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Festive Spirit

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Festive Spirit
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The Dark Kitten
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Post Festive Spirit  Reply with quote
To start. I hate xmas. The buildup is hell and the event never meant anything to me.
BUT....this year all has changed.

I welcome the criticism but all in all want to hear how everyone else's Xmases is planned out and the general take on the event.


EDIT- By the way that's Jeremy Corbyn if you haven't realised

ZHoM founder. Cat Overlord
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Honestly, I have mixed feelings towards it. I do love giving presents to other people and making them happy (weirdly not the other way around), and I love the family getting together...

...but the advertising by brands and normal blokes alike is HORRIBLE - prices ramp up anf they pressure you into getting their stuff for you or for others.

I mean, to put this in a nerfing perspective, if you go to ebay for example and look at the used Nerf guns being sold, how many times have you come across, capital letters and all, tags next to the title saying "PERFECT CHRISTMAS PRESENT" or "XMAS BARGAIN"?

It's important to remember that Christmas, at heart, isn't consumerism, you know?

The concequence of buying all the big blasters is that your room starts to seem a lot smaller than before.
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No it's not..  It's a Christmas tree..

Like time with my little family,  hate having to spend time with extended family..  And having to travel to do it..  Bah Humbug. [/url]

If there was any other way of doing this without being the biggest damn hero you have ever met..  I'd still do this.
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I love it!

The build up, xmas eve then xmas day!

Even more fun once you have kids, we usually have the family round for a big feed, chance for a few beers with my old man.

As someone thats had to work too many christmas days in the past and been stuck away from home over the festive period,
my advice is appreciate them, who knows what's round the corner.

Crrrick Crrrick    BOOOMFF !!!
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I love Christmas! Its  a great time for reunions and bonding with friends and relatives you haven't been with for so long.

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I've always liked Christmas, but having spent years working in retail, it started to become a bit of a non-event for me. You'd work Christmas eve, close the store early, and then spend the next few hours taking down all the Christmas decorations, and putting up all the adverts for your boxing day sale. Then, after having one day off to relax, you'd be back in boxing day morning to face all the customers who can't read the "up to" part of the "up to 50% off sale!" and start getting angry that we weren't selling all our expensive stuff for half price.

Thankfully I got out of that a few years ago, but have still always worked over the Christmas period. Last year was the first year in over a decade that I had the full 2 weeks off, and I didn't know what to do with myself!

I've made plans for the 25th and 26th, and also for NYE this year, but other than that I'm keeping the diary free and open rather than trying to squeeze in seeing every friend and relative. If people want to spend time with me, they know where I am! I've also got a few craft projects, both Nerf and other stuff, to poke around with over the holiday. Because these projects aren't going to finish themselves, right?
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I also dislike Christmas. It's so overdone and boring now, every Christmas is the same (apart from how you are a year older each time). The prices spike and all those horrific Christmas songs start playing (one of the reasons why I prefer classical music). At Christmas, you have to see people and spent time with them, much to my dismay being 13. At school, you just hear about the meaning of Christmas every day, over and over, despite over half the school being atheist.

OldNoob wrote:

Even I own 4 mega blasters. Just remember every time you rebarrel one a unicorn dies. Fact.
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