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Scalp 'em

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Scalp 'em
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Number of teams:

Size of teams:
Equal numbers (or as close as possible)

To collect as many enemy scalps as possible before the time runs out

Equipment needed:
A load of coloured “scalps”: one colour for each team – enough for each player to carry 4 scalps (though you can adjust this number as you see fit). Scalps can be anything small and coloured, like plastic counters, just so long as a player can carry 4 (or whatever number agreed) easily in a pocket.

Game time:
10-15 minutes, depending on number of players available and number of scalps in use

Have both teams start from opposite sides of the game map. There are no respawn points or objective zones.

Each time a person is hit they are considered “scalped”: they must drop to one knee and drop one of their coloured scalp markers on the ground. Any of the enemy may pick up these scalps; it doesn’t have to be the person who fired the shot that scalped them.

While a person is scalped they may not fire at anyone, but they also are not allowed to be shot at. Once back on their feet they have 5 second immunity to move away, though this immunity is negated if they start shooting again before 5 seconds is up.

Once a player is out of scalps they are out of the game. Any enemy scalps they are carrying are still counted at the end of the game.

Players may not pick up or move their own team’s scalps, only enemy scalps.

Any scalps left on the ground at the end of the game are not counted towards the final totals: only the scalps people have actually collected are counted.

The game lasts for a set time (can be kept a secret if you’re using a ref) and the collected enemy scalps are counted up at the end, with the team with the highest number of collected enemy scalps being the winner.


If you lose all your own scalps in the game and are killed then you can’t count any enemy scalps you were carrying when totalling at the end of the game: only those still alive at the end may count the enemy scalps they are carrying.

Players can continue to play when they run out of scalps, but if hit a further time when they are out of scalps, they immediately go out of the game (useful adjustment if you don’t have many starting markers to play with – gives players an extra go before being killed)

If you're hit by multiple darts from a shotgun, you loose as many scalps as the number of darts that hit you.

Rather than 5 seconds immunity, once a player is hit they drop a scalp as normal and return to their respawn point to re-join the game.

Have non-team specific scalp markers, and everyone starts with the same amount. Any time you’re hit you drop a scalp, but anyone can pick up dropped scalps. The winning team is the team with the highest total number of scalps at the end. Players that run out of any scalps to drop are killed and out of the game, as per original rules. Combine with respawn version above for even simpler game format.

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