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XCORTECH X3200 Chronograph

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XCORTECH X3200 Chronograph
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UK Foam
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Greetings Nerf community,

This is my first review, so please do let me know if I'm shooting in the right direction. I was fortunate enough to receive an XCORTECH X3200 chronograph from the lady for Christmas and thought I'd share my first impressions with the other nerfoholics. I'd actually been looking at purchasing a chronograph for a while and intended to use for personal use and for other nerfers to take advantage of at Bristol Blast games. I intend to build some kind of vending machine style chronograph box for Bristol Blast players to come and go as they please testing there blasters velocity.

This little chronograph is 4.5 cm x 9.5cm x 11 cm + 3.5cm longer with the muzzle piece screwed on. Upon turning the chronograph on you are instantly greeted by the velocity testing screen; however, using the directional buttons you can adjust the following: back-light, units, auto switch of time and memory. In terms of its accuracy a stock strongarm reads 65.5-72 fps and a stock firestrike around 72 fps, which concurs with more expensive chronograph data. The X3200 reads to one decimal place and will not register if a projectile does pass through both light gates. I am under the impression that the chronograph reads the fps using light gates and the old distance x time = speed equation.

The metallic muzzle piece that threads into the X3200 sheaths beautifullly over barrel attachment points making such blasters easy to test. Blasters without the barrel attachment points require a little more precise aiming. The units section allows you to convert between m/s and fps, as well as recording RPM (round per minutes) and RPS (rounds per second). My 130 pusher Rapistrike had a RPS of 7.14.

The diameter of the light gate hole is 2.75cm; therefore, elites will pass through with ease provided they are fired through perfectly perpendicular to the light gates; however, the rival balls are too large to pass reliabley through and mega darts are some what finicky to get reliable data from.

Final thoughts
What a great little chronograph for personal use at the price point of 50. You can pick these up for amazon or ebay. Go and get one they're awesome!

I have a YouTube Channel

The Bristol Blast Facebook Page

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It's a nice wee thing- I had my doubts about accuracy but I a/b'd mine with my shooting chrony and it's very consistent at least (accurate, who knows? But it gives results in the ballparks you'd expect...). And untemperamental about indoor light, dart colour etc, which is nice.

Pro tip- get an nstrike barrel attachment ring, I took one off a recon barrel, and stick it to the aperture so you can barrel mount it- takes away the hassle of aiming carefully and a bit better than just sleeving it on. If I could be bothered, I could make this so that you could use it while playing, if you wanted to do that for some reason Laughing

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Ummm I think I may get one of these if they are good.

Bristol Blast Games Master
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Nice review! I'm tempted. I prefer stuff that's smaller and easier to store...

I've heard that these types of Chrono are tougher to use with Nerf blasters, though. Any words from people with more know how about Chronos than me?

Youtube buffoonery to brighten your day. #hasbrowishtheythoughtofthat
Also, check out Grim Up Nerf's channel!
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If you want to get more into it, I'd say go for one of the more "industry standard" ones. If nothing else, people look down on these little units, there's a lot of baseless criticism out there. And it is more limited in use (don't underestimate how much of a pain aiming through it can be; with some blasters it's pretty fiddly, I wanted to test some raiders and I screwed up about as much as I succeeded- I considered any contact with the crono to spoil the shot since it could slow the dart.

But at the price, and with the convenience, they're really quite nifty. I'm passing mine on to FDT but I'll miss it for quick tests etc, I don't have space to keep the big chrony set up and though it's better at the job, it's more hassle in general. Just be sure you're getting what you want, I think.

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