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Doomlands Persuader VS Zombie Strike Hammershot reviews

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Doomlands Persuader VS Zombie Strike Hammershot reviews
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Post Doomlands Persuader VS Zombie Strike Hammershot reviews  Reply with quote
I've recently bought the Doomlands Persuader, and not being totally happy with it I've also taken ownership of a Zombie Strike Hammershot.

Here's my review and comparison of both:

Doomlands Persuader

Originally I liked the look of the Lawbringer, but from reading other reviews I wasn't convinced of either its practicality nor performance.  The Persuader then caught my eye, and being hammer action it was different to other pistols I have (for example, The Strongarm).

The Persuader is a front-loading pistol with a smart AR system – that is, it fires 4 individual shots starting from top to bottom, but if one of the chambers is empty it will fire the next available chamber.  The packaging says, “Fires 4 darts at a time” which is somewhat misleading, as it fires 1 dart at a time, not 4 in one go.

The blaster is also in the typical yellow Doomlands colour scheme, with a clear window so you can see how the mechanism works inside.  I really love the futuristic look of this blaster – I played a game on the Xbox 360 a while back called RAGE and the whole Doomlands range reminds me of the weapons you might find in that title.

I took a sneaky dart to the toy shop with me and actually tried the Persuader down one of the isles.  It seemed to reach quite respectable distances – I didn't measure it accurately, but based on the length of store shelving, I'd estimate it to be around 15 meters (50 feet).

When I got the blaster home and started messing around with it, I was immediately dissatisfied.  The first war I played at home I used my Retaliator and Roughcut (the latter also having smart AR), and by the time I came to use the Persuader it was clear that it lacked any real punch.

One common complaint with the Persuader is that it's not particularly ergonomic, and the space between the handle and the trigger is very rough on the knuckle of your middle finger.  Yes, this is true, but to be honest it didn't really trouble me anywhere near as much as it seems to trouble other people.  If you play with it for hours at a time it might become a problem, but for 10 minutes use as a “last resort” I didn't find it to be an issue.  Unless you have exceptionally large hands there is also an element of having to loosen your grip on the handle in order to reach the hammer, if you want to prime it single handed.  People with smaller hands will almost certainly have to use two hands.

I did fit a 5mm spacer to the Persuader spring, and couldn't notice any real difference.  It might be that it needs a 12mm spacer for maximum performance.

Zombie Strike Hammershot

Not being fully satisfied with the Persuader I went out a bought a Hammershot (yes this is getting expensive).  Most people will be familiar with a Hammershot since it's been around for a while and is very popular, so most of what I say here is probably already known.

Obviously the Hammershot is 5 shots and has a rotating barrel, with hammer action to prime the pistol.  That said, it's nice to reload; easier than a Strongarm, and a dare say ever so slightly more pleasant to reload than a Rebelle Spylight.

Because it has a rotating barrel and the focus is on one chamber at a time, it has more power than the Persuader, the latter losing power with each shot as the smart AR system figures out which chamber to fire from.  I knew this would be the case, which was my primary reason for purchasing the Hammershot.

In your hand the Hammershot is nicely weighted and balanced, and the whole thing feels better quality than the Persuader.  You don't realise it until you try both, but the Hammershot feels like a pistol whereas the Persuader feels like a plastic toy when you hold one in each hand.

In a range test the Hammershot only fired marginally further than the Persuader, by a few feet.  However, you can definitely tell it's more powerful; it hurts more when it hits you and I found with the Persuader I was having to aim a lot higher as the shots dropped quickly over even short distances.

You can fan-fire a Hammershot (the equivalent of slam-fire I guess) although I haven't found this to be particularly effective and probably won't use this feature in the future.

Here's my summary of the Persuader versus the Hammershot:

Persuader Pros:

1) The Persuader looks different and has a cool appearance which I like.

2) The Persuader is great for scavenging ammo and loading in a hurry, since it doesn't matter which chambers are loaded or not.

3) Can be used one handed (if you have big hands).

4) It was half the price of the Hammershot.

Persuader Cons:

1) The Persuader isn't particularly ergonomic.

2) Due to the smart AR system it's lacking in power.  I might be wrong, but I don't feel it performs much better than my Jolt.

3) Although you might not realise it until you hold the two together, the quality feel of the Persuader isn't as good as the Hammershot.

4) Only one side of the Persuader looks good – the other side isn't painted and isn't clear, and looks a bit crappy.

Hammershot Pros:

1) It's well made and ergonomic, the whole priming mechanism is smooth and a pleasure to use.  It's super quiet to prime – although I wouldn't say the Persuader is particularly noisy.

2) It has more power than the Persuader.  I'm not sure if it's equivalent to a Strongarm – possibly not, but not far off.

3) It fires one more dart than the Persuader, although one less dart than a Strongarm.

4) It's easier to prime one-handed compared with the Persuader.

5) The other side of the Hammershot looks reasonable in terms of paint and decoration.

Hammershot Cons:

1) Although it looks good, it does have some resemblance to a Strongarm and similar pistols.  The Persuader is more unique and cool looking.

2) It's slightly more fiddly to load than the Persuader.  If you're in a hurry and only have time to load in 3 darts, you've got to make sure the barrel is in exactly the correct location before you prime it.  Also, if you leave “gaps” between different chambers, you're in trouble. The Persuader doesn't have this problem due to its smart AR system.

3) It's quite expensive for what it is.  The Persuader was half the price (on offer) and I even paid less for my Retaliator than I did the Hammershot.

4) The lettering (Zombie Strike and Hammershot) isn't painted on either side – it would actually be better to not have the lettering if they're not going to paint it.

I hope this is useful to someone  Smile
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Nice wright up,
Always good to see a fresh perspective.

Most people probably prefer the hammershot, but you make good points about the persuader being a good stuff and go last ditch blaster.

Think I'll dig out my blaster and add it to the list of things that need painted as I do dig the cool looks.

Crrrick Crrrick    BOOOMFF !!!
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Post Reply with quote
Yeah, nice report. Worthwhile read, thanks.

If there was any other way of doing this without being the biggest damn hero you have ever met..  I'd still do this.
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