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Mechanically this is very similar to Treezy's Scalp 'em which he has just posted here. We used to play this at BUZAN all the time and it's an interesting variation on a multi-way death match.

Name: Thief
Outline: All vs all. Everyone has a set number of poker chips or similar markers that they must carry with them. When tagged, they drop the token and head back to a respawn point to respawn. Once they reach the respawn point, they wait to be respawned by the waiting ref. Players must have a token in hand to respawn, if they cannot show the ref they have a token, they are out of the game. Players can pick up tokens they find on the floor and hold onto them. They count as their own tokens for the purposes of game play.

The ref needs to make sure the area is clear before they drop a player back in either by shooting spawn campers or counting down from 5 very loudly as a warning to other players that they're about to insert another player behind the first one. Players are encouraged to clear the insertion zone as fast as possible or risk being shot in the back by the next player to be dropped in or the ref. Players waiting to be respawned are outside of the game and cannot be shot or shoot, they may only re-enter play when the ref tells them they can respawn. Once they are respawned they are fair game.

Refs need to be reasonably even handed and aim to keep the immediate area around a respawn point clear, prefereably by allowing players to do it themselves. Only use ref bolt as a last resort if a player is being particularly gnarly about spawn camping. Pointing out spawn campers prior to respawning a player works pretty well as they adjust their tactics to claim a tag as soon as they drop.

The respawn point wants to be out of the way so people can re-enter play and find cover safely without getting tagged. The ref should be armed and a tag from the ref counts as a tag from a player for the purposes of game mechanics. You get shot by a ref, you drop a counter and head over to said ref to respawn. This is in order to keep the spawn points clear and kill off potential spawn campers.

Add multiple refs as needed for space or to vary game flow. BUZAN used to use two as a rule.

Number of teams: None

Objective: Last person standing

Respawn points: 1, with a ref

Winning: Last person standing or with the most tokens when the time limit expires

Time limit: Varies. 10 minutes is suggested but you can go down to a 1v1 death match

Equipment needed: Poker chips or similar markers,

Special rules/variations: Add a time limit and go for the most tokens, special ammo rules mean you drop more tokens (Demo rockets cause you to drop 2 or maybe even all tokens).

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