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X Shot Crossbow, what mags will it take?

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X Shot Crossbow, what mags will it take?
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Post X Shot Crossbow, what mags will it take?  Reply with quote
Once again Tesco has been the first to receive x shot stock (the max attack and x shot shogun were also first released at Tesco) I picked this up for 19.95, while I don't have a chronograph I'm willing to believe the 86fps and 90fps with elite darts and x shot darts respectively that coop presented in his video. That makes this a nice pick if you're after power OTB however again x shot have provided a propriety mag .... kinda, first off the mag is incompatible with the previous x shot mag from the hurricane and max attack. However certain mags will still fit namely the buzzbee mags and other off brands however since they have different notches on the back for locking in to the mag release so will only friction fit in this works fine for static firing but not for running around. I'm sure someone with a 3d printer could think up a way to print out a lower mag release to work with this but the work around I used was cutting a small hole in the back of the mag, its not perfect and can be pulled out with force but it will hold for general use (this also doesn't prevent it being used in other Nerf blasters). Unfortunately TLDR version: Banana style mags won't work in this blaster due to how they feed (at least the one I tested).
Full verison: The banana style mags don't have a support in the place in front for the feeding pusher this means the feeding pusher dips down due to how the x shot crossbow strips a dart off and loads it into a loading area which is then raised to be ready to fire, this means that instead of loading a dart into the blaster it gets crushed and while it won't jam the blaster, you won't fire a dart and said dart will be damaged (I hope that makes sense this blaster has a strange loading mech).

(sorry for the 2005 quality photo) x shot crossbow with knockoff modulus banana mag.

'But what about Nerf mags Drac showed they didn't work' yes and they don't, this is due to a small notch that is on the feeding lips of Nerf mags but not on off brands. Due to how the blaster works I doubt you could mod the blaster to accept Nerf mags (though I am planning to play around with it a bit more), you could mod the mag to fit the blaster by shaving off the notch on Nerf mags.

little notch on the left prevents loading into the blaster

In addition to mags its also bad news for darts or at the very least Waffle darts which are a tad too long and seem to have real issues firing I did manage to get a few to fire but not consistently enough for me to recommend using them, koosh seem to work well (though I only had a single dart to test), elites and the new buzzbee darts too, of course it also fires X shot darts. Those were the only darts I tested the issue seems to be length (insert joke) darts to long were most likely to jam while shorter darts fired fine.

The one other issue I noticed which is unique to this blaster is the dart gate is lowered just before the trigger resistance sets in to release the catch and fire a dart, now in a springer this normally isn't an issue as the dart is held in place but in the x shot crossbow the dart isn't held so tight so will fall out the end of the barrel if the blaster is lowered. I know firearms people will tell me not to touch the trigger until ready to fire but A) I only do so while in play and B) those few precious moments on having the trigger biting point can make the difference.

While it may seem like I have a negative option of the x shot crossbow that's not quite true, I am disappointed by the lack of compatibility but having a pump action blaster that has modded levels of performance OTB is a strong selling point (though I doubt you'd be able to mod this blaster much more a bit of tightening of the cord maybe and possible removal of the bow arms are possibly the limit). The whole blaster is quite comfortable I'm quite small so the tiny stock doesn't bother me a whole lot but its hollow so some time with a hacksaw and some putty would change that if I ever desired to.

All in all I don't know if I could really recommend this to anyone at its current selling point, sure for people who don't like mods its strong but the lack of mags is an issue and for modders there is a lot of options that will excel above this. The only time I can this this might be valuable is in non-modded events (I assume they don't care if mags are modded slightly) then this with a load of cheap aliexpress/ ebay mags would give the sentinel union a run for its money (though I may be sent to the Gulags for that statement), though such events are lack in the UK (which to be clear is a positive thing). If/when the x shot goes on sale I would recommend it for anyone interest pick up some cheap mags and you can have a blast without having to break out the screw drivers.

I hope to put some internal pictures up soon.

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Good review, did you pick it up online or in store?
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I bought mine online (so I paid the extra 3 shipping) but I would assuming they will be or will be soon in the larger stores.

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