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"Cover Me!" HvZ survival

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"Cover Me!" HvZ survival
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Ok, not dissimilar to the BUZAN Horde game, but potentially suited to groups with fewer blasters/less ammo available, or for groups who really want to drag out game times.

A small group of humans are defending a fortified position awaiting rescue from the Zombies, who are attacking the position because they're hungry for brains! Every shot counts.

Small number of humans (1-4, depending on total numbers)
Everyone else is a zombie (at least 1:4 H:Z ratio). Zombie speed is determined by game map size (slower for smaller maps)

Humans try to survive until the rescue party arrives. Zombies want to eat brains!

Humans start with loads of blasters but limited ammo. Suggest one full mag per blaster/full capacity load for non-mag blasters and some extra empty mags. Alternatively have a big dump bag with a load of ammo and the humans have to start with unloaded weapons (how fast can you load a Havok belt?!)

Humans can leave the fortified area to gather spent darts to enable reloading. Make sure the fortified area has easy to enter/exit doorways/gateways to avoid climbing over unstable barricades (H&S first). Humans can take it in turns to do ammo runs and reloading mags/blasters, or you can nominate designated runners (ideal for groups with energetic kids), but only one person can scavenge at a time. Scavengers can take a loaded blaster with them, but no spare ammo - though they can reload with what they scavenge; if they have time.

Humans are turned when touched by a zombie (have infected humans head to zombie respawn point, rather than instant turn, because lets face it, the remaining humans would kill the infected person and burn/decapitate the body before it could turn)

Zombies return to respawn point when hit, and if the game map is small, have to wait for set period of time before re-entering.

Humans will want to kill lots of zombies at once to create "dead time" where they can scavenge for ammo and reload. Humans need to work together to conserve ammo and provide covering fire for scavengers.
Zombies will want to create a steady stream of attackers rather than one big horde, to limit humans being able to scavenge ammo

Ammo types (optional):
* Standard darts force zombie respawn
* Mega darts force longer respawn times (adjust respawn time based on map size). Mega darts may/may not be scavenged, depending on proportion of mega darts to standard darts
* Missiles kill zombies and remove them from the horde. Missiles cannot be scavenged.
(Feel free to treat mega darts like missiles if you only have a couple)

Time limit & winning:
The zombies win when all humans are turned. The humans need to survive long enough for the rescue team to evacuate them. Suggested 15 min, but can be shorter/longer depending on number of players and how quickly they get bored of being a zombie.


"That's it, man. Game over, man. Game over!"
No time limit, humans just have to survive as long as possible. Record times for each human group, and crown the victors. Well, crown their bloodied, half-eaten remains.

"Kill Them, Kill Them All!"
Have no time limit, but let missiles (or mega dart missile alternatives) be scavenged. Humans can win if they can survive long enough to kill all the zombies (only have a handful of "killing" ammunition available to start with).

"Supply Drop"
Have a box full of loaded mags/extra loaded blasters, extra darts far out into zombie territory. Humans can survive longer if they can get this box back to base. Either have it so it can't be opened until back inside the base, or the scavenger has to use some of the contents to make it back alive! Alternatively, have a loaded heavy weapon like a Rhino Fire in the box (can't be used until back in the base)

"They're Almost On Us!"
Have specific marker points on the map. If zombies make it past that marker, when shot they can respawn from that marker, rather than the starting respawn point. Turned humans respawn from the marker closest to where they were infected.

"They're Comin' Outta The Goddamn Walls!"
Rather than have the fortified area at one end of the map, have it in the middle, so zombies can attack from all sides. To respawn a zombie just needs to head to the edge of the map (and wait any allotted time), before re-entering wherever they feel like it. Combine with "They're Almost On Us!" respawn system (above) to make it feel like a proper zombie apocalypse!

"What's That Coming Over The Hill?"
Introduce the occasional monster that doesn't respawn, but has to be hit a certain number of times to be killed until they die from it. Or have it so it can only be killed with mega darts/missiles. Whaddaya mean we're out of mega darts? Go scavenge some quick! Feel free to arm the monster (heavily) so that hits from the monster turn humans into zombies too, forcing them to keep their head down while the zombie horde advances (zombie tactics!)

EDIT: Humans need to be careful of shooting teammates who are scavenging. Any human hit by friendly fire will be classed as killed, and will spawn as another zombie. They will need to drop all blasters and ammo where they fall, and this can be scavenged by another player (every cloud has a silver lining, eh?)

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