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American reply for an American post:

3D printed flywheel cages- Probably the OpenFlywheelProject line is what you are referring to. I vastly prefer milled cages too, but one, it enables rapid and cheap development. OFP has more cages for more blasters than any manufacturer. And two, printing has improved to the point where it can do quite dimensionally accurate and worthy blaster parts.

Waffle darts- Good quality waffles are MUCH more accurate than koosh darts. Hands down, no contest. I now consider my remaining koosh stock my junk darts that can't hit anything. Waffle is also much cheaper than koosh. Jam city??? Poor quality batch, or perhaps using them through long barrels, they are a flywheel dart and are terrible for barrels just like koosh. I have chopped some tips but never jammed one yet. They aren't that heavy, the older style tip is 1.3g assembled and the current (Raytheon) tips are less. All of the above applies to Mengun as well.

Hooligan flywheels- they are a much better quality Artifact V1 truncated clone. A fine option for true universal superstock-standard flywheels. They are a bit heavy, just don't use gutless motors with them that you shouldn't be using anyway.

High crush- On this board this exposes a regional regulatory difference from the New World where velocity creep has simply kept going and 150fps+ is canonical superstock. If you are going to build something fully competitive on a SSS/"stockoid" cage format in the American meta right now, it is difficult to avoid using a gap setting that would be considered high crush. Particularly with the modern, accurate, cheap darts being smaller bore, softer foam than old koosh, lowering effective crush ratios. Builds like AR+Artifact smoothies that do nice numbers with koosh are down as much as 20fps with waffle. Personally I sort of missed the boat on the high-crush cage trend, I was focused on finishing up Prometheus while that was happening. Now that Prometheus is done and I am back to doing superstock work, I am focused on designing clean-sheet flywheel systems and blasters.

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