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Grim up Nerf 17 - May(hem!) on the 13th AAR

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Grim up Nerf 17 - May(hem!) on the 13th AAR
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Post Grim up Nerf 17 - May(hem!) on the 13th AAR  Reply with quote
Another month, another GuN. And still it keeps delivering in the smiles per miles(a dart travels) department.

We still keep pulling in new players, and welcoming back our old friends. Keeps the player base interesting and varied, and the players who turn up are great.

We started this month with Flux - which seemed to be very popular. We need some more flux pads to help determine the winners, but as draws go, they were some of the most hotly contested games with the teams battling over the markers until the last possible seconds.

We then ran a mixture of Predator (complete with scary masks - thanks Dazzle Smile ), HvZ with some super fast OZ's really setting the pace, and some nom nom nom tasty jaffa cake death match. The kids had a real dilemma trying to decide if winning the game or eating the jaffa cakes was more important Smile

After a short break the over 13 games started and for once we kept it simple. A number of rounds of Kill Confirmed was all that was required to keep us happy and practice (with mixed results!) some tagging team work for the rest of the day.

A big shout of thanks to everyone who came and had fun. An even bigger thank you to everyone who helped prepare the chapel for the following days conference - many hands made light work there.

And another yee ha to Mr Crane and his Nemesis which was the star of the show blaster wise. I suspect it's gone on a few kids (and big kids) birthday wish lists after seeing it in action on Saturday....

Grim up Nerf -
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Old man Nerf beat me to starting the after action report of GuN 17 lol, due to trying to remember the games and in what order, all seems to be one big foam flinging blur. It must of been the blow to head (or blows lol) I received in one of the 13+ games.

As per above the first game played was Flux. Basically a double sided big foam square (red on one side and not red the other lol). Aim of the game flip to your team's colour then defend/hold to prevent the other team to flip it to their colour.
Quite an excellent game to start with I thought, as it was fast paced and got the blood pumping. The advantage swopped from team to team many times through out each round. But most enjoyed and let everyone try all sorts of tactics, some worked quite well and others erm well not quite as good lol.

Next up was predator, as said complete with a predator mask lol, quite a good game again. but basically a good excuse for everyone to fire all the darts/balls they had at the predator, as we played darts/balls had no effect only a rocket could kill.
Well as said we had a mask for the person being the predator to wear which for the first round was myself and quite frankly its a good job the mask fully covered the head as it muffled my expletives well when Mr Crane decided to show me how good and bloody hard the new nemesis he was rocking could fire and decided to unload what felt like his entire hopper into my upper back and neck lol. Bloody hell that thing can sting.
And apparently I still had welt marks on my neck when I got home.

Then came the HvZ a staple GuN favorite and after two rounds of that everyone was suitably tired or quite simple knackered lol.
We then played to rounds of Jaffa cake death match !!!!!
Aim to tag the other team repeatedly until all their Jaffa cakes are gone. Each time you get tagged you return to your spawn point eat one Jaffa cake and return to the action.
Although strangely the issues we had been having with kids not taking their tags and just carrying on which kept the refs on their toes didn't seem to be as much of an issue during the two rounds we played lol, can't think why.

After the two games of Jaffa cakes (which didn't seem to last very long for some reason) we paused to allow the kids to pack up any stuff they had brought with them and everyone to generally catch a breather and chat before carrying on with the 13+ games.

Now the 13+ games......... basically were three-ish rounds of kill confirmed.came into play here and the first round didn't take long to dispatch the reds, blues dominated first couple of rounds. The second round lol I was trying to advance with two others down the rear long corridor and managed to reach the first alcove. But that is a far as I got lol, my back up had been tagged and left me alone with Dylan (with rival ((Zeus I think)) further up the corridor using the hall side door as cover and whilst trying to tag when he popped out to fire at me I didn't notice Mr Crane and his friend come in from behind me and between them cornered me in the side corridor and then basically proceeded to obliterate me in a torrent of rival balls leaving me a cowering mess in the corner lol.

Now as I said earlier Mr Crane was rocking his new Nemesis and wow what a blaster it has turned out to be. With just a re-wire and Lipo battery the performance was just mind blowing. It far exceeded my expectations anyway and although prior to this I was in two minds to whether to take the plunge and get into Rivals or not......well this weekend gone has well and truly made my mind up. The new Nemesis is going to be purchased come release day lol.
I would say that my modded rapidstrike is on par with the power and rate of fire but its just quite simply outclassed by the Nemesis with the capacity and jam free operation, I had numerous jams throughout the day due to worn darts slipping up through the mag ends and misfeeding into the flywheels. Which to unjam only takes a matter of seconds each time, but when under fire from said Nemesis is quite simply a few seconds too long.

But anyway once again Justajolt and Old Man Nerf did it again and provided another fully enjoyable Saturday afternoon of foam flinging fun!!.
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A good afternoon of nerfing fun, most of everything I was going to say has been said above Smile

I enjoyed the over 13 games even though due to us all having a good chat we didn't actually play as many games as usual. I liked the simplified game type played as I felt it gave more opportunities to be a bit tactical, to stop and think, but then I always prefer the simpler games myself.

This month's video is a little different to usual, I'll let the video explain itself
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Great write ups guys. Defo going to get down at some point.

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lol Like the video TBR lol or lack of it.!!!!!

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