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Blaze Storm BALLICADE!

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Blaze Storm BALLICADE!
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Just ordered from amazon the Blaze Storm ZC Foam Ball Gun, which is a terrible name so I'm calling it the Ballicade, and so should everyone else.

TL;DR, it's literally a Rivals Barricade, and therefore is awesome, and terrible. I think it has no practical applications but I like it anyway.

33 but currently comes with a bonus 55 Nextx balls, in blue or red, inevitably I now have blue balls.

Unfortunately, right now I have no genuine Rival balls to test it but I've tried its balls in a Zeus and they worked well. I'll get a crono with its own Rival-compatible balls, with it and a zeus, when I get a chance. Performance seems reasonable- satisfyingly accurate, not massively different to a stock Zeus I think. More on this later.

It takes 8 balls, and is easier to reload than a Barricade, because you can squeeze the balls in easily around most of hte drum (there's one location obviously designed for it, but I ignor it. It's basically like a scaled up barricade, quite a bit bigger and heavier. It has the same single trigger and on/off switch, which is a shame. There's a very stiff jam door on the side, which surprisingly has a lockout, and it also comes with 2 4-ball holders (the rails seem to be picatinny, they're not Rivals compatible but they do fit my Picatinny rails on my longshot, albeit quite badly) The plastic is shinier and, well, plastickier than Nerf but the build quality and detailing is actually pretty solid, way better than the blaze storm roughcut I had. Slightly creaky if you really go for it but other than the nasty jam door, very nice operation.

I'm not sure if this is just mine, but it makes a hell of a racket at full revs. Smooth til it almost hits full power than suddenly, grrrrr. Here's a first- it runs on AAs, and can't accept any sort of voltage kick. Not 2 IMRs, not even 2 lifepos, it's extremely picky.

It has a really nice clip on stock mounting point cover, which would be nice to see for Nerf- gives it very nice lines. Unfortunately, it's not Nerf-compatible, disappointing that. There's various versions of this blaster with loads of accessories but this one is basic.

The sheer size makes it fairly impractical as a sidearm, and the low capacity makes it bad as a primary. But it's quite succesful in itself, and it's good to have a front loading Rival. I'm not really a Rival fan, but I like it.

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