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[Info-Grab] Modding- What Got You Into It?

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[Info-Grab] Modding- What Got You Into It?
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Starfalcon Tactical
Junior Member

Joined: 13 Mar 2016
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Post [Info-Grab] Modding- What Got You Into It?  Reply with quote
So If you're reading this I am presuming that you are involved in some way in the modification of Nerf balsters.

Quite simply... I am interested in how people have got involved in the Nerf community. This is mainly out of curiosity but also to inspire the next generation of nerfers through the means collected here.

For anyone curious about my personal experience...
In my mind I like to understand things and how they function after doing CDT in high school for a few years. Having been involved in Nerf by just buying the products stock. The next step was, in my mind, to see how Nerf blasters worked. I then became interested in modding in the middle of 2015. After attempting a mod myself with a marginal degree of sucess. I turned to the internet for help and found a few modification channels and this forum with its thriving community. I remained inactive on here for a while while I attempted more mods with even more sucess. And here I am now...
I am open to any questions about this.

Feel free to reply with your opinions and if you like reply with your experience.

Keep calm, Nerf on - Starfalcon Tactical
Instagram: Starfalcon_tactical

"Life's not short so you've got plenty of time to kill"
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Foam Data Collector

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Post Reply with quote

Putting my mod hat on- This is a question it doesn't belong in modifications. Moved it.

Big_Poppa_Nerf wrote:

Boff whats the damage? I have spent over 3 times my Nerf budget this month already. Part of me is trying to be a responsible parent/husband/house owner. The other half is just says 'Ahhhh, Screw it!'.
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The Dark Kitten
Game Organiser

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Post Reply with quote
You know I run wars but I also am often called upon  in discord for retaliator help mainly for pump action mods.
I got into Nerf from a birthday gift at aged 7 which was a weird ball shooter and a tek6. I then for my party ran a small inter friends war with said blasters. I saw how easily I was outperformed so bought a maverick and 2 jolts. This was the very start of my nerfing career. One mate was outting 1p's into the back of his maverick to boost performance. This nudged me to do the same as i believed I would outright win with  "modded" blaster. This at that time wasn't seen as modding it was meerly upgrading or better seen as cheating by other players.

Slowly I grew up and Nstrike was taken over by elite until the stryfe turned up. By then I had me mates and was in year 8. One mate was a big modder and all into taking out ARs and locks. This was the spark for me as it was not adding spacers but instead learning how it all works to I can properly modify. So one thing lead to another and i stumbled onto ONs YouTube, where begun my questioning. Amyway he directed me here. Now as smart child i was sceptical about joining. I broused it sites hoping to find UK wars. This lead me to the Britnerf facebook where i enquired about Leeds Hvz events. Again i was directed here. I took the bait made an account and as they say the rest is history.

History lesson from Kitten

ZHoM founder. Cat Overlord
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Game Organiser

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I'd wanted a blaster in the office for a while, but at the time, worked somewhere where people were always on the phone and was tiny. A job change put me in a huge office, so I started picking blasters up.

I got into modding by wanting a bit more performance out of things, spring mods, ar removal...

I only got into the electrical modding more recently, OldNoob did a huge demolisher mod for me, but I still had to solder the battery connector. It snowballed from there, and despite me being registered blind, I've done a rapidpistol, mega magnus clip mod, and a tri-hellcat rapidstrike with modular cages and mosfet...

And then of course theres multiple paint jobs done as well...

WolfPack Leeds - New Nerf combat in Leeds -
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Senior Member

Joined: 16 Oct 2016
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I get obsessive with stuff.
Last few years,  between reading,  I've been playing stupid pay to win tablet games and wasting my time and money.  
Whilst I was doing this the missus,  who was then the girlfriend,  was getting into crafty stuff and creating beautiful amazing things (for our wedding) and indicated pretty strongly I needed a 'hobby'.  
We got married and when I came back from honeymoon (then a week stay in hospital) my 'obsession pallette'  was cleansed.
Decided the next one was going to be something more constructive where I could work with my hands whilst engaging my brain.
Always,  always liked Nerf guns (they featured very heavily at our wedding as we'd put aside a big function room for the 20 kids to have a running Nerf battle) and this presented itself to me as something I could sink my teeth into.
My late dad was an Electronic Engineer (amongst a great many other things) and I've been lucky enough to inherit a portion of his logical thinking.
He would have of found Nerf guns silly (he was Royal Signals and a pretty serious guy)  but I know he would of loved to see me getting into the construction of electrical circuits and the skills associated.
So when I landed here I decided on going straight for electrical modding with a bit of springer stuff mixed in and decided on Project Ambition to give myself a big project that would take up a large amount of my time whilst forcing me to learn.
In that respect I want to thank everyone on here that has helped me thus far.  
You are being a massive support and taught me a metric sh*t tonne which is for me, the most enjoyable aspect. Don't get me wrong..  The sense of accomplishment is great,  but once there's nothing else to learn I'll move onto something else..  Fortunately I think I've chosen a fantastic hobby with so many different aspects that I barely feel I've scratched the surface and a fantastic community to match!

Soooo..  That was a bit more than I intended.  Apologies for the life story and thanks again!

If there was any other way of doing this without being the biggest damn hero you have ever met..  I'd still do this.
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Game Organiser

Joined: 02 Jan 2015
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Location: Yorkshire

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I played Nerf a couple of times with friends, bought a Jolt and modded because I wanted it to shoot further than stock.

I found the forum whilst looking for advice on modding other blasters. Then started doing electrical stuff shortly after. I'm not a brilliant modder by any means, but I enjoy learning about stuff, learning how to do new things and being able to apply it to something ^_^

Youtube buffoonery to brighten your day. #hasbrowishtheythoughtofthat
Also, check out Grim Up Nerf's channel!

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Junior Member

Joined: 11 Sep 2016
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My first blaster (or blasters) was the dart tag two player set. That was probably around 10 years ago.I grew up, a thing i can't reccomend and lost interest. Randomly, last year i found Coop772s channel and began to watch his videos. At that time i was on "efterskole" which means i took a year of studying before college. I showed it to my friends and we got into nerfing. First new blaster i bought was a stryfe, but at the time i couldn't solder. At first i only had youtube, but then i found this awesome forum on google, and joined around July. I was pretty sad at that time, due to a bad breakup, and modding became my way to just focus on one thing.  Now i have 30 blasters, and modding whenever i have time. Im also hosting what i belive will be the first major war in Denmark i a couple of weeks. I love this forum and its amazing members, and i really hope i can to to England for a war sometime soon.

Wait, vikings didn't have flywheel?
Founder of RNK
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Nerf Addict

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TBH I'm an inveterate modder so once I got a Nerf blaster it was pretty inevitable I was going to start tweaking. (I posted a pic of me with my EAT on facebook and instantly a bunch of my old motorbike guys asked "Have you modified it yet" Smile ) For me it's the main appeal... Other stuff i like to mod, cars and motorbikes and computers and buildings and bike trails, are expensive or take up a lot of space or hard physical graft, they've all got big practicality issues...

So a lightweight, cheap thing with great aftermarket support and community that I can work on in the kitchen and not get too tired or dirty, and then test myself, that's a perfect storm. I can do performance stuff, cosmetic stuff, sometimes come up with new stuff, nerd out and do pure testing stuff, it's ace. And sometimes I even shoot people. Sometimes it seems expensive, and then I go and buy £300 worth of carbon fibre wheel rims for my race bike or something or a bunch of titanium bolts, or I remember having to schlep over to Youngs to get yet another dyno run done to find out if my new carb mains were right, or whatever... And it's good.

I got the blaster at christmas- we'd not had a fun run up to it tbh so I got everyone in my family a firestrike or pink crush, a load of darts... And an EAT and an OMW kit for me, of course. There was nobody at the christmas dinner under 35 and the oldest was 75, it was absolute carnage  Laughing  Darts in the custard...

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Post Reply with quote
My son requested a blaster for his 8th birthday 6 years ago and I had no idea about Nerf at the time other than seeing them in the shops. Picked him up a barrel break, he loved it and so did I. Christmas next so we got Mavericks an Alpha Trooper and Longshot, we were both hooked. We had just about every blaster going and were having huge wars at home with his friends and then we decided to hold a big war for his 10th Birthday and I wanted to have a better blaster than all the 10yr olds so I then discovered modding on Youtube and been doing it ever since. Used to lurk about on here looking at mods and stuff before joining up properly a couple of years ago its now my main hobby and a bit of a sideline, I do lots of painting. We now as a family attend as many wars as we can and have a load of fun doing so.

I'm here to fling foam and chew gum and I'm all out of gum.


You Tube

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Ok... where do I start.  I'd always wanted to get into Nerf, but no one else seemed interested.  I bought my first blaster last year after buying my sister and her boyfriend a pair of Strongarms as a Christmas present.  I suddenly realised there was a hole in my life that I didn't know was there (hope that makes sense).  It was great fun, and I'm quite angry about the years of fun and modding I've been missing out on.  It was the fun element that got me into Nerf, and then within 2 days of having my blaster, I instantly thought, how can I make it better.  By mid-Feb 2016 I'd upgraded the internals and started on my way (I actually ordered the internals before joining the Forum - my Nerfday is coming up soon too (1 Year anniversary of being a forum member)).  Anyway, getting side-tracked.  My point is, I've been Nerfing less than a year, having never owned or fired a blaster before getting my own.

Since then I have been on a rollercoaster ride... I've learnt how to rewire a RapidStrike with Hellcats, I've learnt how to hydro-dip, upgraded The Kraken many times and am now scared of it, attended my first war and somehow fell in with a band of like-minded nutters and have been organising Bristol Blast since the 2nd war.

I don't think I'd have got as far as I have, as quickly as I have without L11 - so special shout out to my Nerf Brother-in-Arms.  As Boff rightly points out we are like Statler and Waldorf... but that friendly competition and having someone to bounce ideas off of face to face is what pushes me to do better than last time.  

In answer to part of the original question, which I've no idea if my ramblings have answered, around inspiring the next generation... I'm 35 in April, it's not too late for anyone younger or older to get involved in whatever you feel passionate about.  However, if you do come to a well established community, with celebrity experts like OldNoob, and dont listen to their advice... then you are a silly, silly person.

NN113 'The Technician'

My YouToob Channel
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Starfalcon Tactical
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Okay guys, so I have read ALL the posts on this feed so far and it seems like as a geneal agreement that they got into Nerf through relatives, recieving a Nerf gun as a present or buying a Nerf gun as a present.
in conclusion... BUY PEOPLE Nerf GUNS!!!

Just kidding, but in all seriousness it has been fascinating to hear everyone's stories. I have spoken with a few "aquaintences" who had not ever engaged in nerfing and prefer paintball, airsoft etc. and they said that in their eyes there as an "atmosphere around Nerf guns that they were they were great when you were 10"
I showed them some various Nerf youtubers and I wish I had been able to film their reactions. There is a great appeal to this hobby as something unique and really cool.

Thanks everyone for your inputs and feel free to keep posting stories

Keep calm, Nerf on - Starfalcon Tactical
Instagram: Starfalcon_tactical

"Life's not short so you've got plenty of time to kill"
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I'm new to Nerf, and I have to admit the idea of modding doesn't appeal to me (yet).

I'm happy with my stock blasters at the moment.

But I wonder whether it's possible to take part in an organised Nerf War with stock blasters, or whether I would just be totally outgunned by everyone who have modded blasters?
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Game Organiser

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I'd say come to one! Every body on the field contributes and you'd have fun with what you have ^_^

Youtube buffoonery to brighten your day. #hasbrowishtheythoughtofthat
Also, check out Grim Up Nerf's channel!
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Nerf Addict

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Yeah , the wars I go to are 90% stock blasters I'd guess and everyone still seems to have fun.

To go back to original question, ive been proper nerfing just over a year  got into doing some basic mods almost straight away. I love having Nerf wars with the kids and I enjoy modding when they're away to their  beds.

Always worked in a technical industry and i'm used to using tools so pretty straightforward route into modding. Never failed to get support and advice on here whenever ive got a bit stuck.

Crrrick Crrrick † †BOOOMFF !!!
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I got into super soakers first, from going to youth camps every summer. When mine or my friends guns broke i would fix them, so was a logical step once i learned how they worked to try improve them as well. When i got into Nerf a bit later i already understood the desire to make things work as well as I could make them.
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NerfNoob wrote:
I wonder whether it's possible to take part in an organised Nerf War with stock blasters, or whether I would just be totally outgunned by everyone who have modded blasters?

Yes it's definitely possible to take part without being outgunned! I did my first Nerf war earlier this month, and the mix of blasters was massive. While there were some people who are hosing darts everywhere with their modded up Rapidstrikes and Stryfes, there were plenty of people running around with pretty much stock blasters, being just as effective. I noticed that Roughcuts seemed to perform well in the close quarters of hallway warfare.

Remember, as soon as someone dumps their mag from their full auto you've got a couple of seconds before they reload/grab a secondary. Use that time while they've got their head down to sprint towards them: it doesn't matter what your blaster is when you're 5ft away from an unsuspecting player with a full mag!

Nerf wars really are about taking part and having fun. And they're a team sport, so every person on the field counts!

Ok, now I have some more time to type, back to answering the OP. Brace yourself for many, many wordsÖ.

My partner is a keen LARPer and has tried convincing me that I should get involved, but Iíve still got too many reservations about the role-play aspect (Iíd rather be myself than create and play a character). They then introduced me to Futureís End LARP; set in an alternative modern/futuristic universe where players used Nerf blasters. This seemed far more up my street than the perceived standard of medieval-esque fantasy LARP.

While shopping in Asda in the Autumn of 2016 I spotted the Stormtrooper Deluxe blaster, and managed to convince my partner that they should buy it for me (it was heavily discounted); on the premise Iíd look into playing at Futureís End in 2017.

Within hours of having the blaster Iíd got onto YouTube and started to look up review vids for the blaster, which quickly led to mod vids. I decided to have a go at removing some of the locks and AR, after already planning a new paintjob to make it look more military. It was only afterwards that I discovered that you canít use internally modded blasters at FE. Not to worry; I figured Iíd get another blaster for the 2017 FE season.

I bought a Strongarm, then a Mega Centurion because I loved the sniper rifle aesthetic. I bought more Strongarms because they kept going on sale, and I bought a pair of Stryfes because they were cheap. Suddenly my partner and I would find ourselves missioning into town in the evenings to scour Toys R Us and the various supermarkets to see what blasters or accessories were on offer. Only by now I realised that I wasnít that interested in LARP, but I was interested in collecting and modding Nerf blasters.

And then I discovered Facebook Marketplace and started to buy job lots of second hand blasters. Suddenly Iíd gone from half a dozen blasters to over 40 blasters; all in the space of about 5 weeks!

It was about this time that I discovered this forum, and started to ask silly newbie questions, as we all do when weíre new, before reading loads of the older threads to find information. I started losing entire evenings just watching back to back YouTube vids on blaster reviews and mod guides Ė even for blasters I didnít own Ė just to gain information.

I think this reflects my approach to a lot of interests: Iím like a sponge for information once I get into something, and I like to get hands on with things to improve my knowledge. It doesnít matter if itís not fully relevant to whatís in front of me at the time either: Iíll watch/read/listen to anything that even seems slightly relevant to the subject in general.

So dicking about with Nerf just seems like a natural step for me. I used to love Games Workshop and Airfix stuff when I was a youngster, so messing about with paint and glue is second nature to me (albeit, a bit rusty now). Iím also an ex bike mechanic and racer, so am used to tinkering and problem solving to get mechanical workings just right. I tend to like things to be as good as they can be, so performance modding Nerf blasters fits in with my approach to a lot of things (this coming from a man who replaced all the steel/alu axles and bolts on his mountain bike with titanium versions to save weight, even though it's a dirt jump bike built for strength not lightweight). However Iím also a fan of the ďbugger it, itíll doĒ approach, because I'm a lazy sod a lot of the time.

I was a little anxious about attending my first Nerf war, as I didnít think the mods I had were going to be up to the level of many of the other forum members I knew would be going (I can get a bit competitive at times). Still, BB5 fell on my birthday, and my partner was away at a LARP event, so I figured Iíd go along and get involved. Really glad that I did, because it was a great day, I met some cool people, and saw some awesome bits of kit. Iíve definitely been inspired to keep at it, and so the blaster collection grows, Iíve got a new soldering iron, a couple of IMRs, a load of random screws and springs, a paintball hopper, and not enough space in the house to store it all!

So yeah, I like the Mega Centurion. A lot. Like, an unhealthy amount.
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