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Bomb Run

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Bomb Run
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Name: Bomb Run

Outline: Each team aims to get their coloured bomb (football for Uruk hai style bombing) into the other teams base (coloured Trug) In 3+ team mode you are aiming to take out other teams bases without yours being destroyed.

Number of teams:2+

Size of teams: Equal- 10 max unless your space is massive!

Objective: Get your bomb in an enemy base without your base being destroyed.

Respawn points: Both teams respawn points should be away from each other and as far from their bases as possible. Multi player games require careful spawn planning.

Winning: In 2 team mode if you bomb the enemy base, your team wins. In multi faction mode then the first team to get a base bombed is eliminated (their players may keep playing, but cannot bomb and may not form alliances,) until one team is left or has bombed everyone else out of existence without their base being hit.

Time limit: none

Equipment needed: Coloured Trugs or buckets, matching cheap footballs, team markers/ID.

Special rules/variations: You may throw the bomb, but it must land cleanly in the Trug without knocking it over or bouncing out. If you are tagged whilst carrying the bomb you may hand it on to another player immediately or take it back to the spawn point. Bombs which miss the Trug (impacted on the surface!) get returned to the owning teams base, they may not be picked up. ANY bomb landing on the floor is destroyed and goes back to base. NO ALLIANCES allowed in faction mode!

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