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Jurassic Park - Power Out In The Raptor Compound

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Jurassic Park - Power Out In The Raptor Compound
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Post Jurassic Park - Power Out In The Raptor Compound  Reply with quote
So yeah, we’re all familiar with zombies in Nerf games, but how about dinosaurs?! I wonder if we can come up with a range of Jurassic Park themed Nerf games?

Oh no! The power to the raptor compound has been knocked out during the storm. The brave human team need to quietly enter the raptor compound, locate the backup generator and restore power to the system so that they can lock all the doors before the raptors realise they can escape into the park.

This game is designed as a fairly quick to play but tactical game, ideal for smaller groups.

2 – humans vs raptors

Split as you wish, though probably no more than 2:1 human to raptor ratio or it’ll be too easy for the humans. If you want it harder, try a 2:1 raptor to human ratio.

Humans: To enter the compound, find the backup generator and turn it on, escape the compound and lock the door from outside without getting nommed by raptors
Raptors: To feed on all the tasty humans

A decent sized game map that has lots of corridors and rooms, or lots of cover if playing outside.

A suitable piece of equipment to represent the generator with a switch that can be turned on (torch, radio, buzzer on phone). The humans will know exactly what it looks like and how to operate it, but won’t know where it is on the game map.

No time limit version: the humans either succeed, or they don’t.
Time limit version: set a time limit based on the game map size (bigger maps take longer to explore). Humans need to restore power and escape before the timer runs out to win.

The raptor team get to secretly set where the generator is located before the game starts, so the humans have to explore to find it: it should be placed in plain sight rather than buried under stuff or hidden away behind a door.

The raptors should spread out around the game map and one should loudly announce “ready” so the humans can enter. Raptors should allow the humans space to enter the map and start exploring, rather than just pouncing as they get through the door.

Humans can move in any manner they please. The more noise they make, the more chance a raptor will hear them and head towards them.

Raptors move at a walking pace at all times except:
* Raptors may jog towards other raptor calls
* Raptors may run when they see humans

Raptors can “call” other raptors to them by calling out in a suitable dinosaur manner. Yeah, this game involves dino role play! Ok, if you don’t want to make a fool of yourself, have a designated code word you can yell to call raptors: “dinnertime!” should be suitable.

Humans are eaten once a raptor tags them (feel free to enforce a 2 hand tag to kill humans: glancing slaps don’t count)

Raptors hit by darts are stunned for a count of 3 seconds (multiple hits don’t count).
Raptors hit by mega darts are stunned for a count of 6 seconds (multiple hits don’t count).
Raptors hit by socks/missiles are killed and out of the game (limit number of missiles/socks available to humans, or have a couple scattered around the map to be picked up and used).
Spent darts/socks/missiles may not be scavenged by human players.

Raptors may still call other raptors while they are stunned. This means that while humans could just pin down a raptor or two by staying to shoot them as they finish their stunned count, when raptor backup arrives the humans will be overwhelmed. And eventually the humans will run out of ammo. Or they’ll run out of time to complete the mission if you’ve set a timer.

Once a stunned raptor is back in the game remember they can’t run unless they can see a human, and can only jog towards other raptor calls, but they will at least know which way the humans went. And humans that have been running away breathe quite loudly…

It helps if the raptor players act like raptors. They’ll generally move slowly and in random directions, stopping every now and again to listen. Once they hear things they’ll move towards sounds, but will always move towards the loudest sounds and other raptor calls. They’ll chase prey and follow where they’ve seen them go once they’ve lost sight of the prey. They’ll also work together to chase prey to where other raptors are waiting.

The humans win if they turn the generator back on and get at least one player back outside the compound/game map entrance to lock the doors. If playing in a map that has inside and outside areas, set a specific point the humans have to get to in order to lock the compound.

Obviously the humans want to get as many people back out as possible, but sometimes tactical sacrifices need to be made….

The raptors just need to eat all the humans and/or stop them turning on the generator and escaping before the timer runs out.


Limited Ammo/Blasters:
This is Jurassic Park, not a planned military invasion, so don’t let the humans carry massive amounts of ammo/blasters.

Enforce a mix of blaster types across the humans (EG: 1x full auto 18-35 shot, 2x semi auto 12 mag with 1x spare 12 mag each, the rest of the humans have 6-12 mag springers with an extra mag/pocket full of darts each. All players carry a loaded backup pistol with 6 shots max). Players will need to conserve ammo, so no pinning down a poor raptor, and may need to share with each other.

Feel free to have the raptor team place some extra loaded mags or blasters around the map to help the humans out. Maybe have all the extras stored in “the armoury” which the humans don’t know the location of.

Take it in turns to have different human teams take on the game, and time how long it takes to complete: if they actually complete it! The quickest time or greatest number of survivors is the overall victor.

Now You’ve Done It!:
Have the generator switch be a radio/CD player, turned up loud. Once it’s turned on all the raptors will hear it and know exactly where you are….

Total Power Outage:
Play the game at night, in a darkened building (do a trip hazard sweep before starting). Players can carry one flashlight so will have to turn lights on as they go around the building. Raptors can only move if they can see a light source, and this includes the flashlight!

Metal Gear Raptor:
Humans can trick raptors into moving locations by mimicking their calls. Do this to clear corridors and escape routes.

Zombie Raptors (because normal raptors aren’t frightening enough):
Start with a much lower number of raptors. Once a human is eaten by a raptor, they drop their blaster and any mags they carried and turn into a zombie raptor; following the same rules for raptor players as described earlier. Remaining humans can pick up the discarded blasters.

So yeah, I like the Mega Centurion. A lot. Like, an unhealthy amount.
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Post Reply with quote
I get  a slight impression that you may like the film jurassic park lol. Though in reference to the two game types you have submitted they sound interesting.
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Dazzle740 wrote:
I get  a slight impression that you may like the film jurassic park lol.

Well, it is a damn good film!

But I'd say it's less to do with emulating the film, and more to do with trying to create some new game types that are not essentially a generic "I shoot you, you shoot me" or HvZ format. I wanted to try and create something that was a little bit different to established norms, could be played in smaller groups, could be made to play simple or complex, could run quickly, and had dinosaurs in it; because kids love dinosaurs!

I'm still trying to come up with a few more JP themed games, because I think the general format of small number of dinosaurs vs small to medium number of humans is a format that could have some mileage in it. Tying the game themes into the JP franchise may be tricky though   Very Happy

My next task is to try and use the Alien franchise to base a load of games around (because Aliens is the best film ever), and I've already got some ideas gathering for those.

"Game over man, game over!"

So yeah, I like the Mega Centurion. A lot. Like, an unhealthy amount.
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Oh boy, first I had to deal with zombies, now raptors?
What's next, Zombie Raptors Surprised

On a more serious note, this does sound like a lot of fun. I do like that you specified that only one human has to make it  - giving a survival-of-the-fittest aspect to it - but then again, I could just imagine one human just standing by the exit and blocking of his teammates to get killed by raptors, and then leaving as the sole survivor  Twisted Evil

I think I'd really consider trying it out, if my opinion means anything nowadays   Razz

The concequence of buying all the big blasters is that your room starts to seem a lot smaller than before.
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