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Speed Infection (Humans Vs Zombies)

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Speed Infection (Humans Vs Zombies)
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All credit goes to Boff and BUZAN for this one!

Name: Speed Infection (Humans Vs Zombies)

Outline: Humans are being hunted. Zombies want to eat their brainssssss

Number of teams: 2

Size of teams: Zombies start with 1 or 2 Original Zombies. Everyone else is human

Objective: Zombie must touch a human to turn them into one of the horde

Respawn points: Tagged zombies are stunned for an agreed amount of time. Tagged humans become Zombies

Winning: Zombies win when all humans become zombies. Humans never win Smile

Time limit: 10/15 minutes depending on venue size

Equipment needed:

Special rules/variations:
Different zombie types - noodler zombie (pool noodles for arms, can tag 1 human per arm), spitter (carries a small supply of sock grenades that turn humans into zombies), juggernaut zombies (only stunned by mega darts)
Consider limiting blasters to front loader/pistols only

GuN Note: 5 seconds stun, 5 second immunity is pretty much perfect.

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Suggested human to OZ ratio is 5:1 for larger spaces, 8:1 for more enclosed spaces. Wink

Full fire power is fine, just chuck either a couple of stealth zombies in there or have your zombies to co-ordinate and decapitate any human leadership that emerges.

Humans, you win by coming out with a good story or having the longest survival time.

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If you do not mind I would like to throw in a crazy suggestion here for changing the standard dynamic in a HvZ game.

Buy 6 or 7 cheap traditional stop watches with a countdown beeper and then use boxes or some old socks (clean) to put them into. Basically to stop any player from seeing the screen on the stopwatch.

Set one or maybe two of these stop watches to beep say at 7mins or 12 mins into a 15 min HvZ  game. When the beeper goes off that player is now a zombie and they will then place their blaster on the floor. Now they can tag the Humans!

Finally hand out all stop watches and then explain:
That this group of survivors (ones with stop watches) arrived from a different camp recently and they all say that they are clean. But they have been keeping themselves carefully covered up and do not like to talk to much about their time before arriving! Then leave it at that.
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Maybe the humans could win if the time limit expires? Or am I being over optimistic here?

The concequence of buying all the big blasters is that your room starts to seem a lot smaller than before.
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Zombies always win.

The glory is in being the last human to survive.

We rewarded that individual this afternoon by making them the first zombie in the next game Smile

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