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Jurassic Park - "Their Vision Is Based On Movement"

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Jurassic Park - "Their Vision Is Based On Movement"
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The T-Rex has escaped its pen, as have the raptors. The humans need to find a way out of the park without getting eaten

This is a very short game thatís less about firing lots of blasters, and more about working together to break up the dinosaur pack and find a route out of the park. Ideal for smaller groups, or where ammo/blasters are limited. It's also a great one to play if the adults are the dinosaurs and the kids are the humans trying to escape - the other way round will see the adults just outrunning the kids!

2 - Humans vs Dinosaurs

1 T-Rex, 3-4 raptors, and 5-10 humans

Humans: To find an escape route out of the park
Dinosaurs: To feed on all the tasty humans

A good sized game map with sporadic cover, a designated start point for the humans, and an exit point a long, long way away.

No time limit: the humans either succeed, or they donít.

Dinosaurs walk around slowly, but will run when they can see a human. Dinosaurs will always run towards the nearest human in a group of humans.

Humans are eaten once a dinosaur tags them

Raptors hit by darts are stunned for a count of 3 seconds (multiple hits donít count).
Raptors hit by mega darts are stunned for a count of 6 seconds (multiple hits donít count).
The T-Rex is not affected by any hits at all.

Spent ammo may not be scavenged by human players.

The T-Rex canít see humans if they stop moving.
Raptors can always see humans, regardless of if they're moving or not.

The humans win if they escape.

The dinosaurs win if they eat all the humans.


Flare Gun:
Place a Demolisher rocket launcher somewhere in the game map (or if someoneís blaster has a launcher, just place the rocket in the game map. This is a flare that can be used to distract the T-Rex; once fired the T-rex will ignore human movement in favour of getting to the missile. Once the T-Rex reaches the flare and realises itís not food, it will return its attention to any moving humans.

Take it in turns to play the human team. The victor is the team who got the greatest number of humans out. In the result of a tie, the winner is the team who did it quickest.

Helicopter Rescue:
Rather than escape the park the humans need to survive until the rescue helicopter arrives (5-10 minutes on a timer). Once the helicopter has touched down at a designated rescue point the humans can exit the game by reaching this rescue point.

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