has this little button on the back to release the catch:

Oh and there's this 4-pronged AR in the barrel because they wanted to copy Nerf's 3-pronged design but not too closely:

So is that it? Is this just another overpriced inline Jolt clone? No.

As the countless companies selling alternate priming handles and tactical rail attachments should have told you, functionality isn't everything.
In terms of ergonomics, the K-5's blaster chamber is atrocious but that's where the other parts come in.

This rubber nub provides a smooth yet grippy endpoint for the blaster's DIY trigger assembly:

Their “Preload Ring” makes priming the thing so much easier:

And, of course, the grip is almost mandatory if you want to be able to hold the blaster comfortably and aim it accurately.
With all the extra bits and pieces included in the set, this is what they expect you to build:

So I did just that and took it outside to test.

Despite nearly every part being rather uncomfortable on its own, I found they came together nicely and the grip fit my hand surprisingly well. My only complaint would be that the default trigger setup is not intended for those with an adult sports-player's grip strength. Too much force and the pieces start to bend precariously where they join.

Performance-wise, I was neither impressed nor disappointed. With a wide array of Nerf calibre foam in a wide array of conditions, every dart that chambered got between 45 and 55 foot when fired flat from my shoulder height of 4'9”. Only the cross-headed Zuru X-Shot darts were unable to engage the AR.
The consistency and accuracy was admirable and I'm sure it could meet the 75ft/22m range claims if angled but it's still not doing anything too exciting as is.

And its size, rather than being Jolt-like, is just a tad under that of a strongarm.

The true beauty of the K Force line, however, is not found in the pre-designed blaster. Yes, there is something to be said for the enjoyability of basic DIY, but the most exciting part of all this is that it's 100% compatible with other K'nex sets.

Want to give this blaster a pump action prime? You can.
Stick in batteries so it re-primes itself? You can.
Link 3 blasters to 1 trigger? You'd only have to buy another 2.
Attach a completely unnecessary ferris wheel bigger than the blaster? You'd be insane but you could do it.

Is everything you get in this kit worth a tenner? Probably not. But the possibilities? Those just might be.

Hope you found this review both enjoyable and informative. If you'd like to see me reviwing something else, why not check out my hot food review blog at

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